We love food than anything else. Period. 😇

Moreover, Surat is famous as the Food Heaven among big-time foodies religiously. Although the real struggle is to find delicious snacks and that too in a dirt-cheap budget. On top of it, the budgeted food must fill your tummy. Now that’s really important.

However, that’s not a big deal.

Surat has a wide variety of snacks available in just 50 bucks. If you are short on cash or looking for a place to eat at the cheapest price, then the following top 10 ridiculously cheap snacks can come to your rescue. Believe me, these food items won’t cost you more than 50 rupees.

Infact you might need a company to finish some of them. Not only the food items but the place where these snacks are available holds a significant history. So let’s see what’s in the store for you today. Number 2 is our favorite.😋

1) Misal Pav @ Rs.40/plate

Misal pav is perhaps the most consumed snacks here in Surat. We can list the same after Khaman, Locho, Vada Pav, Alu Puri, etc. The spicy red masala curry with a pair of buns is enough to suffice your food cravings. Additionally, if you get onions with lemons slice then you have certainly hit the jackpot.

Kesariya MisalPav

2) Rasawala Khaman @ Rs.25/plate

There’s only one place you can eat da rasawala khaman in Surat. The one and only Jai Jalaram Rasawala Khaman. I have been eating since it was Rs.15/plate. The combination of hot and spicy dal with the Khaman mix is the next level. In addition, they have maintained the taste of curry perfectly following a long time. If your nostrils are blocked they will open it in just 25 bucks. Make sure your running nose doesn’t flow extra vitamins in your dish.😝

Jalaram Khaman chowk bazar surat

3) Aloo Puri @ Rs.15-30/plate

Cheapest, quickest, and lip-smacking aloo puri is the favorite morning snack. You can see vendors with tables on the roadside. Starting from Rs.15/plate it can go up to Rs.50/plate or beyond. A step further the food-loving people of Surat have a variety of aloo puri dishes to eat. Ganesh Aloo Puri at L.P.Savani is recommended if you are in Adajan area in the morning.

Ganesh AlooPuri LPSavani Road

4) Vadapav @ Rs.10-15/plate

The staple food of Mumbai is rocking the streets of Surat. The definition of Vadapav has changed over time and so is the size. We have lots of variety in vada pav here in Surat. For example, jumbo vada pav and grilled vada pav. Now there’s only one place that comes in mind – Vaishali Vadapav. The Vaishali vada pav center is our local MacDonald. The green and red chutney along with fried green chili will make you fall in love with this top snack item.

Vaishali VadaPav Food

5) Samosa @ Rs.30/plate

You will hardly find anyone in Surat who isn’t fond of samosa. This local snack has die-hard fans who would literally travel from any direction to jazz up their belly cravings. Moreover, samosa has got a synonym “Syndicate”. In short, samosa means syndicate and syndicate is the samosa.

Sindicate Samosha

The famous Syndicate Samosa is one of the oldest shops to serve this hot and deep-fried snack. In addition, their batata puri and dal vada are equally popular. Above all the signature yellow kadhi elevates the taste of samosa even more. It’s been more than 4 decades with the same taste and quality. It’s usually crowded at 5 pm.

6) Kachori @ Rs.15-20/plate

Kachori with sweet ketchup and green chutney is enough to fill your tummy under Rs.50. A step further the native kachori has got onion flavor. However, mama bhanja is famous for their aloo samosa and kachori. In a way, it is the best place to buy samosa at an affordable rate. So next time if you feel hungry just rush to the nearest mama bhanja venue. Also, do check out their sweet products.

Mama Bhanja Samosha and Kachori

7) Fafda Jalebi @ Rs.20/plate

How could we miss the heritage snack of Surat – the Fafda Jalebi? Even Jethalal Gada of Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma show likes fafda jalebi as morning breakfast. Just like samosa, gandakaka is the synonym to the fafda and jalebi. However, it is a traditional Gujarati snack. For those who love fafda and jalebi as the Sunday morning breakfast gandakaka’s fafda is their ultimate destination.


8) Gathiya @ Rs.20-30/plate

Similar to fafda, gathiya is another snack you will love to eat on a daily basis. Besides, there are lots of varieties in gathiya too but those sold at Mini Bazar, Varachha are quite famous. Varacha in Surat has been continuously giving us the traditional kathyawadi flavor. And gathiya is no different. Try ti with different salads.

vanela gathiya mini bazar varacha surat

9) Bhel @ Rs.25/plate

Dry bhel with sweet and spicy chutney is lightweight snack food. There are countless street food vendors and hawkers offering dry bhel. One name comes in mind when we think of bhel in surat. It’s Nareshbhai Bhelwala at Bhagal. With more than 800 reviews and ratings, bhel has emerged as people’s favorite. Additionally, it’s a gender-neutral snack. From kids to senior citizen everyone loves it.

Nareshbhai Bhelwala Bhagal

10) Khaman @ Rs.20/plate

Khaman is an ideal substitute as a breakfast item if you like it heavy in the morning, Yeah, khaman is very heavy snack item for your stomach. However, there are other varieties like idada and dhokla too. The madness behind eating khaman is evident from the fact that some shops are open till 3 AM.

surti khaman

Being a highly sought-after snack food it is readily available everywhere in the city. Surat khaman house, surti khaman, JP khaman, Jalaram, and Jani farsan are market leaders.

So that was it with our list of top 10 snacks in surat under rupees 50. Let us know if we miss your favorite snack.


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