Surat city falls under the category of a smart city. And there’s absolutely no doubt about it. Indeed Surat has everything that qualifies it to be on the list of modern & megacities.

In short everything’s hunky-dory on the positive side. But on the negative side, there’s much more to speak & discuss.

Surat city is undoubtedly one of the neat, clean & safest cities of Gujarat. However, there are certain things that I personally don’t like. Let’s take a look at the list below.

10 Things I Don’t Like About Surat City

Yeah, it makes me sad that I have to say this about my home town. But then there’s a requirement to address these issues. Hence, let’s see what they are & why I don’t like them.

#1 No Traffic Sense in Surat City

There’s absolutely ZERO traffic sense in Surat city. I don’t understand why people drive on the wrong side. Not only this but they also do rash driving on the wrong side. WHY? Why can’t we take a U-Turn and drive on the right side?

Another problem is to keep driving even if the light is RED on the signal. WHY? I mean if you want to reach somewhere on time then why can’t you leave early? Why do you need to be John Abraham of Dhoom?

By doing this you are risking your life. Not only yours but even the lives of others walking or driving peacefully on the road. ક્યારેક તો આખે-આખો ટ્રક🚚રોન્ગ સાઈડ માં આવતો દેખાઈ. જોઈને ડાઉટ થઇ કે ક્યાંક આપડે તો રોન્ગ સાઈડ પર નથી ને.

#2 Pan & Gutka Pichkari Everywhere

The problem is not with eating pan Banaras wala. The problem is spitting on the road & painting it in red colour. I often visit government offices. The corners, toilets, staircase & even the lifts are dark red.

This problem is not limited to government offices & buildings. The private premises like shopping malls, multiplexes & residential complexes are also painted in red pan mawa & gutka pichkari.

Keep a plastic bag or spit in the dustbin. Would you like it if someone spits in your drawing room or bedroom? Common people it’s our home. Why make it dirty in the first place?

#3 Surat City People Speaking Bad Words 🤬

I know what you are thinking right now after reading the caption. You are like “the whole world is speaking. What difference does it make? People are publicly abusing on platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

We are already popular across the globe for some very good reasons. For example, Surti food, Saree market, Surti garba & dodhiya & lot more. Why do we need to be famous for the wrong reasons? Is it necessary to do mother & sister of almost everything?

The bike doesn’t start એની માઇ ને. Share market is down again એની માઇ ને. If it doesn’t rain then કેળા વરસાદ છે અહીં. If the call disconnects or the caller hangs the phone એની બેન ને. Seriously? (I don’t know what banana has to do with the rainy season)

#4 No Queue

The people of Surat city are big fans of Amitabh Bachchan I guess. HOW? Because they believe in हम जहाँ खड़े हो जाते हैं लाइन वहीं से शुरू होती हैं. I have literally seen people breaking the line and going ahead. ભાઈ શું છે આ બધુ?

You can see this at restaurants, shops, ticket booking windows, parks, etc. Even at ice parlours too. There’s absolutely no queue. People hold money in their hands & keep shouting at the shopkeeper. On the contrary, even the temples are not an exception here. પ્રભુ દર્શન માં પણ ધક્કમ – ધક્કી.

#5 Garbage trucks spilling garbage on the road

Surat city municipal corporation is working to make the city garbage container free. Earlier huge containers were lying on the street to collect garbage. Now the garbage collection is door to door.

On the other hand, big trucks & trailers are carrying the garbage to the dumping zone. One of the dumping zones is in the L.P.Savani area. I personally appreciate the efforts of Surat SMC. The problem is with the trucks that carry garbage.

What they do is cover it with a plastic sheet. Yes, just a plastic sheet. I mean there’s toxic waste & you just have a plastic sheet to cover it up. That’s it.

Furthermore, the garbage trucks spill the waste everywhere on the road. It stinks like hell while running across the busy streets of Surat city. Surat SMC please do something about it.

#6 Vehicle Parking

Just like zero traffic sense we have zero parking sense too. We park our vehicles wherever we find a suitable place. That’s good. Nothing bad in it. But parking vehicles on busy streets is as bad as not giving way to an ambulance.

Imagine a fire vehicle or an emergency service vehicle is struck on the road. Why? Because there’s a car parked on the road blocking the traffic. A building could be on fire & you are not allowing the firefighters to pass.

There could be a patient in the ambulance fighting for his life struck in the middle of the road. We have paid parking facilities everywhere in the city. Why not use them in the first place? Why do we need to park our vehicles on the road such that it blocks the moving traffic? Can anyone tell me WHY?

#7 Tapi River across Surat City is Dry & Dying

The people of Surat city are blessed with ample natural resources. Let me tell you how. We have the river Tapi that flows across the city. In short, our city is civilized on the banks of the Tapi river just like our ancestors.

Once the full-fledged river is now a narrow stream. What did we do? We let the city waste in the river. Additionally, we also dump industrial waste in the river making it more polluted. On the other hand, we also throw coconut, flowers & other materials in the river.

Above all, we immerse the idols of our deities in the Tapi river. The SMC has clear instructions that no idols must be immersed in the river Tapi. Still, we do the same.

The Surat city SMC has built artificial ponds for immersion. I just want to ask what we don’t understand when the SMC asks us not to pollute the river anymore?

#8 Parking Vehicles on the Bridge

Yes, people here in Surat city ride a bridge, park their vehicles & enjoy family time. They even take turns on the bridge & drive on the wrong side. Sometimes I wonder whether these champs are immortal.

Even if they are immortals others aren’t. I totally understand that you are crossing a bridge & you get an emergency call. You park your vehicle on the bridge sideways & you attend the call. Being a law-abiding citizen you did the right. Never talk on mobile phones while driving.

But chit-chatting for a long time over the phone on a bridge in peak hours is wrong. That’s not exactly what a responsible citizen must be doing. A high-speed vehicle can do some serious damage. Even others could land in serious trouble because of you. Think about it.

#9 Littering: The Common Problem of Surat City

Not only Surat city but littering is a big-time problem for even other metro cities. For those who don’t know what littering is let me define it. The word meaning of littering is to make a place or an area dirty with rubbish.

In short, throwing wrappers, bottles, papers & other garbage on the road. Our Surat city is number 2 on the clean city index. The surat SMC is trying hard to keep the city garbage-free. What are we doing?

We try hard to keep our city as dirty as possible. I mean I have seen people throwing water bottles from moving cars. They just pull the glass down. Throw wrappers & sometimes even baby diapers. And we blame the SMC for not cleaning the roads properly.

#10 Lack of Quality Education

Surat’s population is almost 7 million with a deteriorating quality of education. The reason is we don’t have better educational institutes. For instance, Ahmedabad has IIM. Okay, let’s forget about IIT or IIM. The problem is we even don’t have good colleges & universities.

I agree that Surat city is a trade centre but still, we need a reputed level of education like other cities. Let me tell you this, the Gujarati community has a bad rep when it comes to higher education.

We think of business first & thereafter every other thing. This narrow thought I hate the most. In a competitive world, do you think you have a chance to compete without education? The educational environment is missing.

Surat ranks in the 5th position in the developing city of India. But the education system is not admirable. ભણવાનું શું? આપણે તો કારખાને જ બેસવાનું છે ! This is not what we all want.

We have heard about a popular phrase that says “Nothing is perfect in this world”. Not even man & machine. It’s we people who make things perfect to live an easy-going life.

The blog post image source is the Instagram page of Zubeen Lapsiwala. His insta Id is @ZUBA7243. Visit his page & show some love.


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