Just like Surti Locho, the Surti Khaman Dhokla recipe is equally popular across the globe. At the same time, there are certain similarities between the two of them.

For instance, they belong to Gujarati cuisine. Both of them are breakfast (નાસ્તો) items. Moreover, both of them are heavily consumed by the Gujaratis.

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Khaman is Not Just a Food Item

It is an integral part of the Gujarati community. It’s not just a recipe it’s an emotion via food. If you visit a Gujarati family they will serve you with Khaman. It’s a token of welcome. Marriage or reception functions have khaman too.

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Additionally, Sunday is a special day to eat Khaman Dhokla. Not only khaman but also fafda & jalebi. It’s the God’s Meal. It is one of the cheapest fast food for a group of friends.

Having said that, let’s check out some interesting recipes.

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1. સુરતી ખમણ / વાટી દાળ ના ખમણ ઘરે બનાવાની રીત / Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipe

2. Easy Method to Make Surti Vati Dal Khaman

3. Make Vati Dal Khaman at Home

4. Five New Ways to Make Surti Vati Dal Khaman

5. Jalaram’s Famous Surti Rasawala Khaman

6. Surti Khaman | Vati Dal Khaman Recipe

7. Three Secret Tips to Make Vati Dal Khaman

8. Surti Khaman | Vati Dal Khaman

9. Easiest Recipe to Make Khaman

10. The Perfect Method of Making Surti Khaman

11. Surti Vati Dal Khaman Dhokla Recipe

12. Tasty Vati Dal Khaman Like Farsan Shop

13. How to Make Soft & Spongy Khaman?

14. Surti Khaman Recipe in Gujarati By Bhavika Patel

15. Perfect Method to Make Spongy Nylon Khaman

16. Surti Vati Dal Khaman Recipe with Tips

17. Best Vati Dal Khaman

18. Know 3 secrets to Make Surti Khaman Recipe

19. Besan Khaman Instant Recipe | How to Make Khaman?

20. Popular Surti Khaman Recipe in Gujarati

21. Khaman Recipe | Surti Khaman | Vati Dal Khaman

22. Surti Street Food | Khaman Dhokla Recipe

23. Vateli Dal Khaman Recipe like Jalaram Khaman

24. Surti Khaman Recipe | Easy Method

25. New Method of Making Soft & Spongy Surti Khaman

26. Tam Tam Khaman Recipe

27. Vateli Dal Khaman Recipe

28. Surti Khaman Recipe | Gujarati Farsan

29. Easy Surti Khaman Recipe in Hindi

30. Tam Tam Khaman Recipe at Home

31. Gujarati Chana Dal Khaman | Magic of Indian Rasoi

32. Surti Khaman | Vati Dal Chana Dal Khaman

33. Vati Dal Khaman Recipe in Gujarati

34. Rasawala Khaman Recipe

35. Instant Khaman Recipe by Shrushti Mehta

36. How to Make Nylon Khaman | Chetna Patel

37. Khaman Recipe | Vateli Dal Khaman

38. Chana Dal Khaman Dhokla Like Market

39. The Perfect Way to Make Surti Vati Dal Khaman

40. Khaman Dhokla in Microwave Oven by Chef Sanjyot Keer

41. Making Surat’s Famous Rasawala Khaman

42. Vati Daal Surti Khaman

43. Easy Homemade Tea Time Gujarati Snack

44. Instant Khaman | Easy Gujarati Dhokla Recipe

45. Gujarati Khaman Dhokla Recipe

46. Perfect Surti Vati Dal Khaman

47. Nylon Khaman Recipe with Besan Kadhi

48. Khaman Recipe by Nikunj Vasoya

49. Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipe | Vati Dal Khaman

50. Instant Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipe

Not only YouTube but Instagram is also loaded with Gujarati recipes. We have top Gujarati food bloggers on Instagram. Do check out my list of instagramers from Surat city.


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