Surti Locho Recipes (Surati Locho) are all over the internet. I mean everybody is making it day in and day out on YouTube. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a Gujarati. Besides, Youtubers will continue making it as long as human civilisation exists.🥳🤣

Now before we dig deep into a thousand varieties of surti locho recipes, let’s know what is actually surti locho (સુરતી લોચો).

Yeah, that’s an important thing to realize first.

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What is Surti Locho? શું છે સુરતી લોચો?

The word Surti comes from Surat. It means the one who belongs to Surat city. On the other hand, locho is lingo in Surat. It has vivid meanings. For example, locho in English is dispute, trouble, confusion, etc.

But wait the meaning of surti locho is neither a dispute nor a confusion. It’s the name of a food item. Yes, you read that right. It’s a Gujarati breakfast item heavily consumed in the Diamond city Surat.

Why it is called Locho?

Let me try to explain why a food item has such a weird name.🤣🤣🤣

According to Wikipedia, Locho is steamed Gujarati Farsan (Snack /Side Dish) that originated in Surat. Gram flour is the main ingredient in the recipe. The dish derives its name from its loose consistency and irregular shape like dumplings. It is somewhat related to Khaman. લોચો એટલે ખમણનું જુવાનીનું નામ.🤓😁😆🤣

Therefore, the name locho is all because of the loose consistency of steamed gram flour batter. Needless to say, why do people of Surat call it Surti Locho. Isn’t it?

Surti Locho Recipes

Relax I am not going to teach you how to make surti locho. At the same time, I am also not sharing any exclusive surti locho recipe today. Instead, we will be looking at 50 different ways to make surti locho at home.

We have Youtube and there are thousands of videos that will teach you how to make it. Therefore let’s begin.

50 Surti Locho Recipes to Make at Home

#1 ઓરીજનલ સુરતી લોચો લોચો ચટણી અને મસાલાની સાથે બનાવવાની રીત | Surti locho with chutney & masala

#2 સુરત નો ફેમસ સુરતી લોચો | Surti Locho recipe in Gujarati | Surti Locho Banvani rit | Locho recipe

#3 સુરતી લોચો ઘરે બનાવવાની સરળ રીત | Surti Locho Recipe in Gujarati

#4 પરફેકટ સૂરતી લોચો બનાવવાની રીત | Surti Locho Recipe

#5 Original Surti Locho | Gujarati Farsan Locho Recipe

#6 Surat’s Famous Surti Locho with Chutney & Masala

#7 Surti Locho Recipes Video

#8 Surti Locho | Best Street Food of Surat

#9 જલારામ જેવો સુરતનો ફેમસ સુરતી લોચો બનાવની પરફેક્ટ રીત

#10 Cheese Garlic Surti Locho Recipe

#11 Surti Style Locho | સુરતનો ફેમસ જાની લોચો બનાવની રીત

#12 ઓરિજિનલ સુરતી લોચો ઘરે બનાવની પરફેક્ટ રીત

#13 નવા સ્વાદ માં લોચો – મસાલા ચટણી સાથે સુરતી લોચો

#14 Surti Famous Locho | પરફેક્ટ સુરતી લોચો

#15 Locha | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

#16 Surti Locho Recipes | Easy Recipe

#17 खमण तो बहुत बार खाया होगा अब बनाये गुजराती लोचा

#18 સુરતનું પ્રખ્યાત સ્ટ્રીટ ફૂડ સુરતી લોચો પરફેક્ટ માપ અને રીત સાથે

#19 How to Make Surti Locho

#20 Perfect Method to Make Famous Surti Locho

#21 Sunday ka din bahut hi enjoy Kiya | barish me banaya chirag ne #Surti locho

#22 Make Delicious Surti Locho without Soaking Dal

#23 Rassavaalo Locho | First Time on Youtube

#24 Simple Surti Locho Recipe

#25 Surti Locho | Unique Concept from Khaman Batter

#26 સુરત નો ફેમસ સુરતી લોચો | Surti Locho Recipes

#27 સુરતી લોચો રેસીપી | સુરતી લોચો બનાવવાની સરળ રીત

#28 Surti Locho Recipes | સુરત નો ફેમસ ગ્રીન લોચો

#29 સુરતી લોચો રેસીપી | સુરતી લોચો બનાવવાની સરળ રીત

#30 Surat Famous Street Food Surti Locho Recipes

#31 ઠક્કર નો ટેસ્ટી સુરતી લોચો બનાવવાની રીત

#32 Spring Roll Locho Recipe

#33 Instant Surti Locho Recipes | Only 15 Minutes

#34 Surti Locho by Nishant Tanwar Vlogs

#35 Surti Locho Video Gujarati Cuisine Recipes

#36 Surti Locho | Perfect Surti Locho

#37 Locho Recipe in Gujarati

#38 Famous Lasaniya Surti Locho of Surat

#39 सुरती लोचो बिना दाल भिगोये सिर्फ ३० मिनट में

#40 Instant Surti Locho | Easy & Quick Method

#41 Prepare Surti Locho in Just 10 Minutes

#42 Making Jalaram Style Surti Locho

#43 Perfect Surti Locho | सुरती लोचो

#44 Original Surti Locho with Farsan Chutney Recipe

#45 Locho Recipe in Gujarati

#46 Perfectly Making Surat’s Famous Surti Locho

#47 Instant Cheese Garlic Locho | Aapni Rasoi

#48 સુરતી લોચો – Surti Locho – Gujarati Recipe

#49 Surti Locho | Street Style Food

#50 Making of Locho at Mehta Locho


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