The day starts and Bharat Parmar is on his motorcycle to install a black box. His bags are full of technical devices that he will need at his client’s location.

Within a couple of hours, Bharat Parmar will help his client get rid of rat problems. But wait. When did rats come into the picture? and What’s the mysterious black box?

Actually, Bharat Parmar’s client is upset with rats and rodents. But then who isn’t freaked out by them? These creatures are literally making mayhem. They are everywhere. Whether at home or shop, a multiplex of a showroom, rats are a universal problem.

In the middle of all this Bharat Parmar has devised a non-violent solution to keep rats away. Not only rats and rodents but also snakes. Yeah. snakes. (man I get goosebumps when I hear the word snakes 😨)

The Story of the Pied Piper of the Hamelin City

In my school days, I learned the story of the pied piper. Let’s recall the story first so that you can easily correlate it later on.

The Pied Piper legend originated in Hamelin, Germany during the middle ages. As the story goes, the town was struggling with a rat infestation problem and was desperate for relief.

A mysterious man in “pied clothing” approached the mayor and promised he could rid the city of its problem in return for a payment of 1000 guilders.

The mayor agreed, and the man played a magical pipe to lure all the city’s rats to a nearby river, where all the rats drowned.

This is exactly what Bharat Parmar’s rodent-repellent system does.

Today’s Shout Out is about Bharat Manubhai Parmar from Varacha, Surat. And also his latest innovation the rodent-repellent system (the black box). Keep reading to check out why Bharat Parmar is on and what’s the buzz about his innovations.

Bharat Parmar: The Pied Piper of Surat

bharat parmar the pied piper of surat city

2014 GTU pass-out Bharat Parmar is a technical graduate from Varacha, Surat. He is the brain behind inventing an electronic rodent control system using Russel viper snake frequency. He along with his team manufactures this device and installs the same at desired locations.

They operate under the brand name Shyam Innovations and are in this business for the past 12 years. And we don’t even know that our own fellow from Surat is rocking the rats’ world.

Let’s take a look at his invention. How does a small black box keep so many rats away?

How Does the Rat Repellent System Works?

Shyam Innovations is using innovative German technology in the black box. The system works in a non-toxic way. Where in rats and rodents are repelled using Russel viper snack frequency sound and its variable? They have recorded the sound frequency of Russel viper snakes.

When you switch on the system the circuit emits the snake sounds. Meanwhile, if there’s a rat nearby and comes into the sound frequency range it runs away. The rat thinks there’s a snake but it’s just the sound. It’s like keeping a real snake to repel the rat.

In this way, the rats don’t get killed because they never come near. All in all the system works on the Russel viper’s sound frequency. You can increase or decrease the volume as per your needs.

The Research

To build a sustainable rat-repellent system Bharat Parmar did research on 42 types of rats. Now that’s amazing. Additionally, they researched rodent activities like their behaviour, habitats, and adaptations.

They also carefully monitored their effect on the environment before using Russel viper snake frequency as a tool to combat their menace. It has been a tedious but nonetheless rewarding task.

Besides Bharat Parmar believes in non-violence. Hence instead of killing rats using traps and chemicals, he found out a unique solution. The rat-repellent system of Bharat Parmar doesn’t kill the rat. It just keeps them away.

This minimizes human contact with disease-bearing rodents to almost zero. In short, no killing, and no dead rodents to dispose of. In addition, the system is environmentally friendly and safe for pets and children too.

Simply Aww-dorable! 😍

Bharat Parmar’s Client List

Now that you know about our Pied Piper and his magical device let’s see his client list. You may think what’s the big deal, it’s just a box and common people using them to keep rats away.

NO. The client list of Bharat Parmar is very glamorous. From little master to Big B and from the king of Bollywood to the diamond baron Govind Dholkiya of SRK Exports, Surat, Bharat Parmar’s magical devise has sought relief to many. Let’s check out who they are:

  • Sachin Tendulkar
  • The Millenium Star Big B
  • Shah Rukh Khan
  • Rashmi Desai
  • Amul and Sumul
  • Torrent Power
  • L&T Company
  • Grasim and Raymond
  • Taj Hotel
  • Venus Music
  • SRK Exports
  • and many more…

Why Do We Need a Rat Repellent System?

The amount of damage these creatures do is irreparable. Take a look at the images below:

damage done to wires by rat

rat chewing wires

rat cutting wires


Rats and rodents are popular for cutting and chewing almost anything that comes in their way. Whether it is plastic or the human body. They are well-known for chewing electrical wires.

This leads to a short circuit which ultimately leads to a disastrous fire. Surat has recently experienced very horrible incidents of fire. To respect the sad demise of innocent citizens we will not name them. But we already know it.

Hence to prevent our valuable properties and more importantly protect against fire incidences we need these types of rat-repellent systems and innovators like Bharat Parmar.

Advantages of the Rat & Rodent Repellent System

  • 100% protection
  • Keeps the surrounding hygienic
  • No killing, totally non-violent
  • Silent operation
  • Repels 42 types of rodents
  • 45 days auto frequency rotation
  • Wide effect range
  • Power consumption of up to 500 mA
  • Harmless to humans (even rats)

Technical Specifications of the System

The ultrasonic rodent controlling system aka electronic rat control system is a device like a transmitter. It emits high-frequency sound having 20Khz frequency which is the upper limit of the hearing range of humans. These powerful sound waves hit the rat’s ear causing them pain, fear, and anxiety and leaving them with no choice but to leave the place.

Technical Specifications of the System

Innovation and the Recognition

Bharat Parmar has been quite famous in and out of Surat city due to his tech invention. Local newspapers and television news channels have published his interviews. Moreover, he has built a huge customer base because of his rat and snake-repellent system. Take a look below:

news18 article on bharat parmar

Newspaper cutting of bharat parmar interview

Read the News18 Gujarati site article on Bharat Parmar.

The department of trade and industry in the UK has invited Bharat Parmar to set up an industrial-scale manufacturing unit. This happened when he visited a trade fair where other foreign delegates were present.

In addition, the Madhya Pradesh government is in talks with him to devise a solution for elephants. The state government has specifically asked him to make a device that does not harm elephants and other animals. it’s just to keep the beautiful creature away from humans.

Bharat Parmar’s Other Inventions

Not only rat repellent but Bharat Parmar’s Shyam innovations have invented a snake repellent system. It is a bolt-type device which is inserted in the ground.

snake repellent system

It produces strong, powerful & discreet vibrations beneath the installed areas. This way it signals danger to snakes and gives them indications to STAY AWAY.

Along with snakes and rats, he has done a fab job by building a mosquito trap system. Now, this tiny flying vampire is on the hit list of almost everyone. It is pretty self-explanatory what a mosquito trapper does.

The Hall of Fame

Honorable Union Home Minister Shri Amit Shah and Chief Minister Gujarat State Shri Vijay Rupani at the GTU innovation and startup centre.

bharat parmar and home minister amit shah

bharat parmar and chief minister vijay rupani

bharat parmar with sansad shri C R patil


bharat parmar with actress rashmi desai

bharat parmar at GTU innovation and startup summit

bharat parmar at srk with sri govind dholakiya

bharat parmar with baba ramdev

bharat parmar with sachidanand swami

rat repellent installed at sachin tendulkar residence

bharat parmar with sachin tendulkar's ferrari sports car

Contact Details of Bharat Parmar

Bharat Parmar is a down-to-earth and gentle human being. I am telling this because he travelled from varacha to the city light upon a common friend’s request. The owner of Mackwins Education Mr Mahesh Kaklotar introduced me to Bharat Parmar. Surat101 will always be thankful to Maheshbhai for such kindness.

bharat parmar and me during this story session
Shyam Innovations Bharat Parmar with Surat101

Get in touch with Shyam Innovation’s Bharat Parmar on the following details.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mobile: +91 9879284442 (Whatsapp)
  • Address: 47, Viththal Nagar Near Sitaram Chowk, Katargam, Surat 395004 Gujarat India

You can also visit his official website for more information and demo details. The link is in the above sections.

Time for a Shout Out Now!

This is the tradition of to give a Shout Out to the people of Surat who have done a fab job in their fields helping others and making difference in their lives. This time it is Bharat Parmar. So, let’s do it.

shout out png

Surat101 congratulates Bharat Parmar on his extraordinary achievements. Additionally, we also thank him for developing a solution to control rat problems without killing them. On top of it, his device also prevents fire incidences indirectly.


  1. Great read!! It was a beautiful way to describe a boring technical stuff but with the story it kept me engaged and inquisitive to know it further thus I kept reading. Nevertheless its a great innovation and If I can afford it I would be keen to install it at my home as well as work place. Smart story and a smart innovation !!


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