Bike mileage is the first thing we ask when we decide to purchase a bike. Isn’t it? I mean price is a secondary factor in our mind. We inquire what is the bike mileage per liter instead of how much is the total cost in the first place.

The mindset of every Indian middle-class individual is the same. However, there’s nothing wrong with it. We are good at calculations. Besides this is the story of you, me and everyone else who uses a two-wheeler for daily commuting.

Bike Mileage Problem, 2 Young Boys & their Invention

The question is why are we discussing bike mileage and average per liter. What’s the point here? The point here is an innovation “Boost Up” by 2 youngsters of Surat city. These 2 young boys have developed a product that can solve your bike mileage problem once and for a lifetime.

boost up bike mileage tejas and jayesh

Before we get into the solution and how economical it is let’s encounter some interesting info about the automobile industry in India.

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Top Bike Brands in India & their Annual sales

We use vehicles for personal and commercial purposes. Do you know how many automobile companies manufacture 2 wheel vehicles in a year?

According to Financial Express, 44 units of bikes and scooters are sold every minute.

Top 10 Two-Wheeler Manufacturers in India

  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd
  • Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (Pvt) Ltd
  • TVS Motor Company Ltd
  • Bajaj Auto Ltd
  • India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd
  • Royal Enfield (Unit of Eicher Ltd)
  • Suzuki Motorcycle India Pvt Ltd
  • Mahindra Two Wheelers Ltd

Hero motocorp ltd. alone manufactures and sells 4M+ bike units yearly. Just imagine how others would be doing.

What’s the Point? How it’s Related to Bike Mileage?

The average life of a bike is approx 8 to 10 years in India. Maximum 12 years if taken good care. After that, you need a new one. Why do you need a new bike?

Because of “बोहत पेट्रोल खाती है”

During these years your bike mileage goes down from 80 kmph to 40 or 45 kmph. In the worst case, it can drop down to 30 kmph too. Plus the amount of pollution it does is unaccounted. However, 80 kmph is what the company promises in a tested environment.

In short, mileage is the biggest concern to purchase a new bike. After all, we are calculative.

Anand Mahindra gives epic reply to man asking Kitna deti hai leaves netizens in splits Buzz News – India TV What if I tell you that you can now increase your bike mileage? Additionally, your bike will do less harm to the environment. Read further.

Boost Up: The Ultimate Solution to Decrease Pollution and Increase the Bike Mileage

Tejas Mehta (21) and Jayesh Pipaliya (22) from Surat are engineers by profession. Tejas is BE Mechanical and Jayesh is BE automobile. They both have collectively worked and developed Boost Up. Let’s see what Boost Up is and how it works?

Chemfrix Technology

What is Boost Up?

Boost Up is an innovative device that helps increase the mileage of bikes. It is cylindrical in shape and when you fit it into your bike the mileage can go up by 15% to 45%. This is what the makers of Boost Up claim.

However, it is limited to bikes of 150CC and not more than that. So, if your 2-wheeler is below 150CC then this device can save you a lot on fuel cost.

boost up offer on surat 101 increase your bike mileage

How to Install Boost Up in Bike to Solve Your Bike Mileage Problem?

Here’s a complete DIY installation video. Take a look at it.

Now let’s talk about the best part of Boost Up. This is what I personally like and the reason why Boost Up is featured on Surat101.

Pollution Control With Boost Up

The device not only increases the bike average per liter but also significantly controls pollution. Tejas and Jayesh claim that Boost Up decreases the exhaust emission by 40%. In simple English, your bike will emit less carbon in the atmosphere.

chemfrix boost up intro brochure

Let’s do a basic calculation.

According to Statista, two-wheeler sales in India in 2019 was 21.18 million units. It’s huge and we know India rides on bike more compared to four wheels. An average household here has atleast 3 two-wheelers.

Two-wheeler sales in India 2019 Statista

Assuming that all these bikes have installed pollution control devices like Boost Up. Multiply 40% into 21.18 million units. The number will be mind-blowing. The result will be still mind-boggling even if we consider 20% instead of 40%.

Types of Poisonous Emission from Vehicles

For your information, the below given poisonous gases are emitted from vehicles. This happens on a daily basis.

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Nitrogen oxides (NOx)
  • Hydrocarbons (HC)
  • Particulate matter (PM)
  • Hydrofluorocarbon 134a (HFC-134a)
  • Methane (CH4)
  • Nitrous oxide (N2O)

An understanding of these emissions is needed while discussing climate change and air pollution issues. Luckily we have emission control technologies like Boost Up and many more. They reduce the emissions from modern vehicles to very low levels.

How to Test Boost Up?

To check whether Boost Up delivers what it promises you can run a small test. It’s pretty simple and you can do it yourself. Take your PUC and note down the COx and NOx readings. Install Boost Up and then check your reading after 10 to 15 days. You will see a change in the readings.

save petrol install boost up increase bike mileage

For your information, the COx and NOx data is in PPM (parts per million). It’s a unit which shows the pollution rate. See the difference between these data in PUC before and after installing Boost Up.

The Idea of Boost Up

The idea to increase the bike mileage struck while Tejas and Jayesh were pursuing engineering. Like every backbencher, these two boys were less attentive in class and more focused on providing a solution. I don’t know how they managed.

save petrol increase bike mileage use boost up

They thought about how an average bike owner thinks. How he/she thinks about saving money on travel, fuel, and other bike expenses.

While traveling to Navsari for college they got an idea. We used to discuss the idea to make a device that would solve the problems of a bike owner, said Tejas.

The story behind the idea of Boost Up is similar to that of Ratan Tata.

The idea of the world’s cheapest car NANO was conceived by Ratan Tata on a rainy day after he saw a family of four on a bike. “The fact of unsafe travel was bothering me,” said Ratan Tata.

This way the necessity to save money on petrol became a reason to innovate Boost Up.

Research and Development Phase

The research and development of Boost Up started in April 2018. It was the final year of the engineering of Tejas and Jayesh. They launched the first prototype in Jan 2019 which failed. It was obvious. We would be lighting something else instead of light bulbs if Edison would have succeeded in his first attempt.

Hence, in total 5 times, Boost Up failed before taking the shape of a finished product what it is right now. In the entrepreneur language, it is called MVP’s (most valued product).

While testing Boost up to increase the mileage of bike they jammed carburetors. Sometime it would blast while testing the final product. The amount of oxygen or hydrogen would lead to a blast.

Final Product Test

The first final product was given to a garage owner here in Surat. He tried to Boost up the bike mileage. The test was successful. The results were interesting. The garage owner increased his bike mileage up to 22kmph.

He tried it on 3 different occasions and got a variable bike mileage figures of 18 kmph, 20 kmph, and 22 kmph. This was the highest recorded number of Boost Up tests.

After the initial testing, it was time to manufacture the product and sell it.

Initial Funding

Funding is one of the critical ingredients in the success recipe of a startup. We have popular examples like Swiggy and Zomato. Surprisingly funding wasn’t a problem with Boost Up.

Tejas and Jayesh received initial funding from GTU.

Great job. But How?

The government of Gujarat has developed a Student Start-up & Innovation Policy. Additionally, the SSIP at the state level has 100 Crore INR grants for student innovators and start-ups.

As a result, Boost Up received prototyping funds of INR 186,000 from GTU. But that wasn’t enough.

There were other expenses of dye, circuit manufacturing, and product body making. To adjust these expenses Tejas and Jayesh borrowed loans from family members. In addition, they invested their personal savings too.

Not only prototyping support but Boost Up also received funding for Intellectual property rights (IPR) & in particular patent. The amount is INR 25000. Now that’s a great initiative in the current Knowledge-based economy of India.

Selection in IIT Mandi Incubation Program

It’s interesting to know how 2 gujju boys got into IIT. First, let’s understand what is IIT Mandi and its incubation program.

team boost up

The IIT Mandi (Himachal Pradesh) incubation program supports startups whose ideas are at a much-advanced stage compared to teams that are admitted to the exploration program. Through this program, teams are expected to further improve and finalize the product/service and commercialize. Teams are expected to start commercial operations during this stage by engaging with paying customers. The duration of the program ranges from 12-18 months or more if necessary.

So, Boost Up and its innovators were selected at the IIT Mandi catalyst. It’s a technology business incubator program. And the reason behind the selection was an innovative product.

certificate of appreciation

A key point here to note is there were 500+ entries from all over India. Among them, only the top 15 entries were selected. Out of those top 15, the bike mileage product (Boost up) was one.

A step further the IIT Mandi Catalyst gave a grant of INR 1.5 lakhs for further product development. I think this deserves a round of applause.

Featured in the Coffee Table Book- Compilation of Best Startups of Gujarat

Imagine you get recognition by the Government of the state for your innovative work. Not only this but you also get a chance to enter the hall of fame. The coffee table book is the same. It’s a hall of fame for best startups and innovative products.

Guess what. Tejas and Jayesg both are in the coffee table book. Really a proud moment for the parents of these kids. Simply bravo.

bike mileage

Get in Touch With the Boost Up Team

Here are the official contact details of the Boost Up team. You can get in touch with them and buy the product.

  • Business address: Chemfrix Technology, 1st Floor, Amenities Block, Dr.S.S Gandhi College, Majura Gate, Surat
  • Phone: +91-9586655815
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website:

This is how you can install Boost Up to increase bike average per liter. Refer to the below images.

boost up bike mileage problem solution

boost up in ladies bikes

boost up installation in hero bikes

how to install bike mileage kit at home

how to install boost up in hero honda

install boost up to get more mileage in bike

Time for a Shout Out Now!

Like we do with every interesting and innovative person it time for a loud cheer. Tejas and Jayesh have done a fab job in technological innovation. Moreover, selection in IIT Mandi Himachal Pradesh is like a dream come true.

shout out png

Surat101 congratulates Tejas and Jayesh on their extraordinary achievements. We feel proud to learn that at such a tender age they have crafted a beautiful product. Their product is innovative, efficient and helps reduce pollution. Amazing boys! Well done. Best wishes for future endeavors.


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