Bring Me Coffee shop at Piplod, Surat is what I will be reviewing today. Let me tell you that I really liked the coffee shop. It is elite, classy, compact and well decorated. One more thing, the coffee shop is beautifully furnished too.

So let’s get started with reviewing the one and only Bring Me Coffee Shop in Surat Piplod.

night view

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Online Presence – Bring Me Coffee Shop, Surat

When you search bring me coffee shop the Google search result displays their business card. Therefore, here are some classic details about this coffee shop. Have a look:

  • The coffee shop has 4.3 average ratings with 509 Google reviews.
  • Opening hours are 11 AM to 11 PM (The time may differ due to COVID lockdown)
  • Dine-in, take away and delivery facilities are available.
  • Location address is Dumas Road, Kargil Chowk, Piplod, Surat, Gujarat 395007
  • Phone: 096384 99900
  • Zomato ratings are 3.8/5 with 171 votes
  • Facebook ratings are 5/5 with 16 votes
  • Justdial ratings are 4.3/5 with 383 votes

The address is unfurnished and there’s no official website of the coffee shop. Not even a free google business site just like SurTEA tea room.

देखो यार में एक बात बोलना चाहता हूँ के ज़माना ऑनलाइन है। लोग दिनभर गूगल, फेसबुक, इंस्टा पर अपने आप को टांग के रखे हैं। ऐसे में अगर आपके कॉफ़ी शॉप का एड्रेस भी पूरी तरह से लिखा न होगा तब तो फिर हो चूका। देखिये बाबू आम आदमी के हालात और सरकार की बात का अब कोई भरोसा नहीं रहा।

In short, improve your basics. Furnish your online details properly. Rest everything’s sorted. Okay now, let’s talk about the good stuff.

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Meanwhile, check out this awesome deliciously unique coffees around the world. The video has 2.3M views, 50K likes & 3500+ comments.

How’s the “Bring Me Coffee” shop in surat like?

The makers have given a totally different look to the cafe. The decor theme is vintage. You will see artefacts having historic vibes out there. For example, a bicycle hanging on the wall, a red old coin box, yellow focus lamps affixed to the ceiling and a lot more.

interior of bring me coffee shop

If you pay attention to the interiors there’s an unplastered wall. The ceiling has bamboo sticks woven with each other. This way they have covered their ceiling with bamboo.

The table and chairs are pretty simple. Not much fuss about it. Small and cosy chairs with a table having enough leg space are ideal. When you sit for hours it becomes important to do some stretching. Therefore the seating arrangement at this coffee shop is fair enough.

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What did I order at the bring me coffee shop surat?

I ordered Choco Frappe at the bring me coffee shop & the price is Rs.160. This time I have the bill too. Here’s the bill copy. Take a look.

bring me coffee surat bill

And here’s the choco frappe pic that I took when I visited the cafe.

choco frappe at bring me coffee

I like chocolate hence there’s no denying that my choco frappe was delicious. Although, peach ice tea of SurTEA is my all-time favourite yet I liked what I ordered at the bring me coffee shop.

Watch this Chocolate Frappe Recipe by Master chef Sanjeev Kapoor. Make your own choco frappe at home today.

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Parking Facility at the Bring Me Coffee Shop

The cafeteria is located beside the Lakeview restaurant, Kargil Chowk, Piplod. Since there’s a service road the parking space is ample. Your 2 wheeler and/or 4 wheeler will easily accommodate.

parking space at bring me coffee shop surat piplod

The good news is there’s no parking charge. If you have a bike just park it in front of the cafe. If you have a car then park the same on the opposite side. Parking is the main headache while visiting busy roads here in surat.

Okay, since we are reviewing coffee shops here’s a video for you. Watch this amazing video of making a perfect coffee.

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Enjoy Coffee with Music at the Bring Me Coffee Cafe

Let me tell you that I have never myself witnessed the LIVE band here at bringing me coffee shop. I was browsing through their Google my business page and in the video section, I came across this video clip.

music band at bring me coffee shop surat piplod

It’s really surprising to see the LIVE singing performance. There are few or say only this cafeteria in surat having a LIVE band.

आपके हाथो में आपकी मनपसंद कॉफ़ी हो और जिसको हम सबसे ज़्यादा पसंद करते हे वो हमारे साथ हो गिटार पर लव सांग बज रहे हो – और क्या चाहिए? 😍🥰

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The Bring Me Coffee Menu

Not only coffee but there are delicious eatable items one can order at the cafe. Coffee joints have made it a tradition to feed people with their favourite beverages & food.

menu image 1

And that’s the reason why people love to hang out for hours at a cafeteria. Surat coffee shops are no exception. So, here you can order hot & cold coffee, chocolate frappes, mocktails and a lot more.

The cafe has ample options to leverage your taste buds. Go ahead and try one.

The food menu has pasta, salads, cookies, bread, and Indian 2min maggie noodles. Refer to the menu image below.

menu image 2

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Bring Me Coffee Cafe: Expensive or Cheap?

You are visiting a cafe, a coffee shop that offers something more than just coffee. This is not your regular chai ki tapri or college canteen. Hence, it will be a bit expensive compared to other places.

But if I compare it with other coffee shops here in surat city then yes, Bring Me Coffee is a little costly. But then who cares?

Will you look at the menu price if you are taking your girlfriend on a coffee date? NOPE. It’s not about the price that you are paying for, it is about the vibes and the ambience of the coffee shop.

Peaceful atmosphere, nobody to disturb you, even no one to ask you when you will leave. So, you are paying for all these facilities not just for your coffee.

Hence, affordability is not the point of discussion here. You want to spend quality time then pay for it. Simple as that.

Now that we are talking about the affordability of coffee in a coffee shop here’s a different angle to the whole story. World’s most expensive coffee – $914 which is more than 60000 rupees in Indian currency.

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My Experience at Bring Me Coffee Shop at Piplod Surat

Let’s not ruin somebody’s hard work.

I didn’t find anything unusual while having my choco frappe at Bring Me Coffee. The place is quite pleasant. The drink was good. Moreover, the price was affordable to me.

Above all the locality of the cafe is superb. It’s decent and free of any kind of nuisance. You can visit this place with your family members too with peace of mind. I would totally recommend you to visit the place once.


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