Cafe Coffee Day surat adajan outlet I will be reviewing today. It was Sunday, 21 March 2021 in the evening at 7.30 when I visited this place.

This is my 3rd review of coffee shops in surat city. What I do is visit popular cafes here in the city. Write a review & publish them here on Surat101.

I have already visited Coffee King, adajan outlet & SurTEA tea room at piplod. Click on the link to read about these cafes in surat. As of now, we will get back to CCD, Cafe Coffee Day review.

Before we get into exclusive details let’s go through some basic info. Here we go:

Where’s cafe coffee day in surat located?

I visited the Cafe Coffee Day – Riddhi Residency, adajan location. Here’s the full address with other details.

  • Address: Shop No 14 & 15, Riddhi Residency, LP Savani Rd, TGB, Guru Ram Pavan Bhumi, Adajan Gam, Adajan, Surat.
  • Opening & closing Hours: 11am – 9pm
  • Phone: +91 93773 39502
  • Total Google reviews: 816
  • Average ratings online: 4.0

CCD has a total of 6 outlets in surat out of which 2 are temporarily closed & 4 are still functioning. Search cafe coffee day surat or ccd near me in google search and you will get individual details of each venue.

How’s (CCD) cafe coffee day surat adajan venue?

I would describe CCD as decent, quiet, classy & elite. Period.

The place has good vibes and the decor is modern & adorable too. There’s enough space for everyone. The outlet is approx a 1000 or 1500 square feet area. No congestion at all. I guess they have more than a dozen coffee tables.

cafe coffee day inside image

Additionally, they have couches to make you sip your coffee comfortably. You will be like Coffee on the Couch.😝

Although it was centrally air-conditioned I felt hot. If CCD is reading this then please lower the AC temperature a bit so that it feels air-conditioned. Yet, AC doesn’t count as an impacting factor but if it is hot summer then AC can make a difference.

Lights are well lit & compliment the modern decor. The wall pictures and art decoration is soothing. There’s a compact kitchen setup in the right corner with an order desk. Apart from coffee, they offer cookies too.

COVID-19 safety measures at (CCD) cafe coffee day surat adajan venue

Most importantly all safety measures are taken by CCD. You will see a red & white flyer on each table about social distancing. It’s mandatory in the covid-19 pandemic.

If you are reading this then maintain social distance, sanitize & wear a mask. If you are reading this and the COVID pandemic is over then feel lucky. Appreciate the time because darling we all have seen the worst.☹️😇

The staff had mask as per सरकारी आदेश. They even had sanitiser for customers at the order desk. देखो में एक बात कहना चाहता हूँ के वो सेनीटायज़र दरवाज़े पे रखना था न के कैफ़े के अंदर.😛😝

सीसीडी वाले भी भारत सरकार की तरह है। सरकार माई-बाप ये सोचती हे के कोरोना सिर्फ रात को ही फैलता हे इसलिए रात्रि कर्फ्यू लगा दिया. (Okay, I know that was a bad joke.😜🤪)

The kitchen at (CCD) cafe coffee day surat adajan venue?

Visible from almost every corner of the cafe. I don’t know why but I like this kind of setup and appreciate the same. Even SurTEA follows the same model.

kitchen & ordering desk image ccd surat adajan

The CCD kitchen is hygienic. Obviously, I didn’t go inside but थोड़ी ताक झाक कर ली। अब मुझे वहां हवन तो करना नहीं लेकिन फिर लिखूंगा क्या.😝😝

What attracted me was the well-decorated display of cookie packs and other eatables. So basically CCD offers a lot more than just hot & cold coffee. If you feel like munching flavoured cookies then pick one.

How’s the josh at (CCD) cafe coffee day surat adajan venue?


I mean the outlet is in the adajan area which is a high-risk zone. So there were a total of 12 people in the house including me.

eatable items at ccd surat adajan

There was a cute couple on my left and the girl was talking really loud. I mean I couldn’t even focus on writing the outline of this review. Sorry दीदी लेकिन आप बहुत ज़ोर-ज़ोर से बातें कर रही थी.😩😩😩

Okay to my right 3 people, calm & composed. In the exact opposite direction 2 females seating. Chit chatting & enjoying their coffee. The rest of them occupied corners of the cafe. In short, the crowd is nice. People here just mind their own business. Sip their coffee & enjoy quality time.

ccd surat adajan night image

Except for me because I was looking around, at walls, ceiling, and other stuff. And others were looking at me thinking what I could be looking at. So next time if you see a (not so) hot guy in a cafe busy writing in a diary (in the age where even kids use a laptop) then it’s me.

If you see me don’t just stare at me. Come to me, sit & talk to me. I enjoy talking to strangers.😀😃😄

Okay back to the review.

Although it was Sunday yet the occupancy was less. The reason could be coronavirus contamination.

What did I order at the (CCD) cafe coffee day surat adajan venue?

Coffee Latte. Well, what is a coffee latte? Okay, let me take this one for the team.

According to Wikipedia, Caffe latte is a coffee drink made with espresso and steamed milk. The term comes from the Italian caffè e latte, caffe latte or caffellatte, which means “coffee & milk”. In English, it is often shortened to just a latte.

coffee lattee at ccd surat adajan

So that is a latte. I didn’t know it was mildly sweet. Yup, because I don’t drink it every day. For me coffee is Nescafe.😇

While writing the review out there I finished my latte. Paid the bill in cash because the swipe machine was not working & moreover it was Sunday. I can only imagine what could happen if I didn’t have cash.

Share your experience if you had been in such a situation. Let me know in the comment box.

My thoughts about the (CCD) cafe coffee day surat adajan outlet

Kmon people let’s not ruin somebody’s hard work. The place is calm & serene. Order your favourite drink, chat, gossip & enjoy.

Everything’s neat & tidy. On top of it, CCD is an Indian origin cafe chain. It’s a subsidiary of Coffee Day Enterprises Limited.

CCD serves a whopping 160 crore cups of coffee annually in 6 different countries. Internationally, CCDs are present in Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Nepal and Egypt.

coffe mug at cafe coffee day

Since it is a multinational cafe chain the standards are altogether high. And they need to maintain these standards in and out of India.

The bottom line is you can expect a world-class coffee culture at CCD surat. I would recommend you to visit the CCD surat adajan outlet once.

What happened with me at the (CCD) cafe coffee day surat adajan venue?

I bumped into my EX. Yeah, she was outside CCD parking her 2-wheeler. It’s been a long 5 years since we both saw each other.

Short story – We separated in 2016. I really had no idea that she would meet me at CCD adajan. I was quite surprised to see her alone.

For a moment I was in flashback when I first met her in 2003. It was monsoon. And as usual, she was the most beautiful girl on that day.

I don’t understand why people LEAVE without thinking how the other one will LIVE.😩

We both met each other, had some chit chat. It was almost 8 pm and the lights were off at CCD or else I would have asked her for coffee. Yes, because a lot can happen over a coffee. After a little chat & we both left on our ways.

Needless to say, I will remember this moment.


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