Surat chartered bike app has 1400+ reviews on the Google play store. The fact is most of the reviews are bad. In other words, more than 80% of reviews are negative. The average rating of the surat chartered bike app is only 2.5 on the play store.

The question is why the surat chartered bike app is leveraging so much hate? Why people of surat city are literally abusing this app online? Why surtis are so much annoyed with the chartered bike?

I will tell you why. Read further.

About Chartered Bike

The surat SMC introduced the chartered bike service in surat city. However, it is not owned by the SMC. The concept of the cycle on rent in surat is owned by a private company.

The owners are Pankaj Gandhi, Shyam Gandhi & Alka Gandhi. Additionally, the company is headquartered in Ahmedabad. The chartered bike service is not only available in surat city but also in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

God knows how the people of Bhopal are managing these cycles on rent.😝😝😝

Causeway & the Surat Chartered Bike App

There’s one more thing similar to the surat chartered bike app. It’s a bridge. Surprised? Obviously because am comparing a cycling app with a bridge. But hold on both of them are in the same basket.

સુરત મ્યુનિસિપાલિટીએ હઇશો-હઇશો માં આપડા માથે મઢી દીધું છે. આપડો સિંગણપોર રાંદેર નો Weir-cum-Causeway. કેમ ભૂલી ગયા આપડા આ સફેદ હાથી ને?

The causeway remains close the entire monsoon season. Not only this but if the Ukai dam releases water the causeways overflows. Additionally, when there’s a flood again the causeway gates are closed.

Imagine if all the above 3 event happens in 12 months. The causeway will remain close forever.😁😆 In short, નઈ ઘરના નઈ ઘાટના. ફરી ફરી ને જવાનું.

એક સીધો સાદો પુલ બનાવ્યો હોત તો પબ્લિક ને આ હાડમારી તો ના ભોગાવવી પડત ને. એવીજ રીતે એક સિમ્પલ એપ બનાવી હોત તો સુરત મ્યુનિસિપાલિટીનું આ સાહસ સફળ થાતે. પણ નઈ અમે બનાવીશું કૈંક એવું જે  દેખાવે  રૂપાળું હોઈ પછી ભલે કામ ના કરે. એમ પણ યહીં પબ્લિકની કોને પડી છે?

Why surtis are literally abusing the surat chartered bike app on the Google play store?

Reasons are countless. Let’s be a little technical here. There are countless parameters that help an app to function smoothly. The developer’s responsibility doubles if the app is transacting money.

I mean the app has to be fast, reliable & highly secured when there’s money involved in the picture. Now that’s the main problem with the surat chartered bike app. According to users, the app lacks basic functionalities. Let’s see what they are:

10 Major Problems with the Surat Chartered Bike App

The following issues are reported by real-time users. They have used the app and encountered several unresolved issues.

#1 No options to claim the refund

એક વાર પૈસા આવી ગયા પછી તું કોણ અને હું કોણ.

Like I said above, if an app is dealing in money it has to be super reliable. When you deal with users money the risk is high. This single factor either makes or breaks the app.

The biggest reason behind the failure of this app is NO REFUND. Yeah. the app takes deposit but when it comes to refund there’s just pin drop silence. It’s not me who’s telling this. Go check the user reviews on Google Play Store.

#2 No customer support

વિચારવા જેવી વાત એ છે કે જ્યાં રિફંડ નથી મળતું ત્યાં કસ્ટમર સપોર્ટની તો શું આશા રાખવી.

Users have abundantly reported this issue. The app has no customer support in the first place. The support team is not responding on call or email. Is this some kind of a joke? You are playing with people’s sentiments.

In short, the app is only interested in people’s money. Once they take the money they mute every line of communication. It’s pathetic in plain sight.

#3 Frequent complaints with the app interface

ભાઈ શાબ જવાબદારી જેવું કઈ છે કે નહિ. કાંઈ પણ મઢી રહ્યા છો અમારા માથે. પેહલા રાંદેરનો causeway જે 6 મહિના બંદ રહે છે. અને હવે આ સાયકલ વાલી એપ જે ચાલતી જ નથી.

Users have frequently complained about the poor interface of the app. It takes a long time to open and shut down. Even if your mobile network is strong the app will load slowly.

Now that’s the height of patheticness. A company from nowhere develop a piece of garbage. Then Surat SMC bangs the same garbage on your head. What is this?

Either the app developer is not paid or the company failed to convey to the developer what they want. Pathetic again.

#4 Resolving problems take a long time

તકલીફનું નિરાકરણ કરવામાં સમય લાગે અને નિરાકરણ કોઈ દિવસ આવે જ નઈ – જમીન અસમાનનો તફાવત છે બે માં

I am not at all surprised to read this. Imagine where you don’t get proper customer support, no one cares to look into your problems, do you think your problem will resolve?

Let’s assume that you raised a complaint. By chance, someone even responded to it. What happens then? Nothing. Your complaint will be lying where the rest of them are.

Okay now am not a marketing genius. But when you resolve a customer’s issues actually you are showing them how much you care about them. This customer will happily tell others about your company, product & after-sales service.

With surat chartered bike app it is a big ZERO.

#5 Poor synchronization

એપ અને બાઈક વચ્ચે તાળમેળ ઓછો છે

If you using Google Chrome browser you already know the meaning of synchronization. When you sync your data you can carry them anywhere & use them anytime. That’s sync works in the online world.

But again the chartered bike app fails miserably to even sync with the bikes & stations. The app is so poor that it can’t even connect with the bike. It means if you lock the bike it won’t open and vice-versa.

#6 Bad conditions of the bikes

ચાર્ટર્ડ બાઈક એટલે કે ભાડાની સાયકલ જો તૂટે ફૂટે તો કોની જવાબદારી? શું ગ્રાહકએ રિપેરિંગ ખર્ચ ભોગવવાનો?

No machine in this world is perfect. If you are starting a cycle on a rent project you would have estimated the maintenence too. People are riding your cycles the whole day across the city.

Some of them use it carefully while others don’t. In that case, sooner or later your cycles will need repairs. Unfortunately, the company once again failed to see this coming.

The chartered bikes aka cycles are in a bad condition. The seats are broken, the locks don’t work, brakes & tyres are almost worn out.  I mean just look at the conditions of your cycles. This is the most prominent reason why it has failed.

#7 The app doesn’t send the verification code even after several attempts

વેરિફિકેશન કોડ એટલે કે ઓટીપી વગર તમે કેમના એપ યુઝ કરી શકવાના

Verification via OTP is now a standardized format. Everyone follows this. But I guess the surat chartered bike app has different plans.

According to user reviews, the verification process doesn’t work well with the app. Even after several attempts, the app won’t verify the user. If you have a bad mobile network still it’s not your fault. WHY?

Because as soon as the network improves you receive the code. This has happened many times to me. In short, the app fails again on the verification process. I now believe why people are angry with the surat chartered bike app.

#8 Money in your app wallet disappears mysteriously

એપ વૉલેટ માંથી કદાચ ભૂલથી વધારે પૈસા કપાઈ જય એ વાત હાજી ગળે ઉતરે પણ જાદુઈ રીતે ગુમ કેમના થઇ જાય

This is the most badass thing the app does. Let say your app is slow, okay no problem. The bike condition is poor, ok no issues. There’s no customer support, no problem again.

But money disappearing from your app wallet is not acceptable. The rule of thumb is – if you play with users sentiments & take their money without their consents then you are doomed.

Refer past history of politicians, powerful people, superpower countries. Those who absconds people money never ever gets away. Having said that, very soon the bike service in surat will fall if this is the attitude towards users.

#9 The app eats up all your money

જ્યાં કોઈ ફોન સુદ્ધા ના ઉપાડતું હોઈ ત્યાં ડિટેઇલ બિલ કેવી રીતે અને કોની પાસેથી માંગવું

This is the biggest flaw. From all those surat chartered bike reviews a user pointed out how he was overcharged.

His bill was hardly Rs.59 only. But when he checked his remaining balance it was all gone. The user even tried calling the customer service centre but no one received the call. It’s just a matter of time when this whole gala even goes down.

Whatever it takes remember one thing – Never ever cheat customers with money.

#10 Limited stations across the city

સુરતની વસ્તી ૫૦ લાખથી પણ વધારે છે અને સાયકલ ફક્ત ૧૦૦-૨૦૦

The chartered bike service is still in the preliminary phase I guess. There are just a handful of bike stations in surat city. It feels like the outskirts of the city is heavily ignored.

The authority has targeted specific areas only. They have left a very large chunk of geographical terrain in the city unattended. Moreover, the local authority seems in no mood to expand or develop the bicycle on rent service in surat.

Now that we know the top reasons behind the poor performance of this service let’s check out the customer reviews. હવે જયારે કસ્ટમર રિવ્યૂ ની વાત થઇ રહી છે તો એક મજેદાર વિડિઓ જુવો.

Surat Chartered Bike App Customer Reviews

All the reviews are genuine & not tempered in any way. You can all these reviews on the official google play store page of the app. Click the link to read. Scroll down and click on Read all Reviews.

1) Hillol Das
Date of review 10 May 2021

I loaded the minimum balance of 300 rupees, which is supposed to be refundable when I am going to discontinue using the service. But there is no option to claim a refund! I contacted the support team both on call and email, but they didn’t even care to reply. More than one month has passed, pathetic service!

2) Bhavi Desai
Date of review 13 May 2021

The pathetic app can’t able to receive the OTP after several times and also can’t able to pay the amount and rent a bike as well. Also, they are not refunding the refunds no person is taking responsibility for refunding the amount very bad customer care services Have requested a refund on mail and on customer care services as well but no response.

3) Kunwar Akash Shankar
Date of review 6 March 2021

Pathetic app. Would have given zero stars if only I could. Takes ages for the bike to unlock. Then another epoch to end the trip even when the bike is parked at the station and locked manually. Money in the wallet disappears mysteriously. I bought the monthly subscription of Rs.236 and then was told to add another ₹50 to the wallet. Now the balance in the wallet shows zero.

4) Ishani Kislay
Date of review 9 March 2021

This is the worst app ever. On one of my phone, I’m not even receiving a verification code even after trying several times. On the other phone, the bike doesn’t get unlocked. We tried at least 6 bikes. Half an hour was wasted but we didn’t get any bike. If I could, I would give this app rating negative.

5) Jigme Hissay Sherpa
Date of review 24 March 2021

Absolutely pathetic app. Why keep a minimum balance of Rs. 300 when in the end it’s not even going to cost you that much. It’s a total Rip off!! My bill was Rs. 59 only but now the remainder of my sum has vanished. Tried customer service but no one is picking up the phone.

6) Oishi Chowdhury
Date of review 15 April 2021

I wanted to cancel my plan so I mailed them about it. It’s been 6days since I mailed them but they did not even bother to reply. Also, a lot of the bikes have some problem or other. For some bikes, the brake doesn’t work. For some seat is broken. I reported it. But then again they didn’t reply.

7) Wander Lust
Date of review 10 March 2021

There is too much glitch in this app. It works very slow and shows things very slow. Very difficult to use such a type of app. Need improvement in this. The network remains good but it works slow.

8) Ria Das
Date of review 30 April 2021

Pathetic!!!! U morons…if u don’t wanna give ur cycle for riding then why the hell would u put it up. I have tried multiple times…mind you…. multiple times to register my number. I’ve received 6 digit code a dozen of them on my phone. Why d hell doesn’t it take and keep on asking me to register my number when I’m manually typing it. Then arrange for it to auto sign-on Godammit.

9) Chanchal Kislay Prasad
Date of review 9 March 2021

Took a one-day subscription, then spent more than half an hour trying to unlock at least one bicycle for taking a trip. But no bike will unlock. The app showed on the bike unlocked but the lock did not open Please do not install or use it.

10) Joyeta Sardar
Date of review 8 April 2021

I have installed the app and paid 300rs. Money is deducted from my account and I also received an email from the chartered bike account for successful payment but inside the app wallet balance is zero and again asking for payment. The app is not working at all, the customer care number also not available, email contact no response. Please team refund my amount if you guys app has an issue I don’t want my 300 rs loss.

My take on the surat chartered bike app & services

I won’t call this a major failure.

The first thing is the company needs to set up a proper infrastructure across the city. This is much needed. Customers must have easy access to the bikes. I must say the company & the surat SMC has done well in this area. If you read the reviews nobody has complained about it.

Second, there must a robust support system. This is the elephant in the room. And the sooner they address this problem the more chances of success they have. Otherwise, nobody will be able to save this sinking ship.

Third and most important you need to have that big pocket. Look at how Amazon does its business. They frequently refund their customers. No questions asked. Hence, if your customer isn’t satisfied with your service then you need to have the guts to return their money.

Fourth, understand the mindset of the customer. You are operating a business in one of the richest city of Gujarat.

Surtis never bother about money if you serve them with the right product or service. Money doesn’t matter in that case. People here are ready to spend money if you offer a genuine product/service.

If you make a fool out of such people then there’s no way you can succeed.


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