Chartered bike surat station list means not the railway station. It’s important to differentiate both of them because there’s a word surat station.

It’s just a wild guess that some people might get confused. So, there’s a long list of chartered bike stations across surat city.

I am lucky enough to have this list and I will be sharing it with you. Before we begin let’s refurbish our chartered bike knowledge.

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In my previous blog, I wrote about this fantastic service from surat municipal corporation. Those who don’t know about bicycle on rent let me explain to you.

Basically, it’s a cycle sharing service here in surat. And it is not electric, you have to paddle so that you can shed some extra pounds.😆

Why surat needs chartered bikes?

Not only surat but sooner or later everybody will need bicycles for rent. The reason is the monstrous hike in petrol & diesel price. The way fuel prices are going up we all will soon need cycles.😁😄

In the ’90s when I used to live in the bhagal area of surat we had bicycles as our means of transport. I mean the only means of transport & nothing else.

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The fuel prices were low. I also used to travel in city buses from bhagal to katargam in just Rs.2. Now 2 rupee holds no value.

Since modiji cares about our health he wants us to ride cycles instead of bikes and cars.😂 No offence modiji, we all love you.😊😇

Okay back to the topic. Today I will be discussing the chartered bike surat station list with a map. So let’s get started.

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Chartered Bike Surat Station List

The SMC has put in serious efforts to implement the chartered bike service. It is visible from the list of stations. There are total 38 chartered bike stations here in surat as of now. Refer to the map below.

chartered bike surat station list a map

In the above map, you can clearly see the bike stations across the city. However, they haven’t covered the entire city. But still, we have sufficient stations.

I really feel sorry about people living on the outskirts of Surat city. They might not be able to enjoy the ride.

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I guess our wealthy municipality will build more stations in future. It’s just a matter of time now.

What is a chartered bike station & its purpose?

A chartered bike station is simply a parking space for cycles on rent in surat. The rider takes the bicycle from one station and parks the same bicycle at another station. There’s no lock & key it operates via an app.

In short, you don’t need to worry about the cycle once you reach the destination. Just park at the station & forget about it. The purpose is crystal clear. Yet there’s a hidden purpose behind these kinds of services. Read further.

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The bigger purpose behind the chartered bike service

Have you ever imagined why surat SMC needs to offer you a bicycle on rent? I mean why not a cab or a bus or an activa. Why bicycle?

Having said about activa I remember there’s a bike renting service in Bangalore. The name is Bounce. They offer a bike for rent.

bounce bike renting service bangalore

So why a bicycle and not any other vehicle?

A bicycle is an age-old vehicle that runs without fuel. It’s economic and keeps you fit. Maybe the local authority is working towards traffic problems or air pollution.

Additionally, there’s no maintenance. Not even to the SMC. Even if there’s maintenance then it would be the lowest one.

I guess the bigger purpose behind promoting such services is awareness. To make citizens realize the essentialism of resources. It is because as per natural human tendency we don’t value what we have.

Still, the model of a cycle on rent by SMC is not viable. The reason is the population. There’s an interesting similarity between surat police and chartered bike stations in surat city.

दोनों की संख्या कम है 😅

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My 2 cents on this topic

I love this initiative. I like the concept of bicycles on rent. A step further I even appreciate how intelligently the chartered bike surat station`list is managed. It’s a good job. Bravo for that.

But my concern is – how long will it last? Do we really need chartered bikes? Elon Musk is taking the world to the electric car era. And here we have cycles operated by an app. Seriously?

Why don’t we have electric bikes with charging stations across the city? Why do we still need to rely on age-old machines? Think about it.


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