Chauta bazar in Surat is an ideal shopping destination for females. Believe it or not but you can’t get in with your bike or car. Additionally, you can’t even maintain walking with your partner. There are people everywhere – in the shops, on the road, buying something or the other.

Chauta Bazar is Dominated by Females

However, it’s a female-dominated shopping bazar. So, if you are a male and agreed to go with your friend, wife, girlfriend, mom or sister. Then you have no other option than lifting their shopping bags. That’s universally true for every male. Comment if you agree.

Chauta Bazar Map

Those living in Surat would agree with the fact that it is one of the oldest markets in Surat. Located in the heart of the city this market offers stuff that you won’t find in shopping malls. And that too at a cheaper rate.

You have to admit that there’s nothing much to do for males here but lift bags of their female counterparts while they are busy in buying and bargaining. The chauta bazar market offers all kinds of female fashion apparel along with daily wear items. You just name it they have it.

Chauta Bazar Street

Not only garments but chauta bazar of surat is also famous for food items. You get to taste the famous tri-color idada here (tirangi idada). Then there are sweet, masala and the daily household item being sold on the streets and in the shops.

Pani Puri in Chauta Bazar of Surat

We have never calculated its a wild guess. Because it’s a market where female shoppers are high in number the pani puri sales might be more. It is just an assumption but Chauta bazar consumes a lot more pani puri compared to any other place. You may call it the national food of chauta bazar.

Chauta Bazar Market Surat

Shopping is an Art & Bargaining is a Skill

Ask a female member of your family. The whole idea is to bargain and buy as much as possible in a limited budget. If you are not comfortable bargaining then this place is not for you. The product price while bargaining goes ridiculously down.

If a shopkeeper asks for 1000 for an item an expert female shopper would buy the same at dirt-cheap rate. Surprisingly the shopkeeper also agrees to sell it. A pro shopper in chauta bazar would pay around 300 to 400 or a maximum 500 for an item worth 1000 rupees.

I have literally seen this magic happen many times.

Chauta Bazar Area

There’s much more to say about it. Keep reading our blog and we will bring in some more info about it in the next blog post. If you are new to then you must start from here.



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