If you ask me what new things have I learned in the Coronavirus lockdown? My answer would be too many. Yes, I have learned too many novel things in the novel coronavirus pandemic. And believe me, these are hard-hitting lessons the COVID-19 lockdown has taught us.

The novel coronavirus lockdown has been a tough business for all of us. From Spain to Surat, everyone is temporarily locked in their homes fearing the infection.

However, that’s how we can contain the infection, flatten the curve, and get back to normal life.

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The Impact of 2020 Novel Coronavirus

The 2020 novel coronavirus lockdown will haunt us for days to come. People have lost lives and seen their near ones die. Some of them have survived without food for days.

Novel Coronavirus covid 19 2020 A virus that can’t be seen with naked eyes has forced the entire human race to live on the bare minimum. Now essentialism is not a choice but a mandate for human beings to survive.

Limited food, no socializing, no money, fear of losing jobs, EMIs, and a lot more things are boggling our minds.

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The First Week of The Coronavirus Lockdown

Now that the govt imposed a strict lockdown for our greater good we had no choice but to follow. The first week of the lockdown was a nightmare.

It took almost a week to completely register the fact that I can’t step out of my house. That I can’t freely walk in my city. I felt like a sudden pause on the normal life.

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Now I totally correlate the lockdown with the reality of how animals feel in the ZOO. Damn it!

animals in the cage

We humans have hit the lowest mark of cruelty and have consistently maintained the same. At the beginning of the lockdown in Surat, I felt how will I survive the upcoming days.

What will I eat? What if there’s no milk, vegetables, and medicines available? When will this get over? What if this continues for an unprecedented time? All this and much more weird questions came to my mind. God knows what’s next.

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So, during the lockdown, I have learned some valuable lessons about life, food, mental health, relationship, self-help, and a lot more. I hope you have learned the same and will agree with what I have written here.

Let’s get started then.

Lessons I have Learned During the Coronavirus Lockdown

I will start with some basic things that are pretty much normal. For a better reading, I have bifurcated my experience into categories. This will make easy for you to understand and correlate with the then situation. Here we go.


  1. It is surprising to learn that humans can survive on minimum food available.
  2. I ate only Dal Chaval (lentils + rice) at dinner during the entire lockdown.
  3. You can survive and remain healthy even if you eat only dal and chaval (lentils & rice).
  4. Believe me, eating rice at night is not unhealthy. Rice won’t destroy your diet goals.
  5. Food craving is a myth. You can simply say NO to food if you don’t feel like eating.
  6. Tea is the most consumed beverage in India. Still, I have it only twice a day.
  7. Food is an important resource and should be utilized properly.
  8. Shivers go down my spine when I think how homeless peoples would be managing their daily food needs.
  9. I have suddenly developed a deep respect for farmers.
  10. The coronavirus has relived everyone from the duty expect females in the kitchen.

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  1. Six-hour sleep is enough to sustain freshness throughout the day
  2. You can gradually decrease daily sleep up to 3 hours only.
  3. Sleeping in the noon is absolutely not required. You can do it without it.
  4. Lockdown is the best time to practice reducing daily sleeping hours.
  5. The human body needs daily hustle and this invites sleep but due to lockdown, this pattern is heavily disturbed.
  6. 10 minutes of meditation in bed can help you sleep faster than normal.
  7. Meditation before sleeping helps you wake up fresh in the morning.

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OTT entertainment platforms

  1. No more than 2 series you can binge-watch online.
  2. MX Player has the worst content on this planet.
  3. Amazon Prime still lacks quality compared to Netflix.
  4. However, Amazon Prime is far better than the MX Player.
  5. Disney+ Hotstar is still streaming Saas-Bahu Indian drama. Grow up, man.
  6. Netflix is the Baap of all online streaming platforms.
  7. YouTube video views have exponential growth in the lockdown.
  8. Haven’t tried ALT Balaji. Zee5 is boring.
  9. TV is on edge of being extinct like dinosaurs.
  10. Online streaming is the next big thing and the future of entertainment.
  11. Soon movies will start releasing on the OTT platform instead of multiplexes.

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Mental Health

mental health in lockdown

  1. Keeping your mind busy or having a positive state of mind is the most difficult part of lockdown.
  2. Daily 30 minutes meditation can help you remain stable the whole day.
  3. Books are the best source of knowledge & wisdom.
  4. Music helps ease mental stress and loneliness.
  5. Breathing exercises help a lot to stay balanced.
  6. All play and no work makes Jhonny go mad.
  7. Cryptic silence in the atmosphere is scary.

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Health and Fitness

get fit home workout get desired body shape

  1. To stay fit you don’t need a fancy gym.
  2. A pair of dumbbells can help you a lot more than anything else.
  3. Daily exercise needs serious motivation, not a gym.
  4. One can walk 8 to 10 km on the terrace.
  5. Eating less, walking more, and doing light exercise will keep you fit and fine.
  6. Here I am talking about fitness, not body-building. So read that way.
  7. Constipation is the new disease in lockdown.

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Work From Home

start a blog

  1. Work from home is the new normal of our life now.
  2. Working from home isn’t as easy as it sounds.
  3. There are a ton of distractions when you work from home.
  4. Focus is the ultimate challenge. You may lose your calm often.
  5. If you can comfortably work in the middle of all distraction you are Buddha.
  6. Suddenly you have more time to work. Add time taken to travel from home to office and vice-versa.
  7. Now you can’t say boss I have a headache, diarrhea, traffic jam, bike puncture, etc.
  8. Apparently work from home is your productivity test. Soon your boss will know it.

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Survival Training

survival training in lockdown

  1. The coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown is an ultimate survival test.
  2. We humans can live everyday life on minimum resources available.
  3. Stop yourself from using unnecessary stuff.
  4. It is easy to train your brain to live a minimalistic life.
  5. You require only a bucket full of water to bath completely.
  6. Use the shower to bath. It wastes less water compared to running tap water.
  7. Without electricity life is unimaginable.

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  1. Nicotine dependence is a serious threat in the lockdown.
  2. To cut bad habits you don’t need medication or rehabilitation.
  3. Sometimes cutting the supply can cure long time addiction.
  4. If tobacco is not available what will you smoke and chew?
  5. The coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown has helped many leave their bad habits.
  6. Tobacco is bad for health. This you will know once you quit it and start feeling better.
  7. People are searching for how to make whiskey at home & how to grow tobacco at home.

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  1. Now I value freedom more than anything else in life.
  2. You actually require less money to survive the whole month.
  3. Life can go on without ultra-luxury stuff we buy blindly.
  4. Your apartment terrace is a place. You should visit often except for the Kite festival.
  5. It’s literally impossible to adjust in a small space when you have a big family.
  6. India’s coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown is the biggest on this planet.

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I know that the coronavirus lockdown has taught us much more than what I have mentioned above. I would like to hear from you. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comment box below.


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