COVID-19 bed availability in Surat is life-saving information. Ask those who have lost their loved ones while going through this situation.

I was too infected by the virus in the second wave of the pandemic. From 18-4-2021 to 26-4-2021 I was admitted to the Mission Hospital, Athwagate.

I was lucky to get admitted & even luckier to get a bed. By god’s grace I have recovered and totally fine. But what about those people who could never find a hospital with vacant beds.

Here’s the solution. Continue reading.

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COVID-19 Bed Availability in Surat: Important Info Save & Share with others

In the current situation, the top priority of anyone whose family member is infected is to find a vacant bed in the hospital. Then follows the treatment & other procedures.

Therefore to help the citizens of Surat city the SMC has published a list of vacant beds. Let me explain that to you in detail what the SMC has done.

What SMC has done to find COVID-19 Bed Availability in Surat?

Recently the surat municipal corporation updated its website with Corona Related information. Here’s the link


Refer to the image above.

There’s a tab at the bottom “COVID-19 Bed Availability (New)“. I have marked it with red colour. Click that tab. Now you are on the COVID-19 bed availability page. Refer to the image below.


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Information on the Surat SMC COVID-19 Bed Availability Page

There is a whole lot of valuable info available on this page. We must thank the municipal for such a valuable lead. Above all the page is pretty self-explanatory. There’s no complex navigation. Everything is just on one single page.

The page has the following details of the hospitals. Take a look:

  • Name & address of the hospital (હોસ્પિટલનું નામ અને સરનામું)
  • Contact details of the hospital (હોસ્પિટલના કોંટેક્ટ ડિટેઈલ્સ)
  • Total beds (કુલ બેડ ની સંખ્યા)
  • Vacant beds (ખાલી બેડસ ની સંખ્યા)
  • Number of wards (હોસ્પિટલમાં વોર્ડ્સ ની સંખ્યા)
  • Number of ventilators (વૅન્ટીલૅટોર્સ ની સંખ્યા)
  • Last updated (માહિતી છેલ્લે અપડેટ કર્યાની તારીખ)

Not only this but the surat SMC has bifurcated the info zone wise & facility wise. There are a total of 8 zones. A step further there is a facility filter also.

You can search whether the COVID-19 bed availability in surat is in a hospital, hotel or a community health centre (CHC).

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How to Find Hospital Beds for COVID-19 Patient in Surat Using the SMC Website?

What you need to do is browse this page in your browser. Click on the hospital name. A pop-up will open. Here you can see the hospital address & contact number. See the image below.

hospital-address-and-contact-details As you can see above when I click the 21st Century Fertility Centre it displays the contact details. Likewise, you can view details of all the hospitals listed on the site.

When you click the hospital name the site displays additional info. See the image below. Here the 21st-century hospital has 13 wards, 6 HDU & 1 ventilator. Moreover, the total number of beds in this hospital is 20 out of which 19 are vacant.


Those hospitals where beds are not available will show in red colour with a zero. Look at the Akanksha Medical Hospital example. See the bottom entry in the above image.

I agree that the information on this website is updated regularly. Yet don’t rush the patient by just looking at the vacant bed details. Once you find vacant beds call the hospital first & confirm. Ask them specifically whether the bed is available or not.

Wandering here & there with the patient will worsen his/her condition. Therefore, confirm first & then do the needful.

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How to Find Vacant Hospital Beds Zone Wise in Surat?

It’s easy. I mean the SMC has done a good job here. To find a bed for COVID-19 patient in the surat city zone wise click on the All Zones drop-down list. Select desired zone. Doing this the list will display hospitals located in that particular zone only.


The same applies if you want to search beds based on the facility. For example, if you want to find total community health centres (CHC) in surat then click on the All Facility drop-down.

The website will display a list of all CHCs in Surat city. Let’s say you want to find CHCs in the west zone. All you need to do is select the correct values from the drop-down. The website will display the list. Refer to the image below.


So, that was all with finding a bed for a COVID-19 patient here in surat city. I guess your local municipality must have made the same arrangements. Well, take care. Be safe. Use mask. Wash your hands. Sanitize regularly & maintain social distance.


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