I am in love 😍 with this famous Pyar Mohabbat Ka Sharbat. Period.

Now many of you might be wondering what is it anyway. Let me tell you this. The watermelon milkshake that you have been drinking is the Pyar Mohabbat ka Sharbat. It’s a street style cool summer beverage quite popular in the capital city of India.

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What is Pyar Mohabbat Ka Sharbat?

Take milk, watermelon pieces, sugar & rose syrup. Mix everything well & the pinky drink that you get is Pyar Mohabbat ka Sharbat. Sugar is optional here. But that doesn’t mean you can replace sugar with honey. NOPE. Don’t do that.

However, the original name of this drink is pyar Mohabbat wala Gulab ka sharbat. Gulab is rose and the drink contains rose petals. That’s the reason why the name is such.

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Where Did Pyar Mohabbat Ka Sharbat Originate?

This drink has deep roots in the Delhi Jama Masjid area. Here the street vendors serve authentic Pyar Mohabbat ka Sharbat in the month of Ramadan. Google this particular word. You will know that it is famous among the Muslim community.

During the holy month of fasting, people do iftar with this drink. It is believed that the drink communicates love & brotherhood among each other. However, I personally believe that food is a powerful medium to express emotions.

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Pyar Mohabbat Ka Sharbat: Where in Surat?

Atthwagate is your location. Just beside the famous Dhiraj Sons superstore, there’s a jewellery showroom. The Maun Jewels. There’s a small shop without any board or fancy banner. That’s the exact place where this soothing drink is available.

Okay, let me help you all a little more. Here’s the exact location on Google Maps.

Since the shop doesn’t have a name or a visible banner/board this is what I could get for you all.

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What About the Parking?

The Dhiraj Sons Superstore road is the busiest road with full-on traffic. Honestly, there’s no parking available. Not even SMC’s pay & park facility. Therefore, you will have to park at your own risk.

The traffic police toying van continuously patrols this area. There are high chances that traffic police may lift your vehicle. Hence, be careful.

Above all, it’s just a cool drink, not the main course item. I mean you are not ordering Paneer Lababdar.😍 Just grab your drink, sit on the bike & finish it then & there.

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How Much is the Price?

The price is only Rs.40/glass. To put it differently, this love sharbat costs only forty rupees per glass.

On the other hand, there’s plain watermelon juice & watermelon pieces too. Their prices are Rs.50/per glass & Rs.30/plate respectively. I guess the price might be lower during the summer season. For exact pricing, you need to check the same at the shop.

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How’s the Taste?

Awesome. I can’t express it here in words. Imagine a meetha-meetha rose syrup with milk having small pieces of watermelon. It’s pure heaven जैसा नाम वैसा काम. The moment you drink it you will feel utmost refreshing.

Not only this but you will want more. One after the other glass. I bet kids will for sure like it. The bottom line is this drink is a must-have for all age groups.


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