Jetal Patel and her Divine Beauty Makeup Studio in Surat remind me of Gwyneth Paltrow’s wise words. Take a look down.

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So why am I talking about Gwyneth Paltrow? And how does Jetal Patel fits in here? Let see.

That’s how it all started. . .

On 27th August 2020, I got a collab request from Divine Beauty Makeup Studio, Surat. They liked Surat101, the idea, the content and stuff that I do here. Initially, they messaged me on Surat101 Facebook page. That’s how it all kick-started.

The reason being Surat101 is all about the city and the lovely people living here. Jetal’s one of them. Bear with me and you will know why I am telling this.

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Before we walkthrough Jetal’s journey let’s make a quick announcement. So, the Divine Beauty and Makeup Studio, Surat offers a flat 10% discount on their makeup services to you. Use the coupon code given below and seal the deal.

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Divine Beauty & Makeup Studio, Surat – Where all the Magic Happens.

It was 5th Sep 2020 when I visited Divine Beauty & Makeup Studio at Hans Kutir, Somnath Society, Opp. Malabar Hill Apartment, Behind Sargam Shopping Center, Surat.

Yup, that’s where all the creative things take a shape. Let me tell you that I ain’t a makeup expert, fashion critic or a beauty blogger. I endorse talented, skilled and like-minded people on Surat101. I love them all because they are working hard to make this wonderful city a better place to live in.

Makeup, Beauty, and Stuff!

Tell me how do you explain (teach) a 5-year-old kid – What makeup is?

Jetal knows how to. She will literally transform you into a DIVA! While interacting with her I got a chance to see some of her makeup works and tutorials. I must say – she’s a perfect mentor.

It took almost 2 to 3 hours talking to this wonderful lady about her passion and love for makeup, colours, and beauty. I must say that Jetal is equally gorgeous, humble and down to earth human being. Trust me, she is.

Okay, before we get into the details let’s discover some obvious stuff. Read below. First Let’s get down to the basics.

Divine Beauty Makeup Studio (and my 2 cents about it)

Like we discussed above, Divine Beauty is the brand endorsed by Jetal Patel. It’s her venture that pioneered back in 2015. Basically, Divine Beauty is one of a kind makeup studio and professional training academy.

The studio offers end-to-end beauty solution along with result-oriented expert training on an individual basis. That’s the unique thing about Divine which separates it from the rest. You will get to know HOW later in this article. Keep reading.

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Jetal Patel, Her Passion, Struggle & How a Dream Come True

I can’t resist telling this but Jetal is a lovely person. Have you heard about someone who is:

  1. Not socializing online
  2. One of the highest-paid makeup artist in the Surat city
  3. Busy 365 days and manages to bring business without advertisement.

Have you?

That’s what I asked her. I was really keen to know how she does that in a highly competitive and saturated market.

According to Jetal,

Results drives my clients to work with me. When a girl looks in the mirror before and after a bridal makeup the charm in her eyes tells me that my job is done. My clients experience a magical transformation from better to the best. What I personally believe is, if you deliver quality services, money becomes secondary to customers. And I can sense that they won’t bargain with me. It is because they know what they are buying and what they gonna get. In short, my clients look at my work and they have a peace of mind that they are in safe hands.

The Inspiration Behind Starting a Makeup & Beauty Academy

Jetal is the owner of the Divine Beauty Makeup Studio and Academy. She did her cosmetology and aesthetic course in 2013 here in Surat. As if that was not enough she decided to enhance her skills.

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For this, she travelled to Mumbai to Marvie Ann Beck Makeup and Hair Studio for advanced training. The motive was to give quality training to students and services to the customers.

Successful (or say celebrity) makeup artist would charge 3 to 4 lakh rupees for training in Mumbai. She says they will give you a list of items needed for training. Kinda training kit. And you have to arrange everything all by yourself. This would totally blow you out. The same happened with Jetal while her advanced makeup training in Mumbai.

That’s where she made a decision.

In my beauty and makeup training academy, I won’t harass my students by handing them a list. I will make a custom kit so that they can start their training immediately without wasting time and energy. Plus they won’t have to run all over the city searching for a brush, compact or a lipstick, says Jetal.

Affordable & Long Lasting Makeup

Beauty has always been an expensive genre for many of us. Whether male or female, starting from hairpin to toenails, almost everything is costly. On top of it the quality is always compromised.

But the story is different here at the Divine Makeup and Beauty Studio, Surat. Jetal takes care that her services are of premium quality at a dirt-cheap rate compared to others in the market.

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While designing the rate card of her services she had 4 things in mind:

  1. Highest quality
  2. Lowest rates
  3. Customer satisfaction
  4. Rates to fit all budgets.

In short, Divine Makeup Studio is an all-in-one beauty destination in the town.

During the conversation I asked her 2 questions, First, how long does it take to do a full bridal makeup? Second, How long the makeup lasts?

Normally it takes 2 hours to completely decorate a bride. Although it makes even take more than 4 hours depending on the skin tone of the bride. On the other hand, how long does the makeup lasts is subjective?

It depends on many factors as to how long the makeup will remain as it is. Normally, her makeup lasts for straight 10 hours. This happens because of an error-free hand that she has got.

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Few Words About the Divine Beauty & Makeup Academy, Surat

Along with an expert hand in make and beauty she also parallelly runs a training academy. Her training academy is located at the same address mentioned above. They have all kinds of makeup training courses starting from basic to advance. The course duration varies from 15 days to 1.5 months. For further inquiry & fee details, you can connect with them.

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Since we are discussing the training academy and other things, here’s a list of courses you can learn from Jetal. Take a look below:

Types of Makeup Courses

  • Bridal Makeup’s
  • 3D Makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • MATTE Makeup
  • HD Makeup
  • Airbrush Makeup
  • Destination Wedding Makeup
  • Beauty Course
  • Beauty Course ( With Govt of India Certification )
  • Basic Makeup Course
  • Advanced Makeup Course
  • Professional Hairstyling Course
  • Professional Makeup Course (with & without kit)
  • Self Grooming Course
  • Basic Organic Product Making Course
  • Advanced Organic Product Making Course

Makeup course and training for traditional functions like Haldi, Mehendi, Engagement Ceremony etc. Not only this but they have courses related to Makeup for modelling & photoshoots too.

We would request you all to visit our Jetal’s makeup studio and academy and leverage her our support. On top of it, you also have Surat101’s coupon code. Take maximum advantage of it.


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