Dumas beach haunting stories are famous all over the internet. If you search the top 10 haunted places in India you will definitely see Dumas beach in the list. Not only this but if you google the term Dumas beach the search results will show you haunted stories instead of how beautiful this beach is. Take a look at the image below.

Dumas beach Google Search

Dumas Beach Haunting Stories on Google

You can see 12 search results reflecting the haunted story of Dumas beach. On the official Google my business listing of the Dumas beach someone has asked – Is this really a haunted place? Did you see the level at which this fake story is trolling on the internet?

We can understand amateur writers and so-called travel bloggers reviewing a beautiful Surat beach negatively. But a national newspaper like The Times of India comparing Dumas beach with other haunted places is really absurd.

Have some shame. Stop this propaganda and stop scaring innocent travelers and visitors. Since a long time I wanted to tell this to all those circulating fake stories about Dumas beach haunting – Stop this bullshit. Without concrete proof you are maligning my city and a beautiful natural asset it has got.

A Whistle Blower “BuddyBits”

In the middle of all these fake stories trolling on the internet, someone took an initiative to burst the myth. I don’t know much about them but what they did is right. These people went on the Dumas beach to find out the truth. For 2 days they recorded videos and took pictures to burst this bubble. That’s a good job. We need more people like them.

Dumas Beach Haunting Stories on Youtube

Like I said it’s everywhere and Youtube is no different. Look at the screenshot below. These videos have views in millions. The way they have titled the video is even more interesting. This is totally hilarious. I don’t understand what all people do to gain attention.

dumas beach horror story - YouTube

The recipe is easy. Take a horror image, create a thumbnail, post a fake title and that’s it. Job’s done. We call it as clickbait in our digital marketing terminology. Google clickbait title or thumbnail.

If you ask me these Youtubers are not to be blamed. They are publishing what we want to see. They even know what will tempt us to click and see the video.

I have no hard feelings about them making videos but this bullshit is unacceptable. It needs to be stopped.

Who is Circulating Surat’s Dumas Beach Haunting Stories Online?

The list is long. First, our very own print media. They spice up the story and add tangy flavors for readers to read so that their digital circulation spikes up.

Second, the so-called and self-proclaimed travel bloggers. They come from a different city or state. Shoot a video, add some masala and a 2-minute masala maggies noodle is ready to scare innocent people. These self-proclaimed bloggers run youtube channels and publish blogs. They need a viral content. So, Dumas beach haunting becomes their prime time.

Third, Digital Media. For a short span of recognition, few likes and comments online users broadcast myths on a daily basis. And Dumas beach haunting story is no different.

Fourth, YOU and ME. Yes, we are equally involved. How? We read, watch and listen to these fake stories. However, there’s absolutely no harm in reading, watching or listening stories but genuine ones. We unknowingly forward and circulate these stories without knowing the after effect.

What’s the Impact of these Fake Stories & Videos?

First thing first, it is causing irreparable damage to the tourism of Dumas beach. Indirectly it is tarnishing the image of a beautiful natural resource that can be utilized as a great source of revenue.

Additionally, people will be scared to visit the beach during the late evening when it’s sunset. Those who don’t the reality will never tour this gorgeous beach with their family.

What Are We Losing?

We are losing an excellent opportunity. Period.

Do you know if the Dumas beach develops the same as other beaches of India how much employment it can generate? Imagine the number of people from nearby places visiting the beach every day.

There will be hotels, restaurants, parks, recreational activities, and a lot more things on the beach. All these are still happening but on a lower scale. Whereas the beach has the potential to develop as the number one spot in Surat.

Instead, it has become the top haunted place.

What Needs to be Done?

The question is how can we stop things that are already circulated in a million digital copies online. That’s a big problem. We can’t. It’s a mammoth task and one single person can do all alone.

What we can do is make others aware of this fake story. Whether online or offline we can educate people that there’s no such thing as Bhoot or Haunting at the beach.

Tell them its a beautiful beach where you can enjoy, relax or meditate. Spend some time with your friends and family the way people in Mumbai do at the Juhu beach. Enjoy traditional Surti Food out there.

Write about the scenic beauty of the Dumas beach. Make videos on sunrise and sunset instead of how haunted it is. Next time you comes across such videos or blog just tell them to stop propagating the fakeness.

I have done my job now it’s your turn.

New Year 2020 At Dumas Beach Horror Story In Hindi KM E19 🔥🔥🔥 - YouTube


  1. You seem awfully bitter. There’s nothing wrong with thinking a place is haunted or wondering if it’s haunted. And if people don’t want to go somewhere because they think it’s haunted, why not just let them stay away? Personally, I think I’d want to go to a place MORE if I thought it was haunted. You never even go into specifics debunking the different stories and reports, so why should anyone believe you? Leaving negative comments on someone’s YouTube video accusing them of spreading propaganda is completely out of line. I’m not sure why you’re so bothered by stories and legends that you have to attack people who are just curious — especially if you’re not willing to provide any of your own evidence.

    • You seem quite offended by my opinion. I don’t have a personal interest in thinking a place to be haunted provided it should actually be one. But if it is not the propaganda must stop. It’s completely your choice to go wherever you want. You are free to do that. But if anyone if misleading people online about my city or place I won’t resist taking him down. The youtube video that you are advocating is a blatant lie. There’s no such thing as what is shown in the video. You can be influenced by lousy animated haunting videos, not me. There are thousands of youtube videos about haunted places. I haven’t left negative reviews or attacked them personally. But if you lie about my place I have the right to oppose and expose the lie. The Dumas haunting story is a fake story and I stick with my opinion.

  2. You sound awfully bitter. There’s nothing wrong with wondering if a place is haunted or sharing legends about it. Commenting on someone’s video accusing them of spreading propaganda is completely out of line.


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