Famous Surat Nankhatai is a crunchy munchy buttery biscuit. There’s nothing above & beyond Nankhatai for you if you are a surti by heart & soul.

Surprisingly, this famous surat nankhatai is a cookie. However, the word meaning of cookie is biscuit. People in foreign countries say cookies & we call biscuits.

There are some interesting facts about surti nankhatai. I am sure you will be both surprised & proud to read them. Here they are.

Famous Surat Nankhatai Fact File

Nankhatai was invented in Surat. Period.

Yes, you read that right. India’s most-loved biscuit aka cookie originated in surat. During the Dutch reign in India, especially in Surat, Gujarat, they established a warehouse (in 1620) on the famous Dutch Road in Surat city. (Click here to read the full story)

In short, the Dutch started a bakery and hired Parsi people to bake bread for them. Isn’t it interesting? Do you know the bakery that Dutch started is still in Surat? Not only this but the bakery is still running. It is none other than the famous Dotivala Bakery.


When the Dutch people left India they handed over the bakery to Mr Faramji Pestonji Dotivala in 1861. This is how the Dotivala legacy continued in Surat.

Thereafter Mr Faramji continued to take the bakery business to next level. Today Dotivala is not just an ordinary bakery but a brand in itself. Currently, Cyrus Dotivala runs the business and he is the proprietor of Surat’s Dotivala Bakery.

It’s a proud moment that famous surat nankhatai has such a glorious history. Amazing & superb.

Bakery Style Famous Surat Nankhatai

If you want to taste the authentic surti nankhatai then there are 2 options. First, you go to a bakery & buy it. Second, you bake the nankhatai yourself at home. Baking it at home might require pro skills to get the best results. The cheapest option is to go to a bakery.

Hence, I visited the Royal Bakery at Kanskiwad, Bhagal. I use to live in the Sayedpura area during my childhood. My mom use to bake nankhatai for us in the Royal bakery. Watch my YouTube video of Royal bakery baking famous surat nankhatai.

surati nankhatai royal bakery surat


On average, a bakery in surat bakes 2.5 to 3 tons of nankhatai per day during the Diwali festival. Now imagine how many bakeries are there in the city. Above all, what would be the number if we count their daily score.

That’s what the people of surat are famous for. Their love & passion for eating is unmatched.


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