Surat municipal tax online payment is what we will be discussing today in this post. I have already published the first post in this series.

Here it is what is surat municipal property tax? Moreover, the post also speaks about how & where to pay the surat municipal tax?

Today, I will be discussing surat municipal tax online payments. Yeah, you can pay your SMC tax both at a city civic centre & online. Let’s see how you can do that?

Step by Step Guide: How to pay surat municipal tax online?

To help the citizens of Surat city the SMC has built a dedicated online portal. In short, a website to pay tax & charges online. It is called a Virtual Civic Center.

First, understand what a Civic Center is in Surat city.

The surat SMC has developed civic centres across the city. Here citizens can pay different taxes and service charges levied by the SMC. You can call them collection centres physically established by the SMC.

The same is with virtual civic centres. They are online. You need to register, log in, select the service and pay. Refer to the steps below:

Step 1


Browse the link in your browser. Click the property tax card. The system will ask you to proceed to an external website. Click yes & proceed.

Step 2

Home-Page-Virtual-Civic-Center-Online-Services-Surat-Municipal-CorporationSelect the property tax link. Click the search & enrol option. When you click you will get registration and/or login options. Refer to the image below.

Step 3

Home-Page-Virtual-Civic-Center-Online-Services-Surat-Municipal-Corporation (2)

The first step necessary is to register. Once you are registered the system will help you access other links and services. Without proper registration, you will be like needle in a haystack.

Step 4

Click the link to my registrations and proceed. The system will help you create a new account. You can use your Gmail details too. I think it is safe & convenient. Go for it. If NO then you can use a different set of login & passwords.

When you are done click sign in. The registration is over now. You have successfully created your account. Now click the link Back to Online Services.


Step 5

After registration, you are once again at the property tax card. Now here click search & enrol >> check & pay property tax. Doing this will take you to the next page. Refer to the image below.


Step 6

This is your final page where you will be transacting your property tax info. Enter your tenement number, fill in the captcha details. Hit the get pending tax amount button.

Understand with an example tenement number (05B-XX-XXXX-X-XXX)

For instance, I entered my property tenement number. The system displayed the following result.


So, my surat municipal tax online payment indicates NIL outstanding. You can try this for your property too. Just enter the tenement number and the system will display all the outstanding info.

This is how you can view, check & pay outstanding property bill online.


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