How to Reach Surat City?

how to reach surat

How to reach Surat comes in mind when planning to visit this sparkling city. Traveling to Surat city is not only easy but also cheap. You can get to Surat using various means of transport. For example, railways, buses, flights, taxi or using your own car.

Here you will get exact details on how to reach Surat. We have listed all the affordable means of transport. Additionally, this article has official links of websites to help you with the required details.

How to Get to Surat?

The following are the best & budgeted methods of visiting the beautiful diamond city – SURAT.

#1 Indian Railways

Surat has it’s own busiest railway station (Code: ST). It serves the entire city round the clock. Besides the main junction, there are 7 more small junctions. They are namely – Gothangam, Kosad, Utran, Udhna, Bhestan, Niol, and Sachin.

The Utran railway station is the nearest railhead. Whereas the Udhna railway junction is to the south of Surat.

surat railway station
Surat Railway Station

However, they all fall under the administrative control of the western railway zone of the Indian Railways. You would be glad to know that Surat is the A1 – category railway station of the Western Railway zone of the Indian Railways.

Interesting Facts about Surat Railway Station

  • Surat railway station has a platform on the first floor (above ground level).
  • It was one of its kind railway stations where trains arrive on platforms above ground level.
  • It is on the Ahmedabad-Vadodara-Mumbai rail route.
  • The Surat railway station was built in 1860.
  • In 2016, the Surat junction was rated the best large station in India based on cleanliness.

Visit the official IRCTC website to search trains from your destination to Surat.

List of Trains from Ahmedabad

The following trains are those arriving from Ahmedabad to Surat. Some of them might even be transporting passengers from other states to Surat.

List of Trains from Mumbai

Just like the trains from Ahmedabad, the following list includes trains from Mumbai and other states to Surat city. Kindly refer to the official IRCTC portal for updated inquiry on train schedules.

#2 Surat International Airport

Surat International Airport (Code: STV) located in Magdalla is in the southwest direction of Surat. It is the 2nd busiest airport in Gujarat in terms of both aircraft movements and passenger traffic.

surat international airport

Airlines & Connectivity

Currently, airlines such as Air India, Alliance Air, AirAsia India, SpiceJet, IndiGo Airlines, and others provide flight services. These airlines connect Surat with major cities. New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Goa, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam are a few to name.

The Surat International Airport seems to be taking to wings over the 7 seas. It should be all set to achieve a full-fledged International Status by the year 2019. Hence, by 2020 it will have the capacity to handle more than a million passengers yearly. We hope our city airport ranks among the top 30 busy Airports in India.

Checkout Daily Departures & Arrivals

Here’s a list of links that could help you with the daily departures and arrivals of flights at the Surat airport. However, we have already posted the official link to the Surat airport for updated information.

 Airlines in Surat

There’s a number of airlines currently operating in Surat serving national and international destinations. Let’s take a look at who flies surtis up so high like a diamond in the sky.

  • The Air Asia – Joint Venture of Tata Sons and AirAsia
  • Air India – Full Service National Airline
  • Air India Express – A Subsidiary of Air India
  • SpiceJet – India’s Preferred Low-Cost Airline
  • GoAir – Mumbai Based LLC
  • IndiGo – Connecting Metros, Pan India & Internationally
  • Jet Airways – India’s Premier International Airline
  • Vistara – A Joint Venture between Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines
  • Alliance Air – A Subsidiary of Air India
  • Airconnect – Surat Based [NSOP] Non-Scheduled Operator & Charter Airline
  • Air Deccan – A Unit of Deccan Charters
  • Star Air – Scheduled Commercial Airline by Sanjay Ghodawat Group
  • Truejet – Hyderabad based Low-Cost Regional Airline
  • Zoom Air – A New Delhi Based Premium Service Airline

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is a passenger transport organization. It provides bus services both within Gujarat & neighboring states. GSRTC came into existence on 1st May 1960 on the formation of Gujarat.

Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation

Hence, using the state transport system you can easily travel to Surat from your current location. Rajasthan, M.P., and Maharashtra are our immediate neighbors.

Not only government buses but you can also visit Surat via private bus operators. The private tours & travel operators carry passengers from Goa, Delhi, U.P., and some parts of South India too.

Interesting Facts About the GSRTC

  • First in the country to introduce GPS / PIS based Bus Tracking & Passenger Information System.
  • 14000 Electronic Ticketing Machines.
  • Computerized Pass Issue System has been introduced for Daily & Student passes.
  • Automatic driver testing system for driving skill test.
  • CCTV Camera based surveillance Vigilance system.
  • Public Entertainment System in the fleet as well as depots.

Special Services by GSRTC

  • Services to accommodate some major schedules of the railway.
  • Services to major schedules of the railway.
  • Festival services.
  • Services connecting to schools and colleges.
  • Services connecting to pilgrim places.
  • Metro Link Services.
  • Volvo Services.
  • Intercity Services.

The state-run GSRTC has contract services too. In this, the buses are given out on a contract basis. The general public can use them for marriage or special occasions. Of course, the GSRTC charges you for using their fleets.

Distances By Road – From Major Cities to Surat

The below information is helpful to those planning to visit Surat by road. This will help you calculate the average time and cost.

DestinationDistance (Km)Approx Time
Mumbai to Surat285 Km5 hrs
Ahmedabad to Surat262 Km6 hrs
Delhi to Surat1138 Km16 hrs
Pune to Surat408 Km7 hrs
Nagpur to Surat747 Km11 hrs
Bangalore to Surat1246 Km18 hrs
Hyderabad to Surat913 Km16 hrs
Jaipur to Surat903 Km13 hrs
Baroda (Vadodara) to Surat150 Km3 hrs
Chennai to Surat1558 Km25 hrs
Nasik to Surat235 Km4 hrs
Kolkata to Surat1860 Km28 hrs
Trivandrum(Thiruvananthapuram) to Surat1967 Km28 hrs
Tiruchirapalli to Surat1584 Km24 hrs
Noida to Surat1156 Km17 hrs
Mount Abut to Surat480 Km16 hrs
Goa to Surat871 Km18 hrs

Popular Bus Routes From Surat

The following are some most popular routes commonly used by travelers or commuters to travel from Surat to other places and vice versa. See whether your city is on the list or not.

Surat toAhmedabad

Frequently Asked Questions: Traveling To Surat

How safe is it to travel from my city to surat?

It’s completely safe to travel from almost any city to Surat. Either day or night you can arrive at any time in Surat.

How safe is it for a female solo traveler to reach Surat?

Surat is safe for females. There are no issues or obligations for females to enjoy this gorgeous city. The local authority is competent enough to ensure a safe journey to you.

How far is Surat from Mumbai?

The aerial distance from Mumbai to Surat is 231 km while the road distance between Mumbai to Surat is 278 km. By train, it is 233 Km.

Are there any direct trains from Mumbai to Surat?

There is/are 43 direct train(s) from Mumbai to Surat. However, check the IRCTC site for more info.

How long it takes to travel Surat via train?

It depends on your current destination from where you are boarding the train to Surat. The Indian railway can help you calculate the exact time, distance & fare.

Is there any toll plaza on the highway to Surat?

Yes, there are toll plazas on the highway to Surat.

So this was it in the how-to reach Surat section. We will keep updating this section with important details regularly. Keep visiting Surat101 for interesting updates.