If you ask me is surat safe city then my obvious reply will be a big YES!

I have a number of reasons to back my statement based on my personal experience. I am not talking about government statistics available online. Nope. But before telling you how safe is surat as a city let’s dive into some basic details.

First thing first, what do you, me and everyone else mean when they say this – Safe City. I mean what exactly are they looking into. In addition, what parameters and factors do they take into account while differentiating a safe city or an unsafe city. Let’s checkout.

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What is the meaning of a SAFE city?

A safe city is an initiative by the Indian government under the smart city projects. As a result, public safety is included in it as a major part.

A safe city is one that uses data and technology to safeguard the lives of the residents residing in the perimeters. Now that’s a technical definition.

In layman terms, a city is considered safe because of its low crime rate, number of accidents, theft, the occurrence of severe weather events, and accessibility to healthcare services.

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In straightforward words if I may put it, then it would be a city providing digital security, healthcare security, infrastructure security, and personal security can be called as a safe city.

All in all the safety measures of a city ensures whether it is safe or not. These safety measures include:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • City Surveillance
  • Transport Security Management
  • Emergency Operation Center
  • Transportation & Road Information System
  • Automatic Vehicle Locating System

is surat safe city

Therefore, safety is calculated based on the above factors. Okay, back to the original discussion – is surat city safe or not? Let’s see.

Surat city safe or unsafe

I am not an economist, nor a security advisor, even not an expert who deals in such matters. Am a common man. Hence, my point of view to judge the surat city safe or unsafe will be parallel to my POV.

On the other hand, my judgement is not merely based on whether I can safely roam in Surat at the night or not. In addition, my judgement is also not ONLY based on whether females are safe in surat or not.

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My judgements are based on ground-level facts. Those facts which a common resident in surat addresses on a daily basis.

For example, security. I would ask myself whether I can sleep peacefully at night. Am I safe in my neighbourhood? Is my family safe?

Do I need to worry about my kid’s safety when they are at school? Will they safely go to school & return back to home without any problem.

Secondly, living standards. After security, my primary concern is the standard of living in Surat. Being a commoner I will assess my surrounding & the kind of people residing there.

Additionally, I will also assess the types of facility common residents enjoy there. All of this together will create a bigger picture for me so that I can decide wisely.

Third, comes the administration. Safety is not a perk or a choice made by an individual. It is a priority & a constitutional right of a law-abiding citizen.

Each and every resident residing in Surat must be assured of his/her safety by the local administration. This includes police, municipality, fire department & other local bodies directly or indirectly responsible.

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It is the collective duty & efforts of a local governing body to maintain peace & harmony. Because that is what reflects in the index of a city being safe or unsafe.

What is the point here?

The point am trying to make here is very simple. My requirements as a common resident of Surat city are pretty basic.

I need healthy food, cheaper means of transportation, financial security, a hassle-free job or business setup, a robust judicial system, a positive learning environment for my children and so on.

All this collectively makes me feel safe & secured. This is how I look at stuff and that’s exactly how the city surat makes me feel.

Safety is not ONLY limited to feeling safe

A safe living environment nurtures positive thoughts & creative ideas. If a resident is not getting basic facilities how will he/she survive? Food, shelter, electricity & water are the bare minimum. Now food, water or even electricity doesn’t directly correlate to a city being safe or unsafe.

मतलब सिर्फ पेट भर खाना मिलने से कोई अपने आप को सुरक्षित नहीं महसूस करता। और भी कई चीज़ें हैं जो ज़रूरी है

Basic necessities are just a part of the bigger picture. As I said above, it is a cluster. One single facility or one single factor cannot decide the safety index.

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The bottom line

I vote surat as a safe city. The local administration i.e. the surat SMC is well equipped and capable of managing the city in, out and around. Not only this but the SMC has won prestigious awards in terms of cleanliness, health and hygiene.

Surat city is famous for its textile & diamond business. Maybe the diamonds in your ring, necklace or bracelet you are wearing right now is polished in one of the high-tech diamond factories located in Surat.

Textile markets, the weaving industry & embroidery factories have generated abundant employment opportunities overtime. People from other states like Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Orissa come to Surat in search of employment, business & better life.

Surti food is another reason why this flyover city is so popular across the globe. We have international brands like KFC, Dominos, CCD and even Starbucks. A vibrant business environment & growth is what brings them here.

Ask them whether they feel unsafe?

My Thoughts

Okay, I know you might have a different opinion on what you read just now. I totally agree with you. But that’s my method to judge surat city safe and/or unsafe.

You might ridicule the above idea citing it as an amateur from ground level. Am fine with it. On the contrary, I will appreciate it if there’s anything that you want to share with me regarding the above topic. Do let me know in the comments.

Last but not least – Surat is 100% safe & you are always welcomed here.


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