Life in Surat city is just Awesome!

It’s not that I live in this vibrant city and that’s why I am praising it. NO. I have my reasons and experiences to share. Additionally, I do believe in the fact that life in surat is different than other metro and urban cities.

So, let’s talk about how’s life in Surat or say what does it mean to live in Surat city. In short, how one feels being a typical SURTI in Surat.

For easy understanding, we will check facts one by one. I will try and include stats, data and supporting links as much as possible to back up my statements. And I do hope that you will agree with me on the facts below. So, let’s get started.

Life in Surat: What is it Like to Live in Surat City?

The Geographical Terrains

Geographically the city Surat has an added advantage. The city is located on the banks of river Tapi. This way we have natural resource “water” in abundance. However, it’s a different story that we don’t take care of this valuable natural resource.

tapi river surat Not only river Tapi but Surat is blessed with beautiful scenic beaches. Dumas beach and Suvali beach are prime attractions. Now that’s a totally different story that we didn’t develop these beaches. We never aspired to promote tourism and streamline revenue out of it. Why?

suvali beach hazira surat

It is because we are busy making and promoting fake haunted stories of Dumar beach online. Okay back to the topic. The city premises have grown substantially in all directions.

The Surat district is surrounded by the Bharuch, Narmada, and Navsari. On the west is the Gulf of Cambay and other surrounding districts. The climate is tropical and monsoon rainfall is abundant (about 2,500 mm a year).

surat and other cities in google maps

This way Surat has strategic placement and this makes it liveable and loveable.

Business in Surat

Surat is a major hub of diamond cutting and polishing. The first diamond workshops in Gujarat appeared in Surat and Navasari in the late 1950s. The major group working in this industry is people from the Saurashtra region of Gujarat.


Because of demand in the American market, the diamond industry grew tremendously. Currently, most of the diamond polishing workshops are running in the Varachha area of Surat, mostly by the people of the Patel community.

Around the world, 8 out of 10 diamonds on the market were cut and polished in Surat. This industry earns India about US$10 billion in annual exports.

surat diamond business

Since it is known for producing textiles, including silk, Surat is known as the textile hub of the nation or the Silk City of India. It is very famous for its cotton mills and Surat Zari Craft. The city is famous for MMF (man-made fiber) in India. It has dyeing and printing mills along with power loom units.

power looms textile business surat There are over a hundred thousand units and mills in total. The overall annual turnover is around 5 billion rupees. Surat is also the largest manufacturer of clothes in India, and Surti dress material is quite popular across the states of India.

surat saree textile market

If stats are to believed – Surat produces a whooping 9M+ meters of fabric annually, which accounts for 60% of the total polyester cloth production in India.


“સુરતનું જમણ અને કાશીનું મરણ” – a famous legend is absolutely true because of the food varieties available here. The people here are absolutely mad behind food in every sense. A typical surti doesn’t need a reason to dine out with friends and family.

surti rassawala khaman

He just needs to have only one reason – yumm food. That’s it. By food here I mean starting from morning breakfast till late night munching. It won’t be an overstatement if I say food business adds critical numbers to the economy of surat.

Just look at the number of hotels, restaurants, fast-food chains, coffee shops and street hawkers we have across the city. If you walk 100 meters you will find something to eat or drink.

Not only this but now we have famous brands inaugurating their retail outlets here in the city premises. In the middle of all this, we have some traditional places where god-level food is served.

surti white idada

For example, we have the chowk bazar, zampa bazar, mini bazar varacha, rander, station road, causeway, and others. These places are famous for their popular dishes including veg and non-veg.

Take a look at some of the mouth-watering street food items available in Surat:

  1. Locho
  2. Surti Khaman
  3. Idada
  4. Surti Sev Khamani
  5. Onion Bhajiya/Pakoda (Fritters)
  6. Fafda Jalebi
  7. Mix Chevdo
  8. Ponk Vadas
  9. Collegian Bhel
  10. Rassawala Khaman
  11. Dabeli
  12. Vada Pav
  13. Bhungla Bataka
  14. Sarasiya Khaja
  15. Randeri Aloo Puri


The lifestyle of residents of surat in one word is – “અમે લહેરી લાલા”. It means carefree. This is the reason why people here are also called Surti Lala. That’s an acronym and a compliment at the same time. Average surti works, eats, enjoys with family. He/she leads a totally happy-go-lucky life in surat.

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In fact, people here believe that tension and stress only from Monday to Saturday. But on Sunday roadside picnic with family, Dumas beach treats or visiting a nearby garden with kids. Weekend over.

sneh rashmi botanical garden featured image

If mood (wife’s permission😆) is good then Daman or Silvassa is the ultimate destination for a short weekend trip. Now don’t ask why we go to Daman.

Not only good food and family time but spirituality and social work are also an integral part of our lifestyle. Let me tell you how. We have people like Govind Dholakiya, Lavji Badshah and many more who are the torchbearer of noble causes.

govind dholakiya lavji badshah

Whether it’s a natural calamity or fundraising event for martyrs these people always play on a front foot. They take initiative and set an example for others by their generosity.

Employment Rate (Job Opportunity)

Surat has practically zero percent unemployment rate. It is literally easy to get jobs in Surat. The reason behind it is the speedy development of various industries in and around the city. In short, you can assume 2 job opportunities per head on an average resident.

If you Google jobs in Surat or do a job search on you will find more than 5000 job vacancies.

employment in surat Further, if you are an educated individual you have unlimited break thorough in diamond, textile of IT business. India is transforming into a huge digital society. This way you also have a chance to start your own freelancing or digital business model.

jobs in surat

Needless to say, a skilled person can’t get away without earning well here in Surat. I personally know some Youtubers, digital marketers, and bloggers who earn a six-figure income online.


Education lays a strong foundation for a thoughtful society and citizen. To make this happen in true sense we have a variety of educational institutes in Surat. Starting from primary to senior secondary and from graduation to master degree course the city offers a wide spectrum of academic facilities.

scet college surat We have prime institutions offering technical education in the field of engineering, technology, commerce, arts, law, and business.

Needless to say, the following institutes are a gem when it comes to education in Surat. Take a look at some of them:

Top University in Surat

  • SVNIT Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology. An institute of national importance. An engineering institute of higher education established by the Parliament of India in 1961. SVNIT at present ranks 58th amongst top engineering colleges in India.
  • VNSGU Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. Previously known as South Gujarat University, it was renamed in 2004 in honor of the famous scholar and Gujarati poet Shri Narmad.

SVNIT college and university surat

A few more…

  • Auro University
  • PP Savani University
  • Uka Tarsadia University

Top Colleges in Surat

Alongside universities, the city has some of the oldest and top colleges. Refer to the list of best colleges in Surat city of Gujarat below:

vt choksi law college surat

  • Shrimad Rajchandra Institute of Management and Computer Application
  • Dr. S and SS Gandhi Government Engineering College
  • Bhagwan Mahavir College of Pharmacy BMCP
  • VT Choksi Sarvajanik Law College
  • Shree Swami Atmanand Saraswati Institute of Technology
  • SVPES Faculty of Engineering Technology and Research
  • CK Pithawalla Institute of Management
  • CK Pithawalla College of Engineering and Technology
  • Sitarambhai Naranji Patel Institute of Technology and Research Centre
  • Akhand Anand Arts and Commerce College
  • MTB Arts College
  • Navyug Arts College
  • Shri Surat Jilla Sahkari Bank Commerce College
  • ZF Wadia Women’s and NK Jhota College of Commerce
  • Shree Dhanvantary Pharmacy College
  • Surat Municipal Institute of Medical Education and Research SMIMER
  • Sir KP College of Commerce
  • PT Sarvajanik College of Science
  • Metas Adventist Colleg
  • BK Mody Government Pharmacy College
  • Government Medical College
  • SCET Sarvajanik College of Engineering and Technology.

SMC Governance

The Surat Municipal Corporation aka SMC is a local civic body. The SMC is responsible for the administration of the city which came into being under the Bombay Provincial Municipal Act, 1949. It was established on 2 October 1966. The corporation works hard to make the city dynamic, vibrant, beautiful, self-reliant and sustainable. Their mission is to provide a better quality of life in Surat.

surat smc

Here’s a list of services that SMC provides:

  • Potable water supply
  • Underground sewage system
  • Road and buildings
  • Solid waste management
  • Health services
  • Primary education
  • Library and parks
  • Upgrading slums and alternative accommodation
  • Nature and environment
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Fire and safety service
  • Urban planning and development
  • Public transportation

The SMC operates bus services in the city under a public-private partnership. For more details visit our public transport in the surat link.

surat municipal corporation building

The local civic body has received an ISO-9000-2008 certification in 2010 for supplying drinking water to the residents of Surat. The water is drawn from the river Tapi and treated at treatment plants in the city. Not only this but the corporation has also undertaken the SuratSmartCity project.

Transportation Facility

The public transport system in Surat is well organized. Although we don’t have local trains like Mumbai or metro rail systems like New Delhi still daily commuting is smooth.

city bus service surat

There’s a long list of transport vehicles one can use for traveling across the city. Take a look below:

  • Local bus network
  • Cab services
  • Rental car
  • InterCity local trains
  • Private taxi operators running general taxi service
  • Car rental service by private companies
  • Bus rapid transit services (BRTS)
  • SITILINK city bus services
  • GSRTC run inter-state bus service


I have published an article on the same. Kindly follow the above link for more details regarding the transport system here in the city Surat.

Traffic and Safety

Unlike other metros here traffic jams are less. The main reason behind having a low traffic jam problem is efficient management by the local authority. Additionally, we have flyover bridges. Surat is also nicknamed as the city of bridges.

Although we have a high number of immigrants after Mumbai still everything moves smoothly in the city. Apart from certain traffic points the rest of the city offers a totally smooth ride.

surat traffic police

If we talk about safety then Surat is safe in all sense and from every point. Here you can roam in the night without fear. Not only males but even females can travel safely across the city in the night and that too alone.

surat police

Needless to say, the police department of the city is capable enough to protect and safeguard everyone living in the city. The police party response is also prompt. The moment you dial 100 they swiftly arrive on the spot in no time. Unlike Bollywood movies where police always arrive late.


People here create entertainment for themselves. If it’s weekend they organize meetups, stand-ups, get together and tea parties. They visit their families or home town during festivals.

chaba chab waterpark surat

In addition, the SMC has built fabulous recreational places to visit at the weekend. For example, we have an aquarium, waterparks, gardens, libraries, reading places, and cultural auditoriums.

gopi talav surat night image

The city is also home to movies, art, and theater. We have world-class multiplexes like PVR, INOX, Valentine, and Rajhans. On the other hand, we have GandhiSmruti Bhavan and Raang Upvan for Gujarati and Hindi play performances.

rajhans multiplex surat

In addition, Surat offers a wide variety of shopping malls. VR Mall, ISCON, Rahul Raj are a few to name. Brands like BigBazar and DMart have also opened their outlets here in the city.

big bazar surat

Last But Not Least…the quality of living standard.

Quality of Living Standard

Life in surat isn’t limited to food, fun, and entertainment. It’s something more than that. We as human beings aspire to live and lead in an environment that allows us freedom. Moreover, we find people and things that add value to our life.

According to Investopedia,

the standard of living is the level of wealth, comfort, material goods, and necessities available. It varies from socioeconomic class to geographic area. It includes basic material factors such as income, gross domestic product (GDP), life expectancy, and economic opportunity.

The same goes for Surat city. There’s no hush-hush. You won’t find a mechanical lifestyle breathing in a concrete jungle. Here’s an excellent list of factors that can be used to evaluate the quality of life in Surat:

  • Equal protection of the law
  • Freedom from discrimination
  • Freedom of thought, and religion
  • Right to be treated equally without regard to gender, race, language, religion, political beliefs, nationality, socioeconomic status, privacy, and more
  • Right to vote, education, rest, leisure, and human dignity

Do share your thoughts with us. How’s your life in Surat?


  1. Hello
    This is viral from Mumbai
    I am actually looking to shift from mumbai to Gujrat
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    If shift to surat where should I buy the property as in which locality
    Can u pls help me out

    • Hi viral thanks for landing on my blog page. It means a lot. Now I am not an expert still the property rates here depends on the locality. For example, the adajan & pal area has rates between 50 lacs to 1 crore or maybe more than that. But that’s the minimum budget you must have. On the other hand, the vesu, citylight & other posh localities are way more costly. The rates go beyond 1 to 2 crore for flats. You can imagine the property rates of row-house & bungalows based on the above rates of flats. Do some research before investing. One more thing, Welcome to the City of Sun – Surat. Bhai Bhai GJ5.


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