Again we are talking about Surti food blogger but this time it is the reader’s choice. Yeah, when I published the first post in the Instagram food blogger series I got few comments. Okay first let me give you the link to that post. Here you go.

Top 10 Influencers in Surat on Instagram: Food Blogger

In this particular list, I discussed the official handles of Surtis on Instagram. But only in the food niche. The list was limited to the top 10 only hence I missed some of them.

Therefore, I compiled another list to justify the hard work of our people. This is how the second list came into existence. Here’s the second list link. Checkout.

List of Surti Food Bloggers on Instagram You Must Not Miss

The above list contains more than 10 insta accounts related to Surti food. Some of the accounts have followers under 5000. For me the efforts matter. It’s very easy to sit on the couch & keep scrolling the Instagram feed.

But it takes real courage & hard work to go out, shoot, click pics, upload & publish. It really includes a lot of effort. Hence, to make my people feel good here’s the third food blogger list from Surat city. I love & respect you all.

List of Surti Food Blogger on Instagram: Reader’s Choice

Once again I would like to all those who are reading this post. If I have left someone who deserves to be on this list then write his/her insta account name in the comments.

Trust me I will definitely add them. It’s about our people, the people of Surat & Surat101 values them. Now let’s get started with the list of surti food blogger.

1. The Foodie Cam

The Foodie Cam Vatsal Jariwala has nailed it. Yes, absolutely. Look at the stats people. 75.5K followers with 860 posts. Not only this but also a YouTube channel with the name The Foodie Cam.

This particular Youtube channel has standalone +50K subscribers. Very well done bro, keep up the good work. Just one small suggestion. Publish your Youtube videos in horizontal format.

2. Surti Lalo (Food Blogger with a Unique Name)

Surti lalo

We have a new word here – Lalo. Now let me tell you something. Lalo is popular lingo among the Gujarati people. The Surti Lalo insta page has 800+ posts & 21.5K followers.

Additionally, the owner also has a YouTube channel with the name Surti Lalo. Although the subscriber count is less on youtube still the efforts are appreciable.

3. Surati Food Lover

surati food lover

Preeti Tahiliani is the owner of this insta page. Additionally, she is a food blogger too. If I may say she is a content writer & a food enthusiast to be precise.

Not only this but she is also a food stylist as well as a recipe creator. The page has 695 posts & 8956 followers. The stats are pretty impressive. Keep up the positive vibes.

4. Wandering Traveller

wandering traveller

Simran Jain is our wandering traveller from Surat. Her insta page has 1075 posts & 17K followers. Simran is the second female food blogger here on this list.

I really look forward to female food reviewers online. They have a unique sense of taste, texture, aroma for the food. I would advise her to start a YouTube channel if time permits.

5. Foodiieezzz

foodiieezzz food blogger

With 334 posts & 14.9K followers, the foodiieezzz insta page is on the 5 the position on this list. Okay, now we are not rating these pages based on the follower count.

We are also not rating them based on how many posts they have published. Nope. Not at all. This page is basically a food photography & review page. Do visit.

6. Oh Teri Khaana (ओ….तेरी क्या नाम हैं 🤣)

oh teri khaana

We have another female food blogger with the name Karishma on Instagram. With 5923 followers & more than 500+ posts, this girl will give you major food eating goals. Do visit her official profile & show some support.

Hence, our food blogger on Instagram list ends here. My readers suggested to me some good insta accounts on Surat food. I compiled the lists & published them. I hope I have them all. Again if I have missed someone do let me know.

Before you go check out this link Top 10 Instagram Influencers of Surat


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