Are there any Gujarati, especially Surti food bloggers on Instagram?🤔🤔🤔

I was wondering & asking the above question while doing my research. But when I finishes my R&D work I was quite amazed. Now I can say this – Surat has lots of social media influencers.

As a result, I ended up publishing my first post on Instagram for food bloggers from surat. Here’s the link to Top 10 Influencers in Surat on Instagram: Food Bloggers

It was tough to decide which one to select & whom I shall leave. Henceforth, instead of leaving them, I decided to keep them. After all, they have worked hard & they deserve to be here. Refer to the below list.

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List of 12 Instagram Food Influencers You Must Not Miss

There’s one more list that I will publish on the Instagram food bloggers topic. Therefore, without much ado let’s see who’s who on insta. Here we go.

#1 Foodie Surti GJ5

Foodie Surti GJ5

The number one on this list has a YouTube channel – Surti Food Blogger. Trust me but I have great respect for food bloggers on YouTube. It takes a lot of effort to make quality content on YouTube. Further, there’s a huge amount of hard work involved. Do visit the channel & support it. On Instagram, this account has 473 posts, 11.4K followers & follow 2159 pages.

#2 The Food Eatery

The Food Eatery

With just 39 posts this account has managed to pull 11.2K followers. Now that’s impressive. If you want to feature yourself on this page use hashtag #thefood_eatery. I will be using this hashtag once I publish this food bloggers post. In addition, the page also follows 3816 other accounts.

#3 Foodie Rupal

Foodie Rupal Food bloggers

Foodie Rupal is the first female among food bloggers here on this list. With 484 posts, 11.2K followers & 1477 following the account is enticing. Support her. If foodie rupal is reading this blog post then here’s something for her. I would request you to start a YouTube channel. You will definitely rock there.

#4 Bhukkad Surties

Bhukkad Surties

Let me tell you the word meaning of bhukkad. It means the one who is hungry & wants to eat. However, surties are typically not bhukkad. It’s their eternal love towards food making them world-famous. I guess that’s the reason why this page has such a name. The page has 389 posts, 10.5K followers & follow 4835 other accounts.

#5 Surti Food Life

Surati Food Life

The owner of this page has a Youtube channel with the same name. Like I already said I like content creators on this platform. All in all the channel has around 50 food videos. Do check out the surti food bloggers channel & subscribe. On Instagram, the account has 853 posts, 7646 followers & follows 2545 other accounts.

#6 Tales of Food

tales of food

This account is one amongst the list of food bloggers with Shayari. Yes, here you will see food with the Shayari mood. The page has 426 posts, 6695 followers & follows 2516  other accounts. Although the follower count is less yet this account has a good collection of Hindi Shayari. Do checkout.

#7 Surat Food Bloggers


One thing that I really liked about this insta page is the image quality. Second, no off-topic stuff. Unlike other Instagram pages here you will find only food. The work is pretty impressive. Page stats are 203 posts, 5237 followers & 5002 followings.

#8 Foodwala Surati

I don’t why people write an “a” in the spelling of surti. It’s Surti, not Surati. Let’s discuss the stats. The page has 232 posts, 4627 followers & follows 1412 other insta pages. Wait there’s something more.

This page has a YouTube channel with the same name (certainly with an “a”). Do visit their channel & show some appreciation.

#9 City Zayka Surat

City Zayka Surat

The City Zayka Surat insta page is pretty impressive. This account has managed to acquire more than 5000 followers with 500+ posts. On the other hand, it is following around 700 other pages. That’s good work. One more thing – Zayka means taste.

#10 Taste of Surat

Taste of Surat

The Taste of Surat is exactly the same as Surat Foods on number 11. Following more & followers less. Although there are 3000+ followers amount of posts are good enough. they have published 405 posts. The follower count is 3943 & follows 5676. I would advise the page owner to increase their fan following. You can do it.

One more thing – the page has a YouTube channel link with the name Anand Kapadiya.

#11 Surat Foods

Surat Foods

This particular insta account has fewer followers & more followings. I mean the page is following others more. With 137 posts it has 3546 followers & follows 5123 other accounts. However, the page has certainly more fans than the below page. Anyway, keep up the good work & grow your followers.

#12 Surat Food Bloggers

Surat food bloggers

This insta page has 132 posts & 1086 fan followings. That’s the least we have on this list. But I appreciate the efforts to post & publish 132 posts. Yeah, that’s the thing I look into a content creator. Look subscribers & followers will grow eventually if you keep doing consistently.

Finally, our list of Gujarati food influencers on Instagram concludes. Show some love to these Surati food bloggers. Stay tuned for the next list.


  1. The Food Eatery is not to be in ” List of 12 Instagram Food Influencers You Must Not Miss” that account not posting much and not impressive

    Kindly view again

    Bhukkad Surteie
    Surti Food Life
    Tales of Food
    Surat Food Bloggers
    Foodwala Surati
    City Zayka Surat
    Taste of Surat
    Surat Foods
    Surat Food Bloggers
    Foodie Surti GJ5
    The Food Eatery
    Foodie Rupal

    • Thankyou for the comment. I have compiled 3 list of Instagram influencers in the food category list. The names that you have suggested are all included in these 3 lists. I appreciate your hard work.


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