It’s a busy evening out there in the posh locality of Vesu, Surat. People have started visiting the newly built Prime Shoppers shopping complex opposite Safal Square. On the other hand, Mr.Nirmal Patel has put on his apron and Chef’s toque (cap). He is all set to serve hot mini pancakes in flavorful variety at his pancake shop called The Pancake Story.

nirmal patel in his chef uniform at the pancake story shop

So who is Mr. Nirmal Patel and what’s his pancake story? All this and a lot more you will enjoy here. Hold on with me this pancake story is gonna be awesomely mouth-watering.

What’s The (Mini) Pancake Story?

The Pancake Story is a franchise-based mini pancake brand all the way from Mumbai, Maharashtra. The legend says, a few master bakers in Holland created a Dutch batter treat called “Poffertjes”. It was similar to small and fluffy pancakes. These guys are making the world a sweet place one bite at a time.

The Pancake Story is here bringing forth its uniquely catered mini pancakes to fulfill all your hunger pangs.

So, How’s the Mini Pancakes of The Pancake Story Different.

It’s a mouth-melting and silky affair. Period.

What sets Pancakes apart from the rest is its innate nature to pleasure one’s taste buds. It keeps you craving for more. Whether it’s a hectic Monday or a lazy Sunday, a silly break up or a slight mishap, mini pancakes are bound to rejuvenate you on any given day or occasion.

the secret ingredient is always love

Needless to say that a single bite of these heavenly mini pancakes can send a person to a world full of bliss. Scrap your boring munchies. You have got something to binge upon while streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime. (BTW I like Popcorn Times emoji).

The only question is what is a pancake. Let see the internet definitions.

What Are Mini Pancakes?

According to Google, Pancake is a thin, flat cake of batter, fried on both sides in a pan and typically rolled up with a sweet or savory filling.

According to Wikipedia, A pancake is a flat cake, often thin and round, prepared from a starch-based batter that may contain eggs, milk, and butter and cooked on a hot surface such as a griddle or frying pan, often frying with oil or butter.

My definition, Pancake is a small spongy kind of cookie carefully baked on both sides and garnished with chocolate sauces. Served hot! This is exactly what I saw when we visited Mr.Nirmal at his shop. Look at the image below.

choco mini pancakes at the pancake story vesu surat

The Pancake Story Lives Up to Its Name!

Apart from Gujarat, they have a chain of mini pancake outlets in Mumbai and Pune. Mr.Nirmal’s shop is their standalone in the Surat city. However, they do have shops in Baroda, Anand, and Ahemdabad too. You can visit their store locator page to find your nearest outlets.

While covering this story Mr.Nirmal offered us their popular oreo mini pancake. The flavor is awesome and it instantly melts in the mouth. On top of it, the garnishing was next level.

Believe me, these mini pancakes are pure sin. Just look at them.

mini pancakes near me in surat vesu location

Oreo Obsession is Surat’s Favorite Flavor

According to Mr.Nirmal Patel, the Oreo flavor is in high demand. People visiting the pancake story shop frequently order the Oreo flavor. Additionally, the taste and mini pancake variety are unmatched at his shop. I bet you will fall in love with this sweet fluffy thing.

Oreo obsession mini pancakes at the pancake story

Everyone has a Reason – What’s Yours?

Okay, let’s take it this way. If you are married and your spouse is Khaafa with you for some reason. Bring them here. Offer a choco garnished mini pancake and see the magic.

collage of mini pancakes variety at the pancake story

  • You had a bad day at the office. Relish your mood with a mini pancake.
  • You topped your exam and wanna party. Come here with your friends for a treat.
  • Like someone but scared of initiating a conversation? This is your place to kick start.
  • Wanna thank mom, dad, bro or sis. Invite them here and show your love.
  • Do a mini pancake party at home. Surprise your family members.

To help you enjoy your first or next mini pancakes party we have an exclusive offer. Surat101’s exclusive deal at The Pancake Story. Redeem the below coupon code to avail the offer.

Coupon Code Offer for YOU

Buy any 2 mini pancakes, waffles or crepes and get a cappuccino or ice tea absolutely FREE. Use the following coupon code at The Pancake Story.

copoun code offer at the pancake story by surat101

Note: The coupon code is valid for a limited time. Offered per person only once between 11 am to 6 pm only.

The Live Kitchen Concept: Mini Pancakes

The shop is designed in such a way that you can easily place your orders and see the making of your mini pancakes in real-time. Once the order is placed Mr.Nirmal starts making and baking the batter.

The pancake batter is made up of refined wheat flour, sugar, milk solids, and vanilla flavor. The best part is it is 100% eggless and that’s good news for vegans. After baking it’s time to garnish it with icing sugar, dark, milk, and white Nutella chocolate sauces. When it’s ready to serve Mr.Nirmal puts a small flag-like thing in the dish. It reads “LOVE made EDIBLE”. The whole making process is so very mouth-watering. It becomes really hard to control. You will feel like eating it ASAP.

Upcoming Food Variety

While conversing with Mr.Nirmal he said they will very soon introduce some popular fast food items.

The Pancake Story is planning to serve Pizza, Pasta, Healthy salad, Garlic bread, Panini, and French fries. All these and much more along with their signature mini pancakes.

Hence, you may no longer have a reason to avoid this place. They are in the process to fill in the gaps.

We Asked about the Mini Pancake Rates

While looking at their menu I was tempted to ask about the price. My concern was the bill amount. How much will it cost to an average customer visiting with his family or friends?

The short answer by Mr.Nirmal is – Lowest.

He said, if you look closely at the rate card you will notice we are offering a premium item at a very low cost. There may be other food joints offering mini pancakes. But ours is different not only taste-wise but also in price.

Further, the ambiance they provide is rich and classy. Moreover, when you go for premium products where it is worth spending then money becomes secondary. And by the way, you have our coupon code. So, relax and enjoy your mini pancakes. Why worry about the bill?

PS: Their mini pancakes start with Rs.100.

The Pancake Story is a Crowd Puller

youngsters at the pancake story

We surtis need a reason to eat out. This is why Starbucks couldn’t resist opening an outlet in Surat. The same is with the mini pancake shop here. It’s a major crowd puller. From small babies to senior citizens, everyone visits the shop. They keep coming back again and again once they taste it.

Above all the mini pancake shop here in Vesu, Surat is a major attraction of the teenage crowd. They flood the shop heavily in the evening and weekends. Party, young people, music, mellow flavors, selfies, Instagram uploads are a regular affair at the pancake story.

the pancake story retail outlet at vesu surat

School kids literally drag their mums to the shop to order their favorite mini pancake. These kids have memorized the whole menu. They know which flavor is left out to try. Mums just sit here, watch kids enjoy their mini pancakes and pay bills, said Mr.Nirmal. That’s funny!

served hot and happening

What Else You can do at The Pancake Story?

The shop premise is available for various occasions. For example, birthday celebrations, get-to-gather, college treats reunion parties and a lot more fun. The teenage crowd can enjoy the Rose day, Valentine’s day, and Friendship day here with special menu items and combo offers.

the pancake story shop at vesu surat

Additionally, they run festival offers too throughout the year.

Substitute for Traditional Sweets

chocolate bomb at the pancake story

The idea is lip-smacking.

Mini Pancakes can replace traditional sweets in family functions like a wedding. It’s the next level dessert. We are traditionally programmed to offer deserts in marriage functions. That’s pretty normal and everyone does that. But you can try pancakes instead of sweets or deserts in weedings. It’s unique and I am sure your guest will appreciate it.

signature twix mini pancakes at the pancake story vesu surat

Interesting Pancake Incident

Once Mr.Nimal got an order to serve pancake at a private function. It was a friend’s party and the kids of the family decided to try something unique. They ordered different varieties of pancakes. Mr.Nirmal was at the serving desk waiting for the guests to come and enjoy a totally new dessert. The guest were teenagers aged between 15 to 18 years.

strawberry mini pancakes at the pancake story vesu surat

Initially, the response was very cold. Mr.Nirmal almost went unnoticed at the party. Suddenly a boy tasted the pancakes and then everyone was literally jumping on Mr.Nirmal’s head.

The main course, potato chips, soft drinks, Manchurian, noodles all were left alone. Everyone was munching pancakes and nothing else. The supply was less and the demand was more. Finally, Mr.Nirmal shut down his serving desk. The batter, chocolate syrups, garnishing material was out of stock.

strawberry stuffed pancakes at the pancake story vesu surat

The boys and girls at the party took Mr.Nirmal’s contact details. After this incident, Mr.Nirmal was invited to 7 different private parties with his mini pancakes. Surprisingly all 7 orders were from the guest at the party.

So next time if you think about serving deserts try mini pancakes. It Yummilicious!

What Else The Pancake Story Offers Along With Mini Pancakes?

The Pancake Story offers a lot more along with yummy mini pancakes. In the mini pancakes variety, they have more than 10 flavors. The American dream, Caramel Castle, Crunchu KitKat are a few to name. Not only this but their Waffles are yummilicious too!

The Cookie & cream with Chocotella is the latest obsessions of Surtis. Look at their menu below.

the pan cake story menu front side

Along with mini pancakes and waffles you can enjoy crepes and nachos. Needless to say, they even have a range of hot and cold beverages. Checkout the beverages in the image below.

the pancake story menu back side

Try them today because you have a coupon code now.

People of Surat are Already in Love With The (Mini) Pancake Story

While compiling the mini pancake story we did some research. We were curious about how famous are mini pancakes among the people of Surat. What we found out is really incredible. Let me tell you how.

surat101 with mr.nirmal patel at the pancake story vesu surat

The Pancake Story’s official Google listing has an amazing response online. They have 300+ google reviews and ratings. Not only Google but they have a strong presence on food delivery portals like Swiggy and Zomato.

Let’s hear out what people have to say about The Pancake Story.

#1 Critic Review by Eazy Diner

The Pancake Story is a must-visit if you wish to relish delicious pancakes, waffles, and crepes. The place has a fun and vibrant ambiance with chic décor. The place is quite spacious with a comfortable seating area. You can try their mini pancakes like ‘Nasty Nutella’, ‘Oreo Obsession’ or ‘Red Velvet Rush’. If you love eating crepes, you can try ‘Speckled Berries’. You can select your choice of toppings on a waffle, pancake or crepe.

#2 Mahmood Kunda

Assalamualaikum. It was awesome. Masha’Allah. Keep it up. I really enjoyed myself very much at The Pancake Story. Masha’Allah. Keep it up. And maintain it. Your service and maintenance are also good. Masha’Allah. Keep it up. I am really happy to write this review for your store. Masha’Allah. Keep it up. 👍

#3 Joshi Shivang

The taste was good and the service given by the employee was amazing. He was very presentable and very kind. Do visit this shop and the staff will add extra chocolate to your experience.

Contact Details of The Pancake Story in Surat

the pancake story logo

  • Address: Shop No. 26, Prime Shoppers Opp. Safal Square, Udhana – Magdalla Rd, Vesu, Surat 395007
  • Hours: Opens at 11 am and Closes at 12 in the night.
  • Phone: +919825223226
  • Payment Modes Available: Cash and Card Swipe
  • Parking: Available

Do visit The Pancake Story this weekend. Tell us about your experience in the comment section below.



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