Night curfew timings in Surat city currently as of 27 July 2021 is 10 pm to 6 am. Period.

Okay now everyone knows this then why am I writing about it? Because the reality is a bit different. I won’t talk about what is night curfew? Neither I am going to discuss the timeline of the night curfew of our diamond city. Nope.

I have something funny and interesting to share with you. Yeah, at least I find it funny.🤣

Here you go.

So, the Gujarat government declared a night curfew in major cities of the state. Of course due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We all know that. The question is – Do people obey & honour the curfew timings?

Let me enlighten you on this.

Are People Obeying the Night Curfew Timings in the Surat City?

The short answer is NO.

People here in Surat city aren’t obeying or honouring the night curfew timings. Normally you, me & everyone else should be in our home after 10 pm. But NO.

The आम जनता goes for an ice-cream 🍨🍧🍦, walk their dogs🦮🐕‍🦺 & kids even after 10 in the night. જમ્યા પછી આઇસક્રીમ તો જોઈએ ને યાર.

Some shops & roadside लारी गल्ला are open even after 10 o’clock in the night. These are the shops that don’t fall under the list of COVID-19 guidelines.

I live in the Pal Gauravpath road area. Here the police patrolling is minimal. The police party thinks that here the citizens are educated & law-abiding. They also believe that people will follow the COVID night curfew guidelines strictly. What they think isn’t totally wrong. They are right on their side.

The problem is who will make our भोली-भाली जनता follow the guidelines. Who will tell them that the coronavirus isn’t over yet? Who will bell the cat?

How do I know all this?

On 26 July 2021, a friend of mine from Gandhinagar visited me here in Surat. Not in the night but she arrived (in Surat city) in the evening. While talking about the pandemic she casually asked whether there’s a night curfew in the city?

I said, obviously we have it just like yours. The timings are 10 pm night to 6 am morning. She was like do you all follow the rules? I was like yeah. We do. Why do you ask so? What’s the problem?

She told me “the point from where I am seeing all these I don’t think people in the city would be strictly following the night curfew”. NOPE.

These words are from someone who is not living here. Who doesn’t even know the lifestyle of surtis? I mean someone from the outside can literally tell that we aren’t following the rules. How?

On her way from the Surat railway station to my home, she was analyzing the buzz in the city & made a wild guess. She was right. The same night I figured out that even after 10 pm there were private vehicles throttling on the roads.

Shops were open & literally people eating, shopping & enjoying like there’s no tomorrow.

You will be like what the hell were you doing in the night outside after 10 pm? Good question.🤣🤣

I visited a medical shop that is in the Palanpur Jakatnaka area. The shop is located at the walking of 5-10 minutes from the Palanpur Jakatnaka Char rasta (cross-road). It was already 2:30 am.

The shops were not open but there were private vehicles on the road. There were no police patrolling. Nobody stopped me. Nobody asked me what was I doing this late at night. Nothing.

For that moment I felt like there’s no corona. For that particular time, I felt like everything’s normal like it was before.

However, the situation is different. We need to stay at home after the night curfew starts. You must avoid going out unless it is a medical emergency. If you are strictly following the curfew guidelines it means you are helping the government.

Stay home, stay safe. Register online for vaccination.


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