OYO rooms in Surat! Whether Safe or Unsafe? That’s the question people still ask every day on social media platforms like Quora. Not only on Quora but also on similar QnA platforms. Let me share with you my experience.

I am an avid follower of this knowledge-based site called Quora with a tiny group of followers. Quora is basically a question and answer site where people ask questions and they get a variety of answers to their queries. By variety, I mean a lot of variety.😆

Here’s a screenshot of related questions. Take a look. (मतलब लोग क्या कुछ पूछ डालते हे ऑनलाइन🤣)


Quora is kinda Facebook for like-minded people who are comfortable in sharing their ideas, thoughts and opinions. Okay, so while browsing my Quora feed I got this question which said:

Whether OYO rooms in Surat city are safe for unmarried couples or not?

Before answering the above question I have my own question. Why there’s a need to ask someone whether the OYO room in surat is safe or unsafe. Second, what are you fearing of and what’s going on in your mind that tempts you to ask such questions?

Don’t take it in the wrong way. I am trying to convey something constructive here.

If you ask me I would say OYO rooms in Surat are not only safe but perhaps the best hotels to make your stay a comfortable one. Period.

It is indeed safe and secure. OYOs are a 100% safe and economical choice to stay not only in surat but across India. If I would have to rate my Surat OYO experience then it would be positive and peaceful.

I can imagine why you have this question in mind. I had too. But staying in OYO rooms is legit across the country. Nobody can harass you. Even the OYO website has these notifications put on their website. They have clearly written why you should not fear anyone if you are unmarried and staying in an OYO hotel.

I have been using OYO services since 2019 and I haven’t encountered any problem during my stay.

The best part about OYO is if you contact (call centre) them they will give you more discount compared to what’s being offered on their website. Browse their official website to get their call centre contact details.

I stayed at the OYO hotel located in vesu, Surat. The check-in and check-out were easy. No problem at all. You just need a proper ID and that’s it.

The Company Policy

OYO doesn’t ask for marriage certificates or mangalsutra. A valid ID is what they need. It’s advisable to select a couple-friendly OYO hotels/rooms.

OYO has this policy to mandatorily mention whether the hotel welcomes local, unmarried couples or not on the booking page. However, there’s a separate filter too with the same name. This way it becomes easy for a family, married & unmarried couples to find a safe and secure place to stay.

Why do OYO Rooms sell like hot cake across India?

I can’t say that I know all reasons as to why OYO is in such great demand but I know some of them. OYO has changed the perception of staying in a hotel room. The company introduced an affordable pricing policy which was totally different from traditional hotel rates.

The biggest breakthrough was to allow unmarried couples to share a room. I mean literally, no questions asked policy. (બીજું શું જોઈએ? ભાવતું હતું અને વૈદે કીધું 😝)

This way the company had a major clientele of young people. In India, if you win the young generation you have won half the battle.

So, OYO literally belled the cat by welcoming unmarried ones to stay without any fear. Yeah, because sharing a room if you are not married is still a TABOO here in India.

I would suggest you take OYO rooms anywhere across India due to its super affordable rates and 9/10 hospitality services.


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