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Cafe Coffee Day Surat Adajan: Read What Happened There?😩

Cafe Coffee Day surat adajan review is the 3rd one in the series of coffee shops in surat. I bumped into my ex there. Read what happened next.

How to Make Surti Ghari? Best Ghari Recipe Ever!

Surti ghari recipe by a native surti. Learn how to make the traditional Chandani padvo festival sweet. Visit us for surti food & it's recipes.

Chartered Bike Surat Station List With A Map

Chartered bike surat station list with a map to help you find the nearest spot. Also, read why do we need bicycles on rent in the first place.

SurTEA: Coffee Shop in Surat – Expensive or Affordable?

SurTEA coffee shop in surat. Read fun details about how is it, what are the seating arrangments, what they serve, is it cheap or affordable & why do youngsters visit the cafe frequently.

What’s New in Coffee King Adajan, Surat? A Fun Review πŸ˜†

Coffee King fun review πŸ˜†. I visited their madhuvan circle adajan location with a female friend. Find out what happened to me there. Who paid the bill?

Ease of Living Index: Surat Number 5, Bangalore is Best

Ease of living index winner is out now. Surat is at number 5. Do you know at which position is Surat on the municipal performance index?

Is Surat Safe City? Read & Decide Yourself

Surat safe city or unsafe city? Is crime rate the only factor deciding a city is safe or not in the safety index? Read then what else decides.

OYO Rooms in Surat: Safe for Unmarried Couples in Surat?

OYO room in Surat. Are they really safe for unmarried couples out here in Surat city or not? I have shared my experience with OYO in Surat.

Divine Beauty Makeup Studio Surat by Jetal Patel

The journey of Jetal Patel's divine beauty makeup studio in surat. Hear from the expert how long a full bridal makeup lasts? Details with real bridal images inside.

Yoga: An Absolute Bliss Of Our Body

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures,...

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Starbucks Surat – No Reasons To Avoid

Starbucks Surat has opened its first retail coffee cafe. It probably winning the hearts of the people of the diamond city. Read what they have to say.

SMC Night Food Bazaar For Late Night Food Party

SMC night food bazaar is an official enterprise of the Surat Municipality. Late-night food available. Ideal family hangout option. Check out other details.

97 Things to Do in Surat – Did We Miss Anything!

There's a huge list of things to do in Surat! Read the list and see what's left. Send us your favorite weekend activity. Share your experience with us.

Dumas Beach Haunting: A Fake Story

Dumas beach haunting stories online. Bloggers and Youtubers circulating a fake story without concrete evidence. This BS needs to be stopped. It's damaging.

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