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Telepathy: The Hidden Power Of Our Mind

Telepathy is the psychic ability or power to receive or transmit thoughts without the use of one's physical senses. It is also called β€œmind-reading.” Of...

Easy Beautiful Hair With House Guests

A beautiful look includes glitter and radiant skin, long and strong hair, and a perfect physique. It is not only the desire of girls but...

Weight Loss: Perfect Diet And Exercise

Weight Loss or Reduce is a topic on which you get to hear as many things as possible. People tell more than one tip...

Coronavirus Lockdown: 70 Life Lessons I have Learned

Coronavirus lockdown has its own pros and cons. Things went from good to bad. Here are 70 hard-hitting life lessons I have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Coronavirus Message of Hope: Indian Tricolour on Swiss Matterhorn Mountain

Coronavirus message of hope, solidarity, and strength. The Swiss Alps mighty Matterhorn mountain was light by the Indian Tricolor. See how the Indians reacted.

Top 10 Instagram Influencers of Surat: Who’s Your Favorite?

Do you follow these top Instagram influencers of Surat city? Who is your favorite Fashion, Food, Travel, Technology or Lifestyle instagramer? See the list.

Work From Home in Coronavirus Lockdown: 4 Tips to Help You

Work from home in coronavirus lockdown is easy & rewarding if you are 100% productive. So, how will you focus & overcome the distractions at home?

22 Productive Things to Do in Coronavirus Lockdown

What is your favorite coronavirus lockdown activity at home? If you are tired of TV, Netflix & YouTube then try any of these 21 suggestions. Read more.

Surat Chartered Bike Sharing Service: Good or Bad?

What is surat chartered bike sharing scheme? The concept, usage, limitations, pros and cons. How chartered bike service works in surat. Read all details.

What is Social Distancing & How to Maintain During Coronavirus?

What is social distancing? What is self-isolation? Why you must take it seriously? Why is it necessary? What you should be doing? All your queries answered.

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Starbucks Surat – No Reasons To Avoid

Starbucks Surat has opened its first retail coffee cafe. It probably winning the hearts of the people of the diamond city. Read what they have to say.

SMC Night Food Bazaar For Late Night Food Party

SMC night food bazaar is an official enterprise of the Surat Municipality. Late-night food available. Ideal family hangout option. Check out other details.

97 Things to Do in Surat – Did We Miss Anything!

There's a huge list of things to do in Surat! Read the list and see what's left. Send us your favorite weekend activity. Share your experience with us.

Dumas Beach Haunting: A Fake Story

Dumas beach haunting stories online. Bloggers and Youtubers circulating a fake story without concrete evidence. This BS needs to be stopped. It's damaging.

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