Here are some mind-blowing psychology facts. These facts are related to the human brain, behaviour & character.

Before you begin reading them let me tell you that am not an expert in psychology. Some of the psychology facts listed below are my real-life experiences.

So without any fuss let’s get started.

Mind-Blowing Psychology Facts

#1 Your personality is who you are. Your attitude is usually based on how a person treats you and vice versa.

#2 If you don’t love yourself you will always by chasing people who don’t love you either.

#3 You can judge a lot about a person’s character by what they laugh at.

#4 Everyone lives 3 types of life: a public life, a private life and a secret life.

#5 Stop telling others about your problems: 30% don’t care and 70% will be happy to hear.

#6 Females with higher IQ’s have a hard time finding a partner. Intelligent females would rather remain single than be with a stupid male.

#7 Humans remember emotional pain more compared to physical pain. It leaves more impact on behaviour.

#8 A person who tries to keep everyone happy often ends up feeling lonely & sad.

#9 There are 2 ways to be happy: Accept the reality or lower your expectations.

#10 When people say – “You have changed” it means you have stopped behaving the way they want you to.

#11 Depression is the bi-product of overthinking. The mind creates problems that don’t even exist in the first place.

#12 Deleting negative people will trigger happiness & good things in your life.

#13 No matter how angry you are, you will always end up forgiving the one whom you love.

#14 Teenage is the age period when you meet a lot of people who are temporary in your life.

#15 The toughest thing in this world is “To give without expecting anything in return”. Not even a thankyou.

#16 Intelligent people aren’t arrogant. They just care less about your opinion.

#17 Maturity is when you notice everything but you choose to say nothing.

#18 Your dreams tell a lot about you. They are a reflection of hidden or repressed feelings in your subconscious mind.

#19 Crying is not bad. It helps you relieve negative thoughts & emotions. Once you are done crying you feel good.

#20 Taking a shower can help you ease stress & tension.

#21 People are not limited by their abilities. But by the fear of failure.

#22 Meditation has proved to be helpful if you are depressed, sad & broken.

#23 Listening to music helps reduce the risk of depression by 80%.

#24 A person who is telling a lie will speak & explain too much.

#25 A text message or a call before sleeping from a person whom you love can get you a better sleep.

#26 Watch your words. What you speak again and again will become your reality soon.

#27 Forgiving a person who hurt you takes time. It’s a process. Be patient.

#28 If someone criticizes you then don’t feel bad. The person is insecure about his/her own feelings & not ready to accept or face the truth.

#29 The human brain is programmed to react in 3 ways in danger: Fight, Flight (run) & Freeze (act as if dead).

#30 There are men who want you and then there will be a man who deserves you. Understand the difference.

#31 You can have multiple dreams in one single night. But you will remember only the one which is deeply connected to your subconscious mind

#32 If you remain quiet people will assume you are mad at them. Don’t worry it’s due to guilty consciousness.

#33 Time changes and priority changes with time. People behave with you based on their priority.

#34 A 30-minute meditation daily can transform you magically in and out. It is a proven fact.

#35 Happiness reduces sleep and increases the ability to function more throughout the day.

#36 Sadness increases sleep and eating food.

#37 Write your goal on a paper. Stick the paper where you can see it first in the morning.

#38 Doing this will remind the subconscious mind & it will start working on it.

#39 If a person is not talking but silent he/she is observing you. And have probably figured out what kind of person you are.

#40 The one who is meant to stay in your life will never leave immaterial of your financial & social condition. And the one who is not meant for you will leave you no matter what you do for them.

#41 Your past will never give you anything new. It’s your past for a reason, remember that.

#42 Good habits have a compounding effect on self-improvement. try to be better 1% every day. It counts for a lot in the long run.

#43 Making small changes in daily life will never show upfront. You need to be very patient to see remarkable results.

#44 Habits shape identity hence monitor your good & bad habits.

#45 The desire for positivity is itself negativity. Accepting negative experiences of life will lead you ultimately towards positivity.


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