Public Transport System in Surat City

public transport in surat city

The public transport system in Surat is well organized. However, we don’t have local trains like Mumbai or Metro like New Delhi. But we have cabs, auto, BRTS, and city bus services.

What kind of rides does Surtis prefer on a daily basis?

To help you understand we have enlisted some of them here. Have a look.

1. Local Bus Network

For local transportation, Surat is served by a road transport service called Surat City Bus. The city bus is integrated on a PPP basis. It is the Public-Private Partnership model. It is operated by a local company under the control of the Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC).

2. Cabs

Hired cabs and shared auto rickshaws are important modes of transportation. It is because the city is big and the frequency of buses is short. Most of the Surtis prefers shared auto-rickshaw as it is readily available everywhere.

Additionally, cab service is offered by major private operators. Surat Taxi Hire, Meru Cabs, Ola, Uber, are few of them.

3. Rental Car

Along with city bus and auto-rickshaw, we also have car rental agencies. Savaari, Zoom Car, Bharat Taxi, are a few to name.

4. InterCity Local Trains

We have already shared details about the Surat railway station and trains. Besides, we have a local train service which connects the adjacent cities. Many intra-city stations like Gothangam, Kosad, Utran, Udhna, Bhestan, Niol, and Sachin are interconnected.

Hence, if you plan to visit Surat and want to see nearby locations then trains could be a cheaper and safe option.

Available Public Transport in Surat City

  • Private taxi operators running general taxi service
  • Car rental service by private companies
  • Bus Rapid Transit Services (BRTS)
  • SITILINK city bus services
  • GSRTC run inter-state bus service

Details of Private Rental Service Companies in Surat

Here’s a list of privately operational car, bike, and auto rental service providers. You can book your fleet using their booking apps or sites. Take a look at the list. Suggest us via an email if we missed someone.

1. Jugnoo Rental Ride Services

Jugnoo offers car, bike, auto rental services in Surat. It’s been operational in the city for a long time. So if you are in surat, enjoying the vivacious city in auto, then it can be Jugnoo who’s taking you on a ride.

2. Uber

Uber is officially available in Surat now. As they say, Planning a trip is easy with Uber. Compare ways to get around, and see what’s happening near you. If you are heading somewhere in the city then book an Uber ride. See where Uber is available.

3. OLA

Apart from Uber, OLA is the next premium rental service provider in Surat. There’s nothing to say much about OLA or Uber. Checkout your fare details with the OLA fleet on their official portal.

4. Other Rental Car Service Providers in Surat

Along with Uber, Ola and Jugnoo, the city has private car rental providers too. You can hire them to visit nearby places. Below is the list of their official websites. Refer their rates before bookings.

  1. Surat Taxi Hire
  2. Meru Cabs
  3. Savaari
  4. Zoom Car
  5. Self Driven Car in Surat
  6. Bharat Taxi
  7. My Choize Self Drive Car Rentals
  8. Gujarat Tourism Online Car Rentals
  9. Gozo Cabs
  10. Surat Taxi Service

Surat Bus Rapid Transit System

The Sitilink or Surat BRTS is an integrated bus rapid transport system in Surat. It’s operational since 26 January 2014 by Surat Municipal Corporation. It is one of the cheapest means of public transport in Surat. Take a quick look at the city BRTS transit routes.

Adajan BRTS Routes

Route No. Route
01 Adajan G.S.R.T.C. to Adajan G.S.R.T.C. (Clockwise)
02 Adajan G.S.R.T.C. to Adajan G.S.R.T.C. (Anti-Clockwise)

Railway Station BRTS Routes

Route No. Route
102 Railway Station to Moti Ved
103 Railway Station to Mota Varachha
104 Railway Station to Vrukshlaxmi Society
105 Railway Station to Chiku Wadi (Pandesara)
106 Railway Station to Abhva Gam
107 Railway Station to Vivekanand College (Jahangirpura)
108 Railway Station to Olpad
109 Railway Station to Kadodara
112 Railway Station to Kosad Gam
116 Railway Station to Khajod Gam
117 Railway Station to Palanpur Gam
118 Railway Station to Sayan
126 Railway Station to V.N.S.G. University
127 Railway Station to Rander Gam
136 Railway Station to Airport
137 Railway Station to Variav Gam

Chowk BRTS Routes

Route No. Route
153 Gopi Talav to Kapodara
202 Chowk to Laxmidham Society
204 Chowk to Godadara
205 Chowk to Unn/Kanakpur/Gabheni Gam
206 Chowk to C. K. Pithawala College
207 Chowk to Vaishnodevi Township
209 Chowk to Vrukshlaxmi Society
212 Chowk to Kosad Gam
216 Chowk to Dumas

Nanpura, Katargam & Unn BRTS Routes

Route No. Route
217 Makkai Pool to SGM College Bhesan
226 KosadGam to V.N.S.G.University
254 Katargam to Godadara
305 Unn Industrial Estate to Kharwarnagar

Other BRTS Routes

Route No. Route
402 Puna Canal to Pandit Shyamji Krishna Verma Bridge
403 Amazia Amusement Park to Sarthana Nature Park
410 Mota Varachha to Mini Bazaar (Clockwise)
410 Mini Bazaar to Mota Varachha (Anti-Clockwise)
504 Amazia Amusement Park to Bhestan Garden
506 Sunrise Vidyalaya to Vesu Gam
658 Adajan G.S.R.T.C. to Mora Char Rasta
11 Udhana Darwaja to Sachin GIDC Naka
12 Sarthana Nature Park to ONGC Colony
14 Pal R.T.O. to Kosad EWSH
15 Someshwar Junction to Someshwar Junction(Clockwise)
15 Someshwar Junction to Someshwar Junction(Anti-Clockwise)
16 Gajera Circle to Dindoli Varigruh
17E Kamrej to Sachin GIDC Naka
17 Kamrej to Pal R.T.O.
18 Railway Station to Utran ROB Bridge
20 Kosad EWSH to Kharwarnagar
21 Jahangirpura to Pandesara GIDC
706 V.N.S.G.U. to Jahangirpura
716 Jahangirpura to Vesu VIP Rd Gail Colony

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