Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden in Surat is a popular attraction. It is not only famous among locals but also a favorite spot for people visiting Surat from nearby cities. The reason why Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden is a major spot for visitors is big.

It’s a perfect place to escape the crowded concrete jungle. In addition, you feel like relaxing in mother nature’s lap.

About the Garden

The Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden isn’t an ordinary garden. It is the home of more than a thousand plant species. The idea of developing a garden that has a variety of colorful plants & flowers along with a toy train and a hot air balloon is exciting.

Surat Tourism Place Botanical Garden

This botanical garden entertains all age groups along with the diverse interests of people. There’s something or the other for everyone here. To entertain kids the local authority has allotted space beside the garden to set up rides like Columbus, Injecto, Free Fall Jump, Rocket Space, Crazy Jump, etc.

The Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden is a complete picturesque composition.

If you plan a one day picnic along with your family then your kids will be busy all day long. Meanwhile, you can enjoy natural beauty with your loved ones. A step further the Surat municipal authority has permitted private vendors to open fast food and snack shops. This way the botanical garden becomes a complete package for you and your family.

Plan One Day Picnic at the Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

The idea is pretty simple. Pack some snacks and visit the garden on Sundays or holidays with friends and family. Bring some games and props to play with kids. Take a walk and educate your kids about the plant species.

Toy Train Botanical Garden Surat

Take a toy train ride once you finish the garden tour. The next shall be the hot air balloon ride.

Baloon Ride Surat Tourism Place

Baloon Ride Botanical Garden Surat

It’s beautiful out there to see Surat while hanging up in the sky. Don’t forget to click pictures. make sure it’s evening by the time you exit the garden. Now take kids and family members to the amusement park. Spend some time there.

The area is small and has limited rides but that should not be a problem. After all, you are on a family picnic and size should not matter. It’s about the quality time we spend with our family.

Food Facility Around

By now you are tired and hungry to feed your tummy. No worries. Enjoy the fast food and pack your bags home. If you love non-veg then you can visit Rander or Causeway for Amdavadi Tawa Fry. It takes hardly 10 minutes to reach there from the garden location.

Important Details About the Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

We recommend you to check the below-given details before planning a visit to the garden. Here they are:

The Location

The Surat Sneh Rashmi botanical garden is located at Ugat – Bhesan Road, Ugat, Dahin Nagar.

How to Reach?

The location is easy to track on Google Maps. Just type Sneh Rashmi botanical garden, Ugat – Bhesan Road, Ugat, Surat. You can hire private auto or cabs and request to drop you at the above location. If you are traveling from another city then take a city bus service or auto rickshaw from the station area.


  • Monday –  Closed / Holiday
  • Tuesday – 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Wednesday – 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Thursday – 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Friday – 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday – 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
  • Sunday – 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Entry Fee

  • Rs. 10/person (age group 12 to 64 years)
  • Rs. 5/children (age group 5 to 12 years)
  • No entry fee for children below 5 years of age
  • Rs.5/person for senior citizens (age group above 64 years)
  • Rs.2/children for primary & secondary students
  • No entry fee for disabled visitors

Visitor’s Opinion

The Sneh Rashmi botanical garden has a massive 11498 reviews on its Google local listing page. Visitors have reviewed the garden facilities, toy train, children amusement park, and the hot air balloon. Let’s see some of the best reviews.

1. Vaibhav Joshi – Local Guide

Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden is really heaven. It is for the person visiting with interest in the Botanical area. One can observe a thousand plants. They are from different parts of the country with general and technical names. Entry fee is very low, the place is beautifully maintained by SMC. Within the garden, there’s an attractive lake. The toy train journey around the lake makes visit more memorable. Beside the garden, there’s a children’s fun park. It has different types of equipment like merry go round. Boat riding is also available where entry is free. In the evening time, the place is full of the young crowd.

2. Anuradha Rakhonde – Local Guide

It’s a lovely place for nature lovers. They have many cactus plants. There’s a small engine train for kids called Tapi express. They have an amusement park inside with additional charges. Tapi train is good to tour the full park with minimum charges. They have a food center and a 7D show as well. It’s a good one-day picnic spot.

3. Vaibhav Devmurari – Local Guide

It’s an attractive botanical garden as well as an amusement park for children. People of all ages can come here and enjoy themselves. It’s a beautiful place where everyone can feel stress-free and relax. Located near Rander in Surat District.

4. Ashish Ghaskata – Local Guide

This garden is huge and has the best place for a photoshoot. If you visit the entry fee will be 20₹ or maybe 10₹. When I visited this place I just love it. It’s a great place to visit with family.

5. Prince Dabhi

Family holiday place. Best ever place for a photoshoot or pre-wedding location.

6. Shikha Shah

It is a good place to visit in surat. The place is a little away from the main city. There are even entry charges Rs 20 per person. For children, it is Rs10 currently. Things to see are the lavish greenery & toy train. There is a ballon but when I went it was closed. Nothing much to do. There are charges for DSLR which is Rs. 100 so if someone is carrying a Camera then bare the cost😅

Images of Sneh Rashmi Botanical Garden

sneh rashmi botanical garden toy train 2

sneh rashmi botanical garden toy train 1

sneh rashmi botanical garden toy train 6

sneh rashmi botanical garden toy train 3

sneh rashmi botanical garden toy train 5

sneh rashmi botanical garden main gate image

sneh rashmi botanical garden hot air balloon

sneh rashmi botanical garden hot air balloon 2

sneh rashmi botanical garden 7

sneh rashmi botanical garden 6

sneh rashmi botanical garden 5

sneh rashmi botanical garden 4

sneh rashmi botanical garden 3

sneh rashmi botanical garden 2

sneh rashmi botanical garden 1



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