Spa massage in surat is a new luxury in the city. Instead of luxury, I will call it a new method of relaxation & bursting stress.

Massage is a modern word but we call it Tel Malish. I am sure everyone has experienced Indian tel malish once in their lifetime. If you remember grandmother in our home uses Dabur Lal Tel to massage newborns.👶

The bottom line is we all like pampering.😝 Whether you are an adult or a small kid soft massage strokes relieves stress & tension from your body.

Before we get into the details of spa and massage here in surat let’s define the basics first.

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What is a Spa?

According to Wikipedia, A spa is a location where mineral-rich spring water (and sometimes seawater) is used to give medicinal baths.

On the other hand, the modern definition of a spa is totally different. It includes a wide range of body & beauty treatments. They can be anything from a simple facial to a full body massage using essential oils.

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What is a Massage?

A massage is a technique to reduce pain and stress from the body. The method includes rubbing and pressing different pressure points located in the human body.

Every day in the morning when you apply coconut oil to your head that’s exactly a head massage. The only difference is you are doing it to yourself. It’s a DIY head massage.

Now when you go to a salon or a professional spa massage centre a trained massage therapist will do this for you. Even a hair cutting salon does head massage using oil. They call it Champi, an Indian miracle head massage.

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Spa v/s Massage: What’s the difference?

There’s a very thin line between both spa and massage. The spa is a luxury treatment to nourish & rejuvenate your body. On the contrary, massage is a part of a spa service offerings.

Here, we are not talking about the spring water bath. The modern-day spa services include a wide range of beauty treatments. These services are for both male & female.

Now there are certain ultra-luxurious day spas offering lavish spa and massage treatments. Needless to say, these lavish & luxury spa treatments are very expensive. Yeah, it can cost you up to Rs10000/- for one single session.

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Spa Massage in Surat

Talking about spa and massage here in surat, we have hundreds of massage centres. In the last 5 years, the spa industry in surat has gone next level. I myself have tracked the growth since 2015.

Like everyone else, I am a big fan of traditional Indian massage. It relieves tension and muscle stress. Additionally, I have been visiting high-end luxury massage spas in surat for a quite long time.

Let me tell you my experience.

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4 Types of Spa Massage Facilities in Surat

Modern-day spas are all over the world. Similarly, we have 3 types of spa and massage centres here in surat city.

  1. Luxurious Day Spa
  2. Affordable spa & massage centres
  3. Ayurvedic massage clinics
  4. Never Visit spa & massage parlours

#1 Luxurious day spa

Surat has some of the finest & ultra-lavish day spas. For example, Headmasters & Zivaya Spa, Hotel TGB Surat.

These spas are costly. One single massage of 60-minutes is approx Rs.2999. They also offer spa packages having 5 massage treatments of Rs.9999.

Mostly these kinds of spas are located in 5-star hotels.

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#2 Affordable spa & massage centres

These type of spa and massage centres are either in shopping malls or business complexes. They are super affordable. The prices are comparatively low. They charge around Rs1000 for a 60-minutes session.

Believe me, all these spas have trained masseuse from different countries. Yes, they have Indian, Thai, Russian, Chinese, Taiwanese massage therapists.

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#3 Ayurvedic massage clinics

Traditional Indian Ayurveda style spa and massage are very rare. In surat, there are very few of them. Desi style massage centres are actually a bit expensive.

I haven’t visited any of them yet but have done some research online. There’s an ayurvedic spa with the trade name Sukrutham Health Care. Like I said I have no experience with this spa just some online info. That’s it.

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#4 NEVER VISIT spa & massage centres

The fourth category is fishy. These are actually not spas or any wellness centres. One must never visit these places. First thing first, they don’t offer any kind of spa or Indian massage or thai massage treatments. NOPE.

These spas have fancy names, very cheap interiors and the staff is low class. In short, they are not a spa but something else. You know what am talking about. One should never visit such places. Never ever!

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How many spa massage facilities we have in surat?

In one word – Many. I mean there are hundreds of small, medium & big spa in surat. Just google spa and massage near me. See the search results. However, due to COVID many of them are shut down now.

God knows when this coronavirus pandemic will end. Okay back to the topic.

There are many luxurious day spa massage parlours here in surat. All these spas are spread across the city. While selecting a spa the location is very important.

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In short, spas located in a posh locality falls in the luxury category. On the other hand, there are spas in the rural areas too. They operate on a small level. A small shop with one or two massage tables is what you get to see there. Moreover, there are fancy lights, & artificial flower decorations.

Here the charges are very low. For example, just a 1000 rupee can get you a relaxing massage.

Spa and massage parlours in areas like adajan, athwalines, citylight, vesu, ghod dod road have quite good establishments. They have trained & experienced massage therapists. The price is a bit high but your overall experience will be amazing.

Areas like udhna, varachha, katargam, sarthana, kamrej, althan have spa massage centres comparatively small. Mostly they operate in a commercial complex in a small shop.

The old city areas like bhagal, chowk, nanpura, tower road, cinema road, Delhi gate have no spa or massage parlours. Not even a single one.

Even the textile market area has no such kind of spa or massage centres. The old city and textile market areas are business centres of surat. Additionally, the shop rents are very high and hence it becomes unaffordable for anyone to start a spa business.

If you are looking for luxury or family spas then vesu, piplod, citylight, ghod dod road is the best option. Search with area name in Google and you will see hundreds of results. Try it.

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What kind of spa massage treatments are available in surat?

Here’s a list of popular spa massage treatments you can get in surat:

  • Thai massage
  • Foot massage
  • Head massage
  • Hot stone massage
  • Ayurvedic massage
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Face massage

The above massages are quite famous here in the spa massage parlours in surat.

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The question is whether one should take a massage or not. If yes then how often, when and where.

Massage is not a bad idea. Helping your body relax and detoxing it from stress is always a  healthy choice.

An average adult should take spa massage treatments once a week. If not a week then once in a 10 days period. Pregnant females must avoid any type of spa, massage, stress or tension to their body.

The ideal timing to take a body massage is in the evening. After a hectic day who doesn’t want to be stress-free? So, evening 6 to 8 pm is the best time to take a soothing spa massage. However, this could differ based on your personal choice & availability.

Now let’s talk about where you should take a massage.

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Where should you go for a spa massage in surat?

A spa massage can be taken at home or at a massage parlour nearby. Home service providers like Urbanclap can help you relax at your home.

Authentic Thai or Indian massages are only available at a day spa near you. A spa massage centre has certain arrangements so it is advisable to take a massage at their place instead of our home.

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Here’s a list of the top spa in surat. Take a look:

  1. Kiara Spa
    2nd floor, Shikhar complex, above Gayatri bakery, parle point.
  2. Zivaya Spa in Surat, Hotel TGB Surat
    Ground floor, hotel TGB, magdalla circle, dumas road.
  3. N Spa
    10, 3rd floor, jolly complex, ram chowk, ghod dod road
  4. The Thai Spa (Rahul Raj Mall)
    249, Rahul raj mall, dumas road
  5. Amo Body & Thai Spa
    Luxuria business hub, dumas road,
  6. O2 Spa
    Vr mall surat
  7. Sva Spa
    Surat marriott hotel, ambikaniketan.
  8. Aroma Spa
    2nd floor, Sheron plaza, above shital photo, besides D khushalbhai jewellers, parle point.
  9. Ocean Spa & Beauty
    105-106, western business park, university road, opp. s.d. Jain school
  10. Spa Cottage
    113, SNC arista opp. happy residency behind prime shoppers, udhana – magdalla rd
  11. V5 Thai Spa
    s-10, safal square, opp prime shoppers near VR mall, udhana – magdalla rd
  12. Orchid Thai Spa
    Mitul square, b/h Rahul raj mall, nr. rajoo.
  13. Kiwee Thai Spa
    401, woods square, LP savani road, adajan.

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