Starbucks Surat is a reality now! What else do you need?

The Starbucks Corporation, an international conglomerate in global beverages has officially opened its retail coffee outlet in Surat.

The Seattle-based coffeehouse chain has ventured with our very own Tata group. Hence, it is now Starbucks Tata Private Limited. The retail outlet is located in the premium locality of Surat, City Light Road. You can visit them at Ground Floor, Saigon, City Light Rd, Shringar Society, Athwalines, Athwa, Surat.

Just look at this beauty. Lives up to the expectation.

Enjoy StartBucks

Open Starbucks Cofee Branch

Starbuck Cofee Menu

Now that we have Starbucks in the house let’s see what the people of Surat have to say. Here are some of the reviews of local guides who reviewed Starbucks Surat online. Let’s take a look.

#1 Manan Shah at Starbucks Surat

Ordered Mocha frappuccino cold coffee and it was very superb. The cafe is in the right location with parking space. The ambiance was very nice, the place has a good interior. The food is also good but it is expensive. Probably the best Starbucks outlet in the entire city. Attracts a trendy crowd being in compared to most outlets. And has the
best ambiance out of all outlets I’ve been to. Very cozy seating, comfortable place to work or hang out while having a beverage. The service is excellent too for the most part. The washrooms are very clean and well maintained as well. Nice Experience.

#2 Mitul Mandaliya at Starbucks Cafe

One of the best places to chill out and have amazing coffee with your loved ones. Coffee’s are slightly expensive but u get what you pay for. Amazing ambiance, good crowd, great music, peace, and a coffee. Starbucks coffee is one of the best coffee chains in India that I would recommend to anyone.

#3 Dr. Preeti Choksi Enjoys Starbucks

The place smells so good of coffee that you can not resist the temptation to go in and order a cup of coffee. A good place to hang out with your friends over a long chat and a well-brewed cup of coffee. I particularly enjoy the Hazelnut latte but my daughter loves the frappuccino.

#4 Disha bhagat is in Love with the Ambiance

The java chip frappe is awesome. Also, the triple mocha is a must-try drink. Overall, it has been a good experience, the staff service is also very cool and friendly, will like the ambiance too !!

#5 Azfar Khojaย at Starbucks Surat

Crafted with Hand & Heart. It Delivers what it Says, Ambiance is so pleasant and decent, It is always a relief sitting and enjoys your coffee with you close one. Mocha Always.

Any business whether small or big runs on the customer’s experience. As of now, Starbucks has nailed it. From positive reviews, we can say that it has won the heart of the people visiting the cafe.

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