Street food of Surat is god level. Period.

It’s the ultimate nirvana experience! A true foodie would totally relate to these statements. If you haven’t tasted these spicy, tangy, masala food snacks then you are missing something great.

I have compiled a list of snacks below. These foods are the lifeline of the people of the diamond city. I mean there are families serving these snack items for ages to the people of Surat.

Whether it is a Sunday or a festival, Surtis without fail consumed the following dishes. And that too with any limit.

So let’s see which street food of surat you must enjoy when you are in the Suryanagri.

1. Locho

surti locho

The word meaning of Locho is an error in the English language🤣. Can you believe the people of Surat made an error-free snack?🤣🤣🤣 Moreover, we have a whole new utterly-butterly delicious dish called Surti locho.

Chana dal batter when steamed up gives you soft and chewy surti locho. Sprinkle cooking oil or butter with special masala powder. This is how you get to eat the authentic surti locho. Don’t miss this at any cost.

2. Surti Khaman

Surti khaman is a little hard version of the surti locho. Chana dal batter is the main ingredient in both recipes. Locho is soft whereas khaman is solid. Typically Gujarati Khaman is served with sev. You can add tadka to the Khaman as per your taste.

Steam the chana dal batter. After steaming allow it to cool down. Cut it into pieces and temper using oil & spices. It’s a total yum! Try it.

3. Idada

surti white idada

Typically, people use besan or chickpea flour to make this. Sometimes even rice flour is also used. But here we are using semolina to make this instant Rava dhokla. Using semolina will give a little bit of grainy texture.

Dhokla is usually made with fermented batter, and that is what makes it fluffy. Traditionally, the batter is to be kept overnight to get it fermented. Therefore, it will most likely resemble soft idli.

However, we are using Eno powder to quicken the process. Therefore, it is ready in an instant and jiffy. Thus it saves a considerable amount of time.

4. Surti Sev Khamani

Surti Sev Khamani is another steamy recipe from the diamond city surat, Gujarat. Yes, it is a Gujarati dish made using chana dal, aka split chickpeas. There are a few details I would like to share in this recipe.

First, there’s sev in it. The purpose is to garnish the khamani. Second, the batter is steamed to make khaman. After that, the khaman is crumbled to make khamani. In short, Sev Khamani is a crumbled version of Khaman.

5. Onion Bhajiya/Pakoda (Fritters)

This is an age-old bhajiya variety that is quite popular across the world. Not only Gujaratis but every Indian is an avid fan of onion fritters. Monsoon season is the best one to have chai pakora aka bhajiya.🤣

The main ingredient here is the chana dal batter & onion mixture. The mixture is fried in hot oil. To enhance the taste serving is done using green, red or tamarind chutney. It is a must-try.

6. Fafda Jalebi

Fafda Jalebi is the staple Sunday morning breakfast of Gujaratis. You can see street food in surat full of fafda, chutney, and jalebi. Visit any given Sunday morning here in the diamond city of Surat.

You will literally see people in a long queue waiting for Garma-garam fafda jalebi, samosa, locho, khaman, sev-khamni, Patra, etc.😁😆😅 All these are die-hard Gujarati nasta. Yeah, they are just snacks. The main course is different.😆😆

7. Mix Chevdo

surti mix chevdo

8. Ponk Vadas

9. Collegian Bhel

collegian bhel

10. Rassawala Khaman

11. Dabeli

12. Vada Pav

surti vada pav

13. Bhungla Bataka

Bhungla Bataka is just OMG! I love spicy potatoes in red curry. This was the party menu during our school days. Even today young & adults smack masala aloo with bhungla.

There’s no complex process to make or eat. A step further this street food item here in surat is a bit difficult to find. If you visit the old city you will come across hawkers selling bhungla batata.

14. Sarasiya Khaja

Sarasiya khaja is a whole new snack widely popular among the street food here in Surat city. Although it is available 365 days in surat still monsoon is the best season to eat this savoury snack.

Lemon, onions & green chillies are the best accompaniments to eat surti sarasiya khaja. The best place to eat hot & spicy khaja is the old city area of surat – the Bhagal zone. Here, you will find famous sweet & farsan shops. Do try this item.

15. Randeri Aloo Puri

surti randeri aloo puri

Rander is an area here in Surat city. The famous aloo puri is the delicious variety of Rander zone. Basically, maida puri with aloo sabji, onion and other masala makes this street food in surat.

Once you start eating the famous randeri aloo puri there’s no looking back. One can easily eat 2-3 plates. Each plate has 6-8 aloo puris in it. Moreover, you can have Chinese, schezwan, cheese and normal aloo puri varieties too.

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