Surat city is big & one of the fastest-growing city of the state of Gujarat, India. It makes me proud to know this about my city. Yeah, really I feel pride in telling that I am a hardcore Surti.

Now since Surat city is so famous I decided to check how famous it is. I mean we have a variety of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. So how Surat city is doing online on these platforms.

For instance, here I will talk about the biggest video sharing platform on this planet – YOUTUBE. Let’s check out how surat city is doing on Youtube.

Surat City on Youtube

Youtube is the most popular video sharing network. I thought about how my city would be doing here. I mean what type of videos people are sharing on Youtube about Surat. We have Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Goa and other popular cities on Youtube.

People are sharing interesting videos about their as well as other cities on Youtube. This way the world knows about different places. That’s the basic idea behind exploring the cinematic vision of the diamond city of Gujarat, Surat.

Let’s check out the videos one by one. The list is going to be very long so sit tight and buckle up your seat belts.

List of Top Videos on Youtube About Surat City & Surat Famous Place

#1 Vijay Kumavat | Surat City Cinematic Street Views in Monsoon

This user has more than 25 videos in and around Surat city with 2.82K subscribers. I have watched a few of them. This fellow has put genuine efforts into making the city look cinematic.

Not only Surat city but the user has also uploaded videos of other cities too. Check out his channel for more info.

#2 Garvix | Best Places of Surat | Epic Gujarat

This channel is a mixed bag of travel videos with 27.2K subscribers. The video has good quality voice over and that’s what I pretty much liked about it. The above video is featured in their series of EPIC GUJARAT. Watch yourself & tell whether you like it or not.

#3 Surat City | Cinematic Drone View 4K | Dji Mavic Pro | A Video By Neerjafilms

Neerja films with 5.23K subscribers have an awesome video. I personally liked it. The production value is high, the shots captured are breathtaking. I recommend you at least watch this video once. Truly a cinematic experience.

#4 Explore YRS | Surat – One of the cleanest city in India | 2020

The channel Explore YRS has 73.1K subscribers. Similar to Garvix this channel is also a mixed bag of different other videos. It seems like more of a travel channel shooting various cities across the Indian states. Take a look at their channel.

#5 Surat City || 2019 || Full View & Facts || Gujarat || India || Debdut YouTube

Debdut youtube has 472K subscribers. The video above alone has +3Lac views since it is published. The video is good and is more of an explainer one just like other videos on this channel. Do watch it.

#6 Hindi Web | 1M+ Views | Surat Beautiful & Clean

The Hindi Web channel (342K subscribers) on youtube has this Surat City video with more than 1M+ views. Not only this but the video also has more than 400 comments. I am pretty sure that Surtis have rocked the comment sections.

#7 World’s Fastest Growing City | 4K Drive in Surat, India

Anuj N is a youtuber with a 30.7K subscriber who has uploaded the above video. 622 comments, +110K views & 2K likes on this video.

#9 Rare Video of Surat Flood 1967 (I was not even born)

While browsing youtube videos I came across this rare footage of the 1967 flood. An individual youtube with the name Dixie Patel published this video on June 11, 2015. To date, it has 17513 views. I would thank the channel owner to share such rare footage.

#10 Khaudhra Gali, Surat | Authentic Surati Food | Gujarat Street Food

Things2do is the official channel having this video of Surat khau Gali. With 77.2K subscribers, there are more than +5Lac views on this video. Not only this but the video has 6.6K likes and 189 comments. Totally recommended.


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