SurTEA coffee shop in surat is a compact & cosy tea room located in the posh locality of parle point. After reviewing the Coffee King, Adajan outlet I visited SurTEA on 14th March 2021 at 8 pm in the evening.

It was Sunday and as usual, the place was packed.

Today am gonna share the SurTEA coffee shop cafe review. Believe me but they brewed coffee & tea even before Starbucks in Surat. In a way, SurTEA is our local Starbucks just like Coffee King. The reason is calling it local is because they operate in Surat only.

coffee pic from surtea coffee shop in surat
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So let’s get started with the SurTEA tea room review.

Where is the SurTEA tea room?

The cafe is located in the posh locality of parle point. Here’s the address for you.

L-2,3 Anmol complex, near Sargam shopping centre, parle point, surat. There are 2 landmarks viz the Somnath society & the Sargam shopping centre.

The easy way to reach is Google Maps. Type SurTEA Surat and it will navigate you to the exact location.

Okay, here’s the Google Map to reach SurTEA coffee shop in surat.

What’s in the name SurTEA?

There’s much in the name dude! It’s the name that gives meaning & adds value to a person, place or thing. The name SurTEA is a combination of the first 3 alphabets of SURAT and TEA.

In short, Sur + Tea = SurTEA. It sounds like SURTI.

After all the cafe is on the mainland of મોજીલા સુરતી લાલા that is surat. This might be a possible reason why this coffee shop in surat is named SurTEA. I like the creativity of the owner. These kinds of efforts really pay.

Okay now let’s move on to the next section.

How’s the SurTEA coffee shop in surat from inside?

The total area of the shop is approx 200 to 300 sq. ft. Earlier it was just a single shop back in 2016-17. Now they have acquired large space.

That’s a good sign. People are totally loving it and that is why they expanded. All in all, now they have 2 shops combined with a common entry.

I know this because am regularly visiting SurTEA since 2016. The wall texture is concrete red. There’s no fancy decoration and that is what makes SurTEA an excellent hangout option. One more thing – it’s air-conditioned. So just chill.

Their kitchen is compact. It’s visible from almost every corner of the cafe except the adjacent corner. I kinda like this type of settings. Having said that, lights on the ceiling are enough to lighten up the room especially your table.

The seating arrangements in the coffee shop

They have approx 16 tables including the big one in the corner. That is for group visitors. There’s no sofa. The chairs are cushioned. They are not even chairs. It is like a stool with a cushion on it.

seating arrangments in surtea coffee shop surat
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They have small & large tables with at least 4 cushion chairs on each table. The corner table has cushion benches. I guess atleast 8-10 people can sit comfortably on the big table.

The table design is minimal with enough leg room down under. This way you can chill, relax & stretch your legs while seating for long hours. Therefore, the seating arrangements at SurTEA is quite comfortable. Thumbs up for that.

What does SurTEA coffee shop in surat serves?

The SurTEA menu is pretty sacred without any fuss. They serve hot tea, milk, snacks, coffee, ice tea, sandwiches, noodles, fries, mocktails, shakes and a lot more.

Earlier they just offered tea & coffee but now you can have eatables too. Okay, let me share the menu image that I got from their official google my business page. Here it is.

surtea coffee shop surat menu
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SurTEA also serves oreo chocolate shakes similar to The Pancake Story at Vesu. Oreo is kinda surtis manpasand flavour.

Okay back to the beverages. I ordered my favourite peach ice tea. Additionally, I have also tried their cheese Maggi & sandwiches. Here’s my pic sipping my peach ice tea.

vijay miyatra surtea coffee shop peach ice tea

ये में हूँ ये मेरी पीच आइस टी हैं और यहाँ कोई “Pawri” नहीं हो री है. सब शांति से बैठे है 🤣😛😝😜🤪

How’s the crowd at SurTEA coffee shop in surat?

The first thing is the place is not at all crowded. I visited on Sunday evening at peak hours and still had a table. I mean it’s not overcrowded.

Everyone has enough space to accommodate. When I visited there were people inside and almost all tables were reserved. I was lucky to manage a small table for myself.

The only drawback is the space. It is small and when people talk & laugh you can literally hear them. Since I was alone this time I had a chance to listen to some interesting teenage conversations.🤪

The atmosphere is literally hohalla type. Everyone’s talking, laughing and enjoying their time. People even watch Netflix, cricket match or their favourite movies while sipping their favourite tea or coffee. Perfect hangout option in surat. Totally loving it.

ice tea at the surtea coffee shop in surat
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Youngsters are frequent visitors at SurTEA. There are schools and colleges around and that’s the reason why SurTEA has a young crowd more. Now that doesn’t mean other age group people don’t visit. Everyone is welcomed at the SurTEA tea room.

Self-service at the SurTEA coffee shop in surat

The service is almost self-service. I mean there’s a boy who will get your order to your table but sometime he won’t be available. So you will have to be like अपने हाथ जगन्नाथ.

However, my ice tea was delivered to me at my table. Nothing exceptional here. Sometimes am lucky. emoji.

Self-service ain’t a bad idea. Order your food and wait for some time. They will call out your order, goo and fetch. As simple as that.

Okay, now its time to bell the cat. Let’s talk about the price.

SurTEA coffee shop in surat: Expensive or Affordable?

It’s ridiculously affordable. Period.

Their price is comparatively low. The highest-priced item is Rs.100 and the lowest is Rs.20. Cheaper than petrol. emoji. My ice tea was just Rs.50. In short, a group of 5-10 people will be billed around Rs.500 or at the most Rs.1000 and not more than that.

coffee image of surtea tea room in surat
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If you compare the price with other coffee outlets then SurTEA definitely wins. The best part is you can pay using your debit or credit cards. Even Paytm is available. Hence, there are multiple methods to pay. So no worries.

Do they have a parking facility?

Yup, the Anmol shopping complex has ample space to park your bike. There’s even the SMC pay and park outside. Minimum charges Rs.10 or Rs.20. Not only parking but SurTEA also offers a waiting lounge in the parking itself.

There are these small chairs in the parking area where you can sit & wait for your turn. In other words, parking is not a problem at all for two-wheelers. If you carry a four-wheeler parking can be a hustle.

But then there were cars parked on the road when I visited. It’s always the same. People carefully park their four wheels leaving some space for the two-wheelers to navigate. I really appreciate such intelligent and unspoken efforts. This really makes me proud of my people and my city.

SurTEA is a lazy man’s den. बस आओ, खाओ, पीओ और चिल्ल करो. Now that’s the typical lifestyle of people living here. This is the reason why we are famous as surti lala or leheri lala.😎

surtea coffee shop surat google search 1200 reviews-compressed
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SurTEA coffee shop in numbers

  • The cafe has 1200+ reviews on the google business page.
  • Their average google ratings are 4.5.
  • The Facebook fan following is 1035.
  • The opening & closing time are 10:00am to 10:30pm.
  • The official contact number is +919825600679.
  • Zomato rating is 4.1 out of 5 with 171 votes.
  • Magicpin rating is 4.5 out of 5 with 52 votes.
  • Swiggy rating is 4.6 out of 5 with 100 votes.
  • It’s usually busy at 6 pm in the evening.

SurTEA coffee shop in surat: Best & worst customer experience

To err is human. Nothing is perfect and it applies here too. Although I love this place very much still I will share the worst customer experience. And that too without being biased. Read below.

# Best Customer Experience

Shubhu Pawar

It’s an amazing experience over there! One of the best cafe for hot chocolate which is my favourite! And I recommend to please try once there! And also the best atmosphere inside the cafe! Staff is also kindly and co-operate with the customers. Thank you! 🤙🏻👍🏻😌

# Worst Customer Experience

Sarvesh Gupta

Very poor, people tending here are rude, have the audacity to switch off the AC while you are still sitting, keep repeating 11 pm is closing time, when they don’t ensure entry into their cafe, talk loudly from the kitchen, throw utensils loud to show displeasure when complaints made.

My thoughts on Surtea Tea Room

It’s simply great. It’s like चल यार चिल्ल मार.😍🥰 You guys must totally be there. Even I was introduced to SurTEA by someone else. And then it became one of my favourite places to hangout.

So next time if you think of tea or coffee then visit SurTEA.


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