Surti ghari recipe is world-famous. There’s absolutely no doubt in telling this. Not because am a Gujarati (or a surti) but the charisma of this sweet dish is ultimate.

It is evitable from the fact that not only Gujaratis but even non-Gujaratis have made this sweet dish. If you Google the term surti ghari recipe you will find thousands of search results telling you how to make surti ghari.

Look at the image below:


In short, we have famous names like Nisha Madhulika, Tarla Dalal, Better Butter, NDTV foods and more. Yeah, all of them have made surti ghari and published the recipes on their websites or blog.

Let me tell you some of them are Gujaratis and others have genuinely made an attempt to honour this sweet dish.

Surti ghari recipe: Who made it better?

Honestly, there are very few of them who have made surti ghari the way it should be made. There’s a website Tasted Recipes with 4.8 ratings and 11 stars. Additionally, their surti ghari recipe looks authentic.

See making ghari is an art. And let me tell you only a typical surti can make this authentic dish. And this is not an overstatement.

Why non-Gujaratis haven’t made surti ghari better?

What’s the reason? Why can’t they make it the way it should be made.

First thing first, ghari is a sweet dish discovered by the people of surat city. This is the only sweet dish which is consumed on the full moon day by the surtis.

Yup, the city has developed a special festival called Chandani padvo just to eat this sweet dish. Not only eat but ghari is exported all over the world wherever Gujaratis reside.

The making of surti ghari requires special care and attention.

It’s not like you mix and match ingredients and your get ghari out of it. NOPE! There’s a process. There are ingredients you need to secure first. Second, you needed to process each and every step. That’s how you get authentic surti ghari.

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How to make authentic surti ghari?

I have already published the surti ghari recipe here on surat101. Hence, without much of ado let me get you straight to the recipe.

Surti Ghari Ingredients

Ghee, milk mava, dry fruits and all-purpose flour and gram flour are the only necessary ingredients in this recipe. Here’s a list of items needed to make the original surti ghari.

  • Gram Flour (Besan)
  • All-Purpose Flour (Maida)
  • Mava (Solid Milk aka Khoya)
  • Ghee
  • Sugar Powder
  • Dry Fruits in Surti Ghari

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Step by Step Process to Make “અસ્સલ” Surti Ghari

Since we know the ingredients of this traditional sweet let’s see the steps.

Step 1

Take a kadhai. Heat it, add ghee & gram flour (besan) to it. Roast till besan changes colour. When done take out roasted besan from hot kadhai to prevent it from further burning.

Step 2

Take another kadhai. Heat it, add ghee & mava (khoya) to it. Roast till the mava is soft and starts releasing ghee. Stir continuously to prevent burning.

Step 3

Put off the flame. Add the roasted besan to the mava. Mix well & keep the mixture aside.

Step 4

Take a clean bowl. Add maida (all-purpose flour) & ghee. Mix well to make a dough. Add water gradually if needed. Once the dough is ready cover it with a clean cloth. Leave it to rest for some time. Meanwhile, we will make the ghari stuffing.

Step 5

Take another bowl. Empty the mava & besan mixture in it. Add sugar powder, almond powder, pistachio powder, cardamom & mix well. Your ghari filling is ready now.

Step 6

Now take the dough. Make puri out of it using a rolling pin. Take about 2 tbsp ghari filling, give it a nice & thick cookie shape. Place it on the puri and drape the puri around the ghari filling mixture. Remove unwanted dough. Pat on the top and flatten it to give a shape. Now your ghari is ready to fry.

Step 7

Take deep vessel & pour ghee in it. Heat the ghee. Place ghari in a strainer. Pour hot ghee on the ghari. Give the ghari a hot ghee bath. Keep pouring the hot ghee till the ghari changes its colour. Your ghari must be light to medium reddish-brown in colour. Repeat the steps for each ghari.

Step 8

After frying all ghari pour ghee on it. Don’t use hot ghee. Use room temperature ghee. Garnish with pistachios. Eat and enjoy. Store the leftover ghari in a container in the refrigerator.

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So that is how you make surti ghari. Do let me know how you made it in the comment sections.


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