Surti Sarasiya Khaja is more than a food item here in the diamond city. If you ask the natives of the city you will know how closely a food item is attached to their life and daily routine. Okay, let me clear the air here.

This blog post is not the surti sarasiya khaja recipe that you find on Youtube and in Google search. Sorry to disappoint you but that’s the truth, you won’t find अस्सल सुरति खाजा बनाने का तरीका here. The question is what is this all about then?

Surti Sarasiya Khaja Video Viral (+160K Views)

This blog post compiles the behind the scene (BTS) story of my Youtube video that I shot and published on 14 February 2022. Not only this but the video went viral for two consecutive months (June & July) and garnered around 160,000 views till August 2022. In short, when I published this video it was off-season and the video went viral when the monsoon began.

This single video brought three things to the Surat101 Youtube channel. First, it gave me 1000+ subscribers. Second, it completed the 4000 hours of watch time. Third, Surat101 got Youtube monetization. In short, my channel entered the Youtube Partner Program. All in all, this sarasiya khaja video fulfilled the requirements of my channel to earn money.

Now, why am I writing all this in the first place? Why?

First, the Surat101 Youtube channel is fresh and new and has very little content. I mean the videos are fewer compared to other media. Although the channel has fewer videos and is yet in the developing stage more than 5 videos have 10000+ views. Out of those videos, one is Surat’s Special Surti Sarasiya Khaja video. It has gathered 160,000 views so far and still moving forward. All thanks to the Bhartiya janta.

You too can watch the video and support my channel by subscribing, commenting, liking and sharing it with your friends and family members. However, the point of discussion here is something else. I want to share some exciting information about the surti sarasiya khaja that Jagdishbhai shared with me. He is the owner of Joshi Farsan, Bhagal, Surat.

Surti Sarasiya Khaja Video Shoot: How Did it Start?

The first thing is the permission of the owner to shoot. Yes, you need a permit to shoot inside a private premises. My brother met Jagdishbhai at his shop and verbally asked for his permission to make a video of the surti khaja. He was polite enough and immediately said yes. It’s an unwritten rural to ask for permission and normally owners don’t say no they give permission because of mutual interest.

It was early in the morning at 6 am when the shoot started. The owner, Jagdishbhai insisted that we come early so that the entire process can be shot. Moreover, it was his wish to show people how authentic surti khaja is made from scratch. As soon as we reached he greeted us with jaggery tea. It was the first time when I drank tea made using jaggery. I liked it because of its innovative taste.

Soon the khaja karigar arrived, the one who makes khaja and he started the preparations. The camera started rolling and filming each and everything.

Chit Chat with the Khaja Karigar

I don’t remember the name now but the man who made delicious khaja was equally interesting. He was a native of north Gujarat and was living with a few other people in Surat. Occasionally but he travelled to meet his family and was a real down-to-earth person.

Since he was making the surti sarasiya khaja for a long time now he shared some amazing details. For instance, khaja was a seasonal variety long before but now it is available throughout the year. Secondly, the people of Surat city prefer consuming khaja more in the monsoon season compared to other seasons.

Third, during the peak season, an average of a thousand kilograms of khaja batter is used to make traditional khaja. He also added that while the season is going on he doesn’t take leave because there’s a continuous rush of customers. Not only this but he even needs helpers to finish the job. All in all, it all depends on the monsoon season. In short, rain not only affects farmers but also the business of khaja in the diamond city.


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