Telepathy is the psychic ability or power to receive or transmit thoughts without the use of one’s physical senses.

It is also called “mind-reading.” Of all the known psychic or ESP (extrasensory perception) abilities of humans, telepathy is the most common or most often manifested. Telepathy is a mental power. It helps to improve concentration, mental focus, and mental health.

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In the late 19th century, the magician and mentalist, Washington Irving Bishop would perform “thought reading” demonstrations.

Bishop claimed no supernatural powers and ascribed his powers to muscular sensitivity (reading thoughts from unconscious bodily cues).

He was investigated by a group of scientists including the editor of the British Medical Journal and the psychologist Francis Galton.

Bishop performed several feats successfully such as correctly identifying a selected spot on a table and locating a hidden object.

During the experiment, Bishop required physical contact with a subject who knew the correct answer. He would hold the hand or wrist of the helper.

The scientists concluded that Bishop was not a genuine telepath but using a highly trained skill to detect ideomotor movements.

” Who Discovered Telepathy? “

Telepathy is the hypothesis that some people can communicate to others by thought, instead of through the known senses. The term was coined by classics scholar and psychologist Frederic William Henry Myers in 1882.

Professor Hans Eysenck of London University’s Institute of Psychiatry stated:

“Unless there is a gigantic conspiracy involving some thirty university departments all over the world, and several hundred highly respected scientists in various fields, many of them originally skeptical to the claims of the psychical researchers, the only conclusion that the unbiased observer can come to is that there does exist a small number of people who obtain knowledge existing in other people’s minds, or in the outer world, by means as yet unknown to science”.

” What is the science behind Telepathy? “

A variety of tests have been performed to demonstrate telepathy, but there is no scientific evidence that the power exists.

A panel commissioned by the United States National Research Council to study paranormal claims concluded that “despite a 130-year record of scientific research on such matters, our committee could find no scientific justification for the existence of phenomena such as extrasensory perception, telepathy or ‘mind over matter’ exercises… Evaluation of a large body of the best available evidence simply does not support the contention that these phenomena exist.”

The scientific community considers parapsychology a pseudoscience. There is no known mechanism for telepathy.

Philosopher and physicist Mario Bunge has written that telepathy would contradict laws of science and the claim that “signals can be transmitted across space without fading with distance is inconsistent with physics”.

” Does Telepathy Exists in the real world? “

According to research, it proves that telepathy exists in the real world. it is a secret and strongest power of the human mind. here I’m writing some best examples which prove telepathy is real:

1. Antilog Hunters:

Antilog hunters are a special species who use telepathy to hunt antilog animals. With the help of telepathy, they can easily feel the waves of animals around them. If they hunt animals successfully their’s family members also get this foreknowledge via telepathy.

In an interview, someone asked to hunter’s how do you do this? On this question, hunters replies with patting on their chest and said that they have a chain in their chest which connects them.

2. Neuropsychology Experts:

Neuropsychology experts once have encountered a very strange case. In 2006, there were four engineers suddenly died due to headaches together.

After researching more the experts got the explication that someone had sent the waves of stress in those minds. At that time someone send these waves far about to one mile to them. Because of this, they had died.

3. Rhine Research Center:

In rhine research center a mother registered case that she had felt some danger for her child when she was on tour. When she called at home, she got news that her child was suffering from high fever and admitted in a hospital.

4. Parallel Lives:

In childhood, the two twins’ brothers separated who had grown up in different countries and had never met each other. Then after when they get knowledge about each other, there were some unusual things reveals.

Despite separated them from childhood, they both were living the same life. Their adoptive parents put them the same names.

Even they both did so many similar things like they both married twice. “Jim imspringan” named his son “Alent” and “Jim Luise” also named his son “Alent”. They both have two pet dogs whose toy’s name was also the same.

Even they both smoked the same brand cigarette and drunk the same brand of beer. Also, they both had driven the same brand of car.

5. A Sibling’s Strange Experience:

When there was no telephone invented there was a brother who used telepathy to communicate with his sister.

In older days people used letters to communicate with each other. Brother had sent her a telepathic message if they both want to meet their ill mother.

Even with the help of this, they both met so many times at the same place time somewhere.

” What is Telepathy mean? “

Telepathy is a greek word. Tele means distant and pathy means feelings or perception. Telepathy is the supernatural power in the human brain. With the help of telepathy, we can connect with faraway staying a person mind without any technical weapon.

In telepathy, we can easily send a message in someone’s mind without any technical or physical medium. In older days people use telepathy to send mental messages or commands.

The term was coined in 1882 by the classical scholar Frederic W. H. Myers, a founder of the Society for Psychical Research (SPR), and has remained more popular than the earlier expression thought-transference.

Besides the Cambridge dictionary, telepathy means communication with another person by thinking rather than by using words or other signals.

According to historians such as Roger Luckhurst and Janet Oppenheim, the origin of the concept of telepathy in Western civilization can be traced to the late 19th century and the formation of the Society for Psychical Research.

It is the power of our minds. We can achieve it with the help of meditation or concentration. In satyuga sages used telepathic power to interact with someone’s mind. We all have these superpowers in our minds but the thing we need to know.

When a person learns about someone’s mind or catches a distant event and describes it, he is said to be a man of great knowledge. Sanjay had this ability during the Mahabharata period. He narrated the battle going on away to Dhritarashtra.

It is also a part of telepathic science to realize the future. It is very easy to gain the power to get the sense of someone’s mind by seeing someone.

The kind of power that one possesses is broadly called telepathy. Telepathy is also called the exchange of thoughts and feelings between two persons.

Our five sense senses are not used in this discipline, that is, the power of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting is not used. This is the power of our mind and brain and this can be achieved through meditation and yoga practice.

Well, today with the help of science we can contact someone sitting thousands of kilometers away through mobile, internet, or video calling, but in ancient times it was not possible, so how did they get in touch with each other?

Suppose you have wandered in the sea, forest or desert and you have a satellite phone, even if its battery is discharged, how can you contact people?

The art of contacting people with the help of any device is called telepathy. We do not necessarily contact anyone.

Frederic W. H. Myers - Wikipedia

We can listen, watch, and know the status of any person sitting at a distance. That is why telepathy is called Doranubhuti in Hindi. The term telepathy was first used in 1882 by Frederick W. H. Myers.

It is said that a person who has this sixth sense of knowledge knows what is going on in the minds of others. It is a matter of parapsychology in which several types of telepathy are described.

This is also a part of telepathic science to realize the future. It is very easy to gain the power to get the sense of someone’s mind by seeing someone.

If you increase your ability to see and hear carefully by positioning the mind, then the voice of the mind of the person will also be heard. This requires regular practice.

Telepathy also refers to the exchange of thoughts and feelings between two persons. Our five sense senses are not used in this discipline, that is, the power of seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting is not used. It is the power of our mind and brain.

” How does Telepathy work? “

Religion and science have exposed many kinds of mysteries of the world. Everything is now possible in this era of science and technology.

Human knowledge has increased more than before. But despite this knowledge, one’s thinking is still medieval. Despite being so knowledgeable, he remains foolish, cruel, violent, and foolish.

So how to do easily telepathy? Telepathy in love will succeed fastly. Would you also like to do practice telepathy between friends and people? so here I’m going to tell you the way how to do telepathy?

We all have experienced that a time when we are thinking about a person and immediately his call comes to us. So many times it happens in our regular daily routine.

Apart from this, someone is going to come to us and before that we started feeling. there are so many examples like these.

The human body doesn’t work in telepathy but the human mind power and also the subconscious mind does play a major role in. So whenever you are do telepathy keep your mind calm and body stable.

To understand telepathy abundantly, let us divide into 3 parts:

1. How it done?

2. how to do this with your energy?

3. Selection of right thoughts and methods to do telepathic communication.

To understand telepathic communication practice, first, let us understand the human thought transfer process.

Our body accepts mental waves, it is possible with this aura and it acts as a receptive and transmitting wave. So to make it more and more sensitive, we have to control our mental state.

When this happens, our body starts receiving signals from the universe. If you can control your mind and adapt it to the desired order, you can easily do telepathic communication at home.

As far as this practice is concerned, tell me that this practice is convenient as long as you do not force it.

Many times we start practicing without the right guidance and when we are not successful, we give up. This practice is of mental level and you should be as responsive as possible to calm your mind.

” Why is there a void in Telepathy? “

In telepathy, we send thoughts as in a form of electric signal. Our brain can only do it ineffective way when our mind is calm.

In that case, it starts to feel the waves floating around. So whenever you are going to do telepathy practice make your mind inconsiderable.

When your mind is not inconsiderable you keep wandering in thoughts. Because of this, you can not catch the other person’s mental waves.

When it comes to mental practice, then you should concentrate on emptiness yourself the most. The more we keep our mind calm, the easier it will be to catch the subtle waves.

Apart from this, there is another benefit as well and that is linked to your state of mind. When you make your mind void, then you develop qualities like patience and patience.

It also increases your concentration power. Sometimes inconsiderable and concentration also active your third-eye immediately.

Concentration also helps to reduce mental stress and improve your memory power.

” Amazing Telepathic Communication Facts: “

The physical body has no contribution to telepathy because you cannot explain it through physical means. For this first, you need to understand the thought transfer process.

In which we can easily connect with the mind to mind without any physical medium. The power of the subconscious mind is infinite.

The more you give importance to it, the more you will be able to keep it awake. Not only in humans but also animals, we can see this power’s experience.

Understanding someone’s mind without saying anything is telepathy.

” How to do Telepathy at home? “

You can easily practice it at home without any kind of trouble. For it, you have to understand some basic theory and also follow some of the strategy. Let’s know how to practice telepathy at home.

First, you need to take care of two major things in telepathy, the first one is your thoughts are pure and spontaneous and the second, your emotional power should not be weakened.

here I am explaining the whole procedure in five-stage:


In the practice of telepathy, first, you need to make your body stable. You would need solitude and pleasant mood to zeroed your thoughts and you also need such music to strengthen your concentration and emotional power.

So first sit in a quiet place and start to do meditation.

Take a deep breath and focus on your breath.

Try to control your thoughts.

It amplifies the electric signal sent by you.


The second stage of telepathy is communication practice. It works on your vital power.

The telepathy works on your life power, according to it, your life power should be unblocked from the body, that is, it will be freed by spirit power and concentrate on one place and send it with thoughts, then it is a most effective way to connect with others

In other words, it will be exactly like an astral body. Relax your brain in a quiet environment. You can also do this exercise by lying down.

After zeroing in on ourselves, when we concentrate the life force at one place, our spiritual power increases.

Due to which more thought power starts to permeate the whole of Brahmandand and we start connecting mentally.

At the same time, we are connected to the person who is in our kind of condition i.e. if his cosmic level is increased then the telepathy is much better.


The third stage is to think only of your receiver. We should only think of the person we want to add to telepathy and he should also join us on a cosmic level.

It works better when you practice it after 11 p.m. because the man must have fallen asleep at that time or his physical movements have slowed down.

If you want then you can send one message again and again with your emotional power and give him an electric signal. It works on your “thought vibration” principle.


The fourth stage of telepathy is mental stability. Before reaching the fourth stage of telepathy, you reached on the stable state of the subconscious mind where you would recognize your hidden powers.

Knowing your mind power and by using it accurately, you can experience so many amazing things in your mental journey.

Make sure your emotional power can send it far. The stronger your wheel-power, the farther you will be able to send it. Try to do not pressurized mentally at that time on yourself.

Make clear of your thought which you want to send. Make remember your thought must be short and clear. Otherwise you will get trouble to send messages and the receiver also would not catch it.


You have to send messages constantly to the person. The continuity makes your telepathy more powerful and strong.

Sending message continuously, it makes your wheel power, concentration and vital power strong. The pyramid meditation is also the best to increase your vital power.

After sending messages continuously, take deep breath and be relax. Imagine that persons are receiving your message. Try to calm down yourself and come out from meditation slowly.

” Can Telepathy be dangerous? “

Forcing telepathic experience is very harmful for the health, especially for people with a predisposition for mental illness. The security layers are there to protect us. Even if someone has frequent telepathic experiences, they are most times of no use to the person.

It will be dangerous for the receiver when someone smarter person in telepathy send harmful and negative thought transition. It will harm the person’s mental peace and its emotional quaint.

Thus, telepathy exist in the real world. Telepathic experiment is useful at a stage but it’s also dangerous if it plays with negative intentions. So, it’s your time to perform telepathy


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