What things one should do in Surat? This is the exact thought that will hit your mind while visiting Surat. Moreover, you might think about what options do I have in a city well known for industries.

But that’s not the scene anymore.

Surat has transformed a lot in terms of food, recreational places, entertainment, fashion, shopping and a lot more. The city offers a ton of options to spend quality time with your loved ones.

We will tell what you can do in Surat. Let’s start listing.

Indian Traditions & People of Surat

Our Indian culture believes in Atithi Devo Bhavah. It means Guest is God. The same applies to Surat and people living here. A surti always welcomes his/her guests with open arms and big pockets.😁

Why open pockets? Probably because people in Surat are humble towards spending. Hence, if you are visiting Surat or already here and want to kick start then this list will help you.

For your convenience, the list is bifurcated in various sections. Let’s take a look at what you can, should, and must do while in Surat. Here we go.

23 Signature Surti Food to Try

faluda at kishor

Food and stress-free life is the ultimate anthem of Surtis. It is the mind, body, and soul of people living in this beautiful city. Your trip to Surat is incomplete if you don’t try the below-listed food.

Not only the food but the place where it is available also holds significant importance. Try them. Number 14 is our favorite.

  1. Taste the world-famous Surti ghari
  2. Spiciest tapela bhaji at Udhna (Raju’s pav bhaji)
  3. Jalaram’s khaman and idada, Palanpore Patia
  4. Jani farsan’s locho varieties at parle point
  5. Taste the original surti undhiyu (mix veg sabzi)
  6. If you are in rainy season taste onion bhajia
  7. Try tea at Chamunda Sahra Darwaza
  8. Visit piplod to taste Parathas
  9. Syndicate samosa at salabatpura main road
  10. Amdavadi Tava fry at Rander Causeway road
  11. Kabab & Khavsa at Rander road
  12. Haleem Khichdo at Pumping Station
  13. Rassawala Khaman at Jai Jalaram Chowk Bazar
  14. Faluda at Kishor cold drink Cinema road
  15. Don’t forget A-One cold coco
  16. Imran’s chicken biryani at LIC Nanpura
  17. Dhosa at Sainath Nanpura (Basement)
  18. Bara Handi at Zampa Bazar
  19. Authentic Surti Aloo Puri & Ragda pani puri
  20. Start your Sunday morning with Fafda & Jalebi breakfast
  21. Surti Farsan at Ramji Damodar Bhagal
  22. Chole Bhature at Kailash Nanpura
  23. Thick Shake at Bismillah Railway Station

16 Unique Ways to Enjoy Festivals in Surat


It is said When in Rome Do as the Romans Do. The same way When in Surat Do as the Surtis Do.

People of Surat celebrate festivals all the year-round. Surprisingly, Surtis don’t need a particular date to enjoy or celebrate. So, if you are in Surat during any of the below-mentioned festivals then don’t miss celebrating in a typical Surti style. Number 13 is our favorite and we are proud of it. Comment if you agree.

  1. Celebrate Holi in Surat.
  2. Go to the famous Daliya Sheri Ganesh pandal Mahidharpura.
  3. See how Surtis do Ganesh Visarjan in artificial lakes made by SMC.
  4. During Diwali see the SMC building in colorful lights.
  5. Take a tour of the city in Diwali to see how beautifully it is decorated.
  6. Do festival shopping at Rajmarg Bhagal, Chauta Bazar, Ring road, and Katargam.
  7. Watch the unmatched Surti Dodhiya Garba style in Navratri.
  8. Visit indoor stadium & other party plot Navratri celebrations.
  9. Watch traditional Sheri Garba (Street Garba) in the old city.
  10. Umiyadham Temple traditional Garba are well known, go there and see live.
  11. It’s auspicious to watch the Diya (Oil lamp) aarti at the Umiyadham Temple on the last day of Navratri.
  12. Go for Pagh (paghdi) darshan at the pumping station.
  13. Enjoy Chandi Padvo  – A popular ghari eating fest only celebrated in Surat.
  14. Wish Merry Christmas at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Nanpura.
  15. Experience flying kite on world-famous Surti Manjho (thread).
  16. Go to the oldest Kite Market of Surat “Dabkarwad”.

7 Popular Surat Beach To Visit

surat beach

Visit these famous beaches of Surat. However, some of them are located at one or two-hour driving distance. You can take your car or travel by government buses. The city, as well as the beach sites, are well connected. City bus service or private taxis are available to go there. No 2, 5, and 7 are our favorite. Comment if you agree.

  1. Dumas Beach
  2. Suvali Beach
  3. Ubharat Beach
  4. Tithal Beach
  5. Dandi Beach (Navsari)
  6. Devka Beach (Daman)
  7. Jampore Beach (Daman)

29 Significant Places to Visit in Surat

gopi talav gopipura

The city offers some of the best picturesque places for tourists and visitors to explore. The places in the list mentioned below are either historical, educational or modern structures holding significant values. Check whether your favorite place is on the list or not. No 10, 14, and 20 are our favorite.

  1. The clock tower in the old city aka tower road surat
  2. Nature Park aka Surat Zoo at Sarthana
  3. Katargam lake garden (Try boating there)
  4. Feel the vibes of ISCON temple at jahangirpura
  5. The port of Hazira
  6. Surat International airport
  7. Veer narmad library Athwalines
  8. The famous Indoor Stadium
  9. The Sarsana international convention center at Sarsana
  10. Ramzan iftar bazar in Kamal Gali Chowk Bazar
  11. VNSGU, SCET & SVNIT campus
  12. Check out the historical Surat fort Chowk Bazar
  13. Checkout the Shanivari Bazar (Saturday Flea Market) Nanpura
  14. The flower market of Surat at A.K. road (Visit early in the morning)
  15. The tex palazzo hotel (revolving hotel)
  16. SMC aquarium Pal RTO road
  17. Haveli at Piplod Dumas road (Radha Krishna temple)
  18. Tibetian market Gandhi Baug
  19. Kantareshwar Temple in Katargam (Ancient & very old)
  20. Swaminarayan Gurukul at Ved Road (take part in the evening aarti)
  21. British Cemetery at Katargam Darwaja
  22. Visit Mini Bazar at Varacha to see diamond trading
  23. International standard diamond polishing unit of SRK (Sri Ram Krishna exports)
  24. Hindu Milan Mandir at Gopipura
  25. BAPS temple Adajan
  26. Utran powerhouse near Amroli (Take prior permission)
  27. Science Center Citylight
  28. Gopi Talav at Gopipura
  29. The SMC night food bazaar at Piplod

15 Ideas to Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family

sneh rashmi botanical garden toy train 2

After mouth-watering food, beaches, festivals, and places you still have something left on the list. This list is unique. It comprises of things to do with your friends and family members. See what you can do this weekend. No 1 is our favorite.

  1. Visit the Sneh Rashmi botanical garden at Ugat.
  2. Watch a Gujarati play at Gandhi Smriti Bhavan (one of the oldest theatres).
  3. Police parade at athwalines on 26the January & 15 August.
  4. Annual Book Fair & Aquaculture Expo at Vanita Vishram Ground Athwalines.
  5. Take kids to Amazia or Chaba Chab waterpark.
  6. Play games at Shots or Woohoo.
  7. Take a ride on the cable-stayed bridge.
  8. Enjoy a dinner date in the middle of the Tapi river.
  9. Take a long drive from surat to Dandi beach Navsari.
  10. Take an authentic foot massage.
  11. Visit a local Garba class and learn surti dodhiya steps.
  12. Take a ride on the longest flyover bridge from varacha to sarthana (Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee inaugurated this bridge).
  13. Do shopping at chauta bazar.
  14. Beat the hit with lemon shikanji in summer.
  15. Go shopping on Ring Road Textile markets.

7 More Ideas

  1. Hit Mac Donalds, Starbucks Surat or CCD.
  2. Try Golden dragon restaurant on Ghod Dod road for authentic Chinese
  3. Enjoy dinner at Chokhi Dhani garden restaurant. Experience Rajasthani cultural village with live music, dance, crafts, and traditional food.
  4. Volunteer at blind school Ghod Dod road.
  5. Help Robin Hood Army and serve food to the less fortunate. It’s a great thing these guys are doing.
  6. Do meditation & relaxing techniques at a beach in Surat.
  7. Drive bike from athwalines to Magadalla airport (enjoy the city view)

The lists are long and they can go on and on. We know we have missed a lot of things. Help us complete the list. Write your favorite activity or experience in the comment box. You can also share a unique idea here in the comment box.

We will definitely update them on our list above.



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