We already have a list of Surti Khaman dhokla recipes. Now again we have another list of the same recipe. However, this time it is in the Hindi language. The previous list includes surti khaman recipes by famous Indian celebrity chefs.

However, the list not only contains top chef’s recipes. But the list also has popular home chefs.

What is a Home Chef?

Generally speaking, housewives are home chefs. Additionally, someone who doesn’t cook quite often is also called a home chef. In short, an individual having cooking as a hobby.

If you are new here & don’t know what exactly is khaman then this is for you.

What is Surti Khaman?

A spongy cake (that is not sweet) made out of chana dal is known as khaman. On the other hand, chana dal is not the only option. You can even use besan aka gram flour to make khaman.

The cooking process includes steaming the besan or chana dal batter. A thick liquid consistency mixture is poured into a mould. Thereafter, it is steamed in a large aluminium vessel. That is exactly how authentic surti khaman is made.

Okay now I am not a chef and I may have missed certain points. With this in mind, let me help you make traditional Gujarati khaman.

Top 10 Authentic Surti Khaman Recipes in the Hindi Language

Here’s a list of YouTube video links in the Hindi language. Watch the recipe videos & make surti khaman today.

1. Gujarati Style Chana Dal Surti Khaman Recipe

2. Perfect Nylon Khaman With Tips And Tricks

3. Khaman Dhokla Recipe | Instant Gujarati Dhokla

4. Perfect Method For Making Vati Dal Khaman

5. Market Style Chana Dal Khaman Dhokla Recipe

6. Khaman Dhokla Recipe | Gujarati Style Recipe

7. Easiest Recipe to Make Khaman Dhokla

8. No-Fail Khaman Dhokla Recipe | Vati Dal Khaman Recipe

9. Perfect Recipe For Making Market Style Khaman Dhokla

10. Besan Dhokla Recipe in Gujarati Style

Follow the khaman recipe videos. On the contrary, you must try making this traditional Gujarati snack.

How about making it this Sunday for breakfast?

Let me know in the comment section how did you make it. Also, speak about your experience in the comment section below.


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