This post is dedicated to the top 10 influencers in surat in the food blogging category on Instagram.

We all know how popular Instagram is across the world. I love Instagram and I like to watch reels just like you. However, I believe that insta reels have more talent than Bollywood.

I mean just look at the level of content people create & publish. It’s a pool of talent. You have a long video on IG TV, then you have a short video called Reels. On the contrary, you can also post images, add stories, update locations & lots of other creative stuff.

The world is crazy out there. emoji.

Hence, I thought to compile a list of top Instagram influencers from Surat city. This list contains food vloggers & bloggers.

There are a few more lists that I will publish containing top influencers from our diamond city in different categories. For instance, news, fashion, business, surat city videos & images.

Top 10 Influencers in Surat on Instagram in Food Category

Before we go into the list it is necessary to know on what basis the list is published. Let me explain to you in brief.

Those insta accounts having the maximum number of followers will be on the top. In other words, the least number of followers will be at the bottom. As of now, that’s the only decent parameter.

See it’s kinda tough to convince people to follow you. And these accounts are having loads of followers. Not only this but they even have a ton of content for viewers & followers. The content on insta means posts.

Name of the Official Instagram Accounts of Top 10 Food Influencers Surat

Here’s the name of the official handles of Instagram accounts of food influencers. All of them are from Surat. It’s all food & beverages on these Instagram pages. Needless to say, it’s mouth-watering & tempting. Take a look.

#1 Surat Foodie


Surat Foodie is in the number 1 position with 2569 posts & 63.9K followers. They also follow 2919 other Instagram accounts & individuals. Sixty thousand plus followers is a big deal.

#2 Foodie Addicted


The number of posts on the Foodie Addicted page is almost half (1321 posts) of the above one. However, the fan following is 44.4K. They are following 219 accounts or individuals. The page is all about Mayur Surti who’s a food blogger who handles this page. Check it out.

#3 Surat Eatery


Surat Eatery tells you the story of Surti Food & beyond. The individual who handles this page is based in Surat & explores regional cuisines in & out of the city. The account is managed by @talentswagbywhizco. There are 1274 posts, 43.9K followers & 39 followings here.

#4 The Food Addict Surat


Divyesh Jariwala operates The Food Addict Surat page. Additionally, he hasΒ 957 posts, 34.6K followers & 482 followings. Not only this but there’s also a Youtube channel with the same name. Let me tell you this. A Youtube channel with 11K plus subscribers is not a joke. Well done Divyesh.

#5 Foodie RJB


Foodie RJB is the first female food blogger on this list. I like females competing with males & taking their share of success. Apparently, RJB is the initials of her name. She hasΒ 644 posts so far with 20.8K followers & 5849 followings. Those are pretty decent numbers. Bravo RJB!

#6 Surti Foodie


The Surti Foodie Instagram page is by Jaymeen. He’s a video creator & big-time foodie. Moreover, his madness for food is upfront on his insta page. The page has so far garnered 1401 posts, 19.8K followers & 5194 followings. Visit his Facebook Page & show some love.

#7 Food Food Surat


The Food Food Surat insta page is managed by Shruti Patel. She is the second female food blogger on this list. We already have one. Okay now here’s the best part. Shruti has a Youtube channel too with 1.13K subscribers.

Although the subscriber count is low still she managed to kick start her dream. Okay, now time for some quick stats. This page has 802 posts, 19.7K followers & 6900 following.

#8 Surat Street Food

surat street food

If you want to stay updated on the street foods of Surat then Surat Street Food is for you. The page has 126 posts, 18.4K followers & 1905 following. If you look closely this influencer has managed to get 18000+ followers in just 126 posts. That’s an achievement.

#9 The Hungry Surati


The Hungry Surati has every flavour of food for you. If you love chocolate, this page has it. If you love pani puri you again have it. In short, from pani puri to paneer this page offers a boutique of delicious Surti food. They have 570 posts, 15.9K followers & following 5287 accounts.

#10 Foodie Moodie Anwar


The Foodie Moodie Anwar insta account is managed by Anwar himself. He is a food influencer trained at ITC Hotels. That’s what his bio says about him.

Additionally, he also has a Youtube channel with the same name. The subscriber count is 41.2K on Youtube. That’s pretty awesome. On insta, he has 927 posts so far with 14.2K followers & 5173 followings.

Henceforth, the list of Top 10 Influencers in Surat in the Food Category ends here. But wait, that’s not it.

Surat has lots of social media influencers. It was tough to decide which one to select & whom I shall leave. Henceforth, instead of leaving them, I decided to keep them. After all, they have worked hard & they deserve to be here. Refer to the below list.

List of 12 Instagram Food Influencers You Must Not Miss

#1 Foodie Surti GJ5

440 Post, 11.4K Followers & 2159 Following

#2 The Food Eatery

37 Post, 11.2K Followers & 3816 Following

#3 Foodie Rupal

428 Post, 10.6K Followers & 1576 Following

#4 Bhukkad Surties

387 Post, 10.6K Followers & 4832 Following

#5 Surti Food Life

769 Post, 6700 Followers & 2505 Following

#6 Tales of Food

411 Post, 6558 Followers & 2224 Following

#7 Surat Food Bloggers

170 Post, 5148 Followers & 4953 Following

#8 Foodwala Surati

190 Post, 4531 Followers & 981 Following

#9 City Zayka Surat

546 Post, 4442 Followers & 779 Following

#10 Taste of Surat

385 Post, 3943 Followers & 5556 Following

#11 Surat Foods

137 Post, 3575 Followers & 5152 Following

#12 Surat Food Bloggers

132 Post, 1073 Followers & 234 Following

Finally, our list of Gujarati food influencers on Instagram concludes. Show some love to these Surat influencers. Stay tuned for the next list.



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