Instagram influencers in Surat city. Surprisingly, we have all young people on the list of top Instagram influencers from Surat. But before we get along with the list let me tell you the meaning of being an Instagram influencer.

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What Does Influencer Mean?

Influencer means a person with the knowledge to convince potential customers of a product or service by elevating or recommending the items on different social media platforms.

” All thanks to the digital revolution. Influencers can add serious credibility to a brand “

An influencer is a person with the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her jurisdiction, acquaintance, position, or relationship with his or her audience.

In simple words, Influencers prompt specific brands on social media platforms.

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What is an Influencer’s Job?

In a nutshell, social media influencers work with brands to help them expand their branding and marketing efforts.

As someone whom their followers believe and admire, they have the trustworthiness and reach to promote brands. They are passionate about – in a convincing and relatable way.

They post frequently on social media about the brand they are endorsing. Being an influencer on social media platforms is a full-time job for people these days. I guess we have a whole new line of career opportunities.

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How to Become an Influencer?

Is it possible for a common fellow to become an influencer on social media? That’s a typical question you and everyone else might ask. The answer is YES. You can.

To help you I’ve found the process of becoming an influencer. It includes 5 key steps.

Step 1 Focus on a Niche

You can be an Influencer in a niche you love to talk about or have a deep interest in. Food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, gadget, accessories, travel, and technology are a few to name the Instagram niche.

The point is to focus on a niche and genuinely work on it.

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Step 2 Share your Idea

Influencers are a creative personality. They share their ideas with their audience. However, they must be honest and provide value to the user’s life.

For example, if you are using Xyz cosmetic then tell your followers and fans what you think about the brand. How it is? Is it advisable to use it or not?

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Step 3 Have an Opinion

Influencers have their take on things. They have a voice. They have an opinion. To rise above it, you need to be an independent thinker.

People are attracted to those who can think for themselves and have their views on things. They have their unique thinking and patterns. They share their opinions to make the public aware.

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Step 4 Strong Network

Influencers need to create a strong online network. By making the audience they can promote brands easily. There are two main ways to do this.

One is to connect digitally, and the other is to connect in person.

Firstly, you can get in touch with people on social media by commenting, liking and sharing on their posts. Secondly, you can connect directly with people.

” Network is the most important stage of influencing “

Step 5 Engage your Audience

Last but not least, you need to keep the conversation going. Now a day people want to follow the most famous and most prominent personality. So be the bests best.  They want to follow someone real, accessible, and approachable.

So influencer has to keep entertaining his audiences. With the above 5 steps in mind let’s get along with our own famous Instagram influencers in Surat.

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So let’s get started…

1. Vishal Prajapati

vishal prajapati instagram influencers of surat

Vishal is a famous fashion, travel, and lifestyle Instagram influencer from Surat. He has 593K followers with 374 posts on Instagram. Follow his official Instagram handle. Also, he is available on Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. I must say this is the most followed Instagram influencers of Surat city.

This influencer has an official website too. Visit or Email: [email protected]

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2. Ganesh Jamade

Ganesh Jamade instagram influencers of surat

Ganesh is a fashion digital influencer. His Instagram id is mr.g_95966. Jamade has 341 posts, 131k followers, and is following 99 others. He has 19.7 % engagement and 25K likes per post. He is also available on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok.

Ganesh posts stylist pictures in men’s wear section.

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3. Vrushali

Vrushali instagram influencers of surat

Vrushali is the most beautiful and intelligent influencer of Surat. Her Instagram id name is vru_vachhiyat. This Instagram influencer of Surat has 509 posts, 199k followers, and follows 192 other Instagramers. She does fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts.

She is also active on TikTok. With 11.4 % engagement and 23K likes on each post, Vrushali is the leading female influencer in this list. Also, she makes incredible makeup and entertainment videos on TikTok.

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4. Parth Manjiwala

Parth Manjawala instagram influencers of surat

Parth Manjiwala is a popular Instagram influencer of surat doing fashion posts. His Instagram id is mr_maji_4.12. Parth has 477 posts, 69.9k followers and follows 166. He is also available on TikTok and Facebook. Men’s fashion is his favorite niche and posts on fameexpertz.

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5. Dhaval

dhaval instagram influencers of surat

Dhaval is another aspiring fashion Instagram influencer of Surat. He has 216 posts and 92.8k followers to his name. However, he also follows 62 others on Instagram.

Additionally, he is a content creator and designer. His posts get 15.9 % engagement and 11K likes per post. His Instagram id name is Dhaval._.official.

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6. Vitrag Mehta

Vitrag Mehta instagram influencers of surat

Vitrag Mehta is a content creator and model from Surat. He posts 559 posts, 57.1k followers and following 468. The posts get 14.3 % engagement and 8K likes. He posts stylish pictures in different brands at different locations. His Instagram handle is

Along with Insta, he is also available on Twitter. Visit his website

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7. Shiya Shetty

Shiya shetty instagram influencers of surat

Shiya Shetty speaks about fashion and travel. Also, she owns a pet. With this, she is the second female influencer on this list. 24 posts, 393 followers, and 636 followings. Her post gets 7.7% engagement and 7.2K likes per post on each post.

Shiya posts beautiful and decent pictures on Instagram. Visit her account here shiyasushmit. Not only Insta but she is active on Tiktok and Facebook too. I guess she is the only one who has a Youtube channel apparently with one video which was posted 2 years ago having +4K views. Bravo girl bravo!

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8. Muzaffar Kapadia

Muzaafar kapadia instagram influencers of surat

Muzaffar Kapadia is a content creator and an influencer as well. 551 posts, 123k followers, and following 164 he gets 13.7 % engagement and 7.7K likes per post. Also, Muzaffar is a bodybuilder too. Follow him on Instagram and Facebook. His Instagram id name is muzaffarkapadia.

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9. Bony Dedkawala

Bony Dedkavala instagram influencers of surat

I guess everyone is flooding the fashion and lifestyle niche. Here we have one more named Bony Dedkawala. This Instagram influencer of Surat has 834 posts, 177k followers and he follows 91 others. He gets 3.7 % engagement and 6.5K likes per post.

Being active on Insta, Bony is also available on Facebook. His Instagram id is Dedkawala Bony. Bony posts pictures of men’s fashion, lifestyle and also with other models. For business inquiries and collaborations contact: [email protected]

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10. M. P. Pipaliya

m.p.pipaliya instagram influencers of surat

M.P. Pipaliya is a photographer. 81 posts, 93.9k followers and 659 followings are his assets online. His engagement rate is 7.1% with 6.4K likes per post. He is also available on Facebook and TikTok. Pipaliya is the second in this list to have a Youtube channel to his name.

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So, that was it with the list of popular Instagram influencers of surat. If you think we have left anyone do let us know in the comment box. We will add them for you.


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