Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipes are popular worldwide. The most compelling evidence is that even top Indian chefs couldn’t resist making it. For those who don’t know, khaman is basically a Gujarati breakfast.

સુરતીઓનો રવિવાર ખમણ વગર અધૂરો છે.

You will see long queues at the “Farsan” (snacks) shop to buy khaman. Yeah, especially on Sundays. In a way, khaman is the heart & soul of Gujaratis. આમ પણ સુરતનું જમણ જગત આખામાં પ્રખ્યાત છે, ખરેખર!

Let me tell you that surti khaman dhokla recipes are easy. Immaterial of who is making. The only point is to measure & mix the items. Okay, to help you I have compiled a list of recipe videos of popular chefs. They aren’t ordinary people but top chefs of India.

Let’s make surti khaman with celebrity chefs. Here’s the list.

Top 10 Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipes by Celebrity Chefs

Non-Gujaratis tend to address khaman as the dhokla. However, both khaman & dhokla are different food varieties. Not only are they different but the items & making process differ at certain points. Let’s see how chefs have made them.

1. Instant Khaman | Easy Khaman Dhokla Recipe | गुजराती ढोकला | Chef Ranveer Brar

2. Khaman Dhokla Recipe By Masterchef Tarla Dalal

3. Khaman Dhokla Recipe | ઢોકળા રેસીપી | Gujarati Farsaan | Indian Snacks Recipe | Kunal Kapur Recipes

4. Rassawala Khaman Dhokla | Gujarati Recipes | Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

5. Khaman Dhokla in Microwave Oven by Chef Sanjyot Keer

All in all, we have only 5 Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipes on Youtube. Seriously? only four. I am surprised. Nobody has tried this easiest recipe? Wait.

Youtube is an ocean of food recipes. There’s another breed of chefs called Home Chefs. Yes, they are equally popular like celebrity chefs. I mean they have millions of followers & subscribers online everywhere.

Therefore, I have compiled another list of surti khaman recipes. But this time all videos are by famous home chefs. Check them out.

Top Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipes by Home Chefs YouTube

6. Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipe | How to Make Soft and Spongy Dhokla | KabitasKitchen

7. Khaman Dhokla Recipe | Vati Dal Khaman By Chetna Patel

8. How to Make Soft And Spongy Dhokla | Surti Khaman Dhokla Recipe | Gujarati Snacks Recipes

9. Khaman Dhokla Using Curd | Besan Dhokla Without ENO | Gujarati Snack Recipe

10. 15 min मे 1 कप बेसन से जालीदार ढोकला बिना सिट्रिक एसिड,सोडा,चीनी के No Fail Spongy Surti Khaman Dhokla

Watch their videos, like, share & subscribe to their respective channels. If you like this list then share it with others. Try making khaman at home & let me know how did you make them.


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