Top coffee shops in Surat tells us a lot about the favorite beverage of Surtis. In fact, the coffee culture here in Surat is at the next level. We have excellent hangout options to sip in the best coffee in town.


Whether you are on a date, with your friend, classmate, college buddy or colleagues these places offer something or the other to every age group. Needless to say, coffee shops in Surat are fabulous hangout options for youngsters.

So let’s hear it from them.

Top Coffee Shops in Surat – A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee!

We have compiled a list of top coffee shops in surat based on the user ratings. Moreover, the list here offers the number of Google reviews each coffee shop in surat has accumulated to date.

There’s something more this list offers. The best and the worst ratings. These ratings are directly from the visitors or customers who have been there. So, let’s hit it.

#1 Coffee King – Vesu

coffee king vesu surat

Coffee King is quite famous among the people of Surat. This fact is evident from its popularity and the online reviews it has garnered. It has an average rating of 4.3 along with massive 2554 Google reviews online.

  • Address: UG-1 Shubh Universal, Vesu Main Road, Opp. Vijaya Laxmi Hall, Vesu Point, Vesu, Surat.
  • Opening Hours: 11 AM
  • Book Orders:,,
  • Phone: +9174050 34410

Best Rating 👍

Kaushal Suchak

The food over here is good. The customer service is good. But they changed the menu for holidays like Christmas. They just served a few dishes with a price rise like 12-15% on some dishes. The ambiance is also good. I can recommend this place to someone else for the food. So will give 4/5 stars.

Worst Rating 👎

Rutvik Raj

The overall ratings are fake. Don’t ever try arrabiata pasta of this place.The pasta were over cooked and tasteless. Most of the things were very bad in both taste and quality. Highly disappointed. I wonder how this restaurant is having such high ratings.

#2 Coffee Culture – The Ristorante Lounge

Coffee Culture - The Ristorante Lounge surat

Coffee culture is in the second position in our top coffee shops Surat list. It has an average rating of 4.0 with 2410 Google reviews online.

  • Address: Sargam Shopping Center, Ground Floor Waghel Road Opp, Behind Neelkanth Apts, Parle Point, Surat
  • Opening Hours: 10 AM
  • Book Orders:,
  • Phone: +91 0261 225 2326

Best Rating 👍

Pyunika goyal

We had a great time in the coffee culture. We ordered Mac and cheese and garden sizzler. Both of them were amazing. Although garden sizzler can be improved a little. The ambiance was also great. Overall it’s worth a visit.

Worst Rating 👎

Fatema Farzana Doctor

The ambiance is very dull and gloomy. Food is okay not that good. We wanted to order dessert but there was no brownie. So they told us we cannot have any dessert. It was very much disappointing as we specially went there for desserts. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to have NO DESSERT available with a silly reason of having no brownie.

#3 Coffee King – Adajan

coffee king adajan lp savani surat

Coffee King is quite famous among the people of Surat. This fact is evident from its popularity among the masses online. It has an average rating of 4.3 along with 1,871 Google reviews online.

  • Address: 1 & 2, abhinandan heights, near madhuvan circle, LP savani Road, Adajan, Surat
  • Opening Hours: 10:30 AM
  • Book Orders:,,
  • Phone: +917405021433

Best Rating 👍

Vidhi Ketan

The ambiance is good! A complete Yes for those who love coffee and hot chocolate. The food is good. Rates are a bit high, which some visitors might find costly. It isn’t awkwardly located but still, it isn’t easy to locate the cafe. They have special outlook based sitting area other than cafe area which can be one other factor which visitors might like. Though less spacious but parking area is available. Without a doubt, one must visit it once. Enjoy the coffee meets.

Worst Rating 👎

Gautam Rohida

I had an Irish cafe and frappe and both were good. It’s reasonable as compared to CCD. If going with friends and family keep in mind that this place is not quiet. It’s very disturbing. You can’t have a proper conversation with your friends. Not satisfied with the place! It is too loud.

#4 Meraki The Coffee House – Vesu

meraki coffee house surat

Vesu is developing as an excellent place for coffee and food. After Coffee King, we have Meraki Coffee House in Vesu location. With an average rating of 4.5 and 1430 Google reviews, this coffee joint is in the fourth position.

  • Address: 108, SNS Platina, Someshwara Enclave, Nr. Reliance Market, Vesu Main Road, Vesu, Surat.
  • Opening Hours: 9:30 AM
  • Book Orders: N/A
  • Phone: +9184695 00078

Best Rating 👍

Sumit Jain

Perfect place for coffee lovers. You will get good and authentic coffee here. Food items are very limited. But when it comes to coffee, this is the best in Surat so far.

Worst Rating 👎

Harshana Sabharwal

Coffee was decent but the staff was very rude. After 40 minutes of ordering, a staff member who looked like a waiter but acted like a boss asked us to leave because there was waiting. A place with good hospitality would usually ask the customer if they would like to reorder something instead of showing them the door. But these guys clearly did not have the etiquette to do so. We would have happily reordered buy clearly none of us are going back again.

#5 Kinaara Café – Piplod

kinaara cafe piplod surat

Kinaara is a concept coffee cafe in surat. Its uniqueness lies in the perfect, natural, scenic and picturesque location. If you like an open-air cafe house then this place might interest you. With 4.2 average online ratings, it has 1242 Google reviews.

  • Address: Opposite Ryan International School, Piplod, Surat.
  • Opening Hours: 2 PM
  • Book Orders:
  • Phone: +91 63587 50033

Best Rating 👍

Harsh Jinwala

An amazing place with an equally awesome view and staff. Near the River, you’ll find an equally amazing setup with food that would tick all the boxes. College crowd makes the place buzzing with energy. Best Place to hangout. And that grass turf is added stars to the perfect night. You can enjoy the cricket or football game there. Highly recommended. Food – 4/5, Ambience – 5/5, and Service – 5.

Worst Rating 👎

Devang Joshi

Not value for money. Place and ambiance is nice but the food is not as per rate and quantity. Need to improve in food segment.

#6 Starbucks Coffee – City Light Road

starbucks coffee surat

Starbucks Coffee doesn’t need an introduction. A selfie with signature Starbucks coffee in hand is enough to flaunt among your friends. With an average rating of 4.4 and 1077 Google ratings, Starbucks Surat is on the number six on our list.

  • Address: Ground Floor, Saigon, City Light Rd, Shringar Society, Athwalines, Athwa, Surat
  • Opening Hours: 7 AM
  • Book Orders: N/A
  • Phone: Not available

Best Rating 👍

Nirav Katargamwala

5 stars for the ambiance you get there. Good staff, awesome options you have for HOT/COLD Beverages. Especially in coffee and tea. They also serve PSL(PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE). In my personal experience, I prefer Triple Mocha Delight as they serve white chocolate mocha and coffee blend with java choco chips infused into the smooth chocolate mix finished with chocolate whipped cream and chocolate drizzle on top. Their food category has a great option for all handmade dishes while it’s bakery items or sandwiches & wraps. Good Place to have a good time with family and friends or colleagues.

Worst Rating 👎

Nisha K

It was a very long wait for placing order. Frappuccino was not worth the money spent.was full of ice. Chicken pocket had not even a hint of taste of chicken in it.God knows what it was. Won’t recommend it. CCD is better.

#7 The Chocolate Room – Adajan

the chocolate room surat

The Chocolate Room is an Indian international coffee chain here in Surat. Apart from the Adajan coffee shop, they have 4 more locations. Just Google their name and you will find them all. Additionally, they have an average of 4.1 ratings with 1048 Google reviews.

  • Address: G-4, Trinity Business Park, LP Savani Road, Near Madhuban Circle Pal, Adajan, Surat
  • Opening Hours: 11 AM
  • Book Orders:
  • Phone: +91 07046055553

Best Rating 👍

Yukta Agarwal

Amazing place with beautiful ambiance. Although it was very noisy on a Saturday night, yet did not fail to meet the expectations. We tried Mediterranean pasta and Vanilla chocolate surprise Pancake. Both of them were right on taste with perfect flavors.

Worst Rating 👎

Himani Shah

Worst food and drinks ever consumed. Way too highly-priced. Quantity as if a mouse is eating. They don’t know the difference between noodles and spaghetti. They serve noodles instead of spaghetti. Manchurian dry as cardboard. Actual noodles were full of only soya sauce. For peach ice tea we got served cold tea water. For litchi and lemon ice tea got served litchi lime sherbet. Mojito is like a mint green color sherbet. Seriously this is the height of degradation

#8 SurTEA Cafe – Parle Point

surtea coffee parle point surat

SurTEA is one of my top coffee shops in Surat. However, I am not fond of Coffee but I visit this cafe for their peach ice tea. One of my friends introduced me to SurTEA. The place is compact but popular among college students. The cafe has an average rating of 4.4 with 918 Google reviews.

  • Address: L-2,3 Anmol Complex, Near Sargam Shopping Center, Parle Point, Surat.
  • Opening Hours: 10 AM
  • Book Orders:
  • Phone: +91 98256 00679

Best Rating 👍

Ayush Jalan

A really cozy place. I really loved the choice of decoration and the overall feel of the place. It feels like a good place to hang out with friends. My only minor complaint is that it seems a little too crowded at times. Not much spacious, maybe they could try rearranging the seats a little bit. Apart from that, it’s a great place indeed.

Worst Rating 👎

Sarvesh Gupta

Very poor, people tending here are rude. They have the audacity to switch off the AC while you are still sitting. I keep repeating 11 pm is closing time. When they don’t ensure entry into their cafe, talk loudly from the kitchen, throw utensils loud to show displeasure when complaints made.

#9 Cafe Coffee Day – Ring Road

cafe coffee day ring road surat

Cafe Coffee Day aka famously known as CCD is finally on the list. I like CCD and it feels sad that such a unique coffee brand is not on top. However, I feel happy that my city local coffee shops are thundering on top of this list. Cheers to them. In addition, CCD has an average rating of 4.1 and 886 Google ratings online.

  • Address: G1, Orbit Tower, Ring Rd, Opp Krushi Bazaar, Sahara Darwaja, Surat.
  • Opening Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Book Orders:,
  • Phone: Not available

Best Rating 👍

Lathiya Mitesh

An awesome place where u can find peace if you want to read or talk to someone special.

Worst Rating 👎

Mahammad Balesaria

I hated this place because of the staff. The cappuccino was literally served cold. We can discard this as an isolated incident. But going by the attitude of staff I dont think this was an isolated incident. Ambiance is decent though.

#10 The Haus – Athwalines

the haus athwalines surat

The Haus cafe offers a premium experience. When I googled the name I came across some fantastic images. You must totally see them. It seems to be one of the best decorated and designed top coffee shops in Surat. With an average rating of 4.0, it has a total of 415 Google reviews.

  • Address: Sargam Shopping Center, 3, Radhenagar Society, t Society, Athwalines, Athwa, Surat.
  • Opening Hours: 10 AM
  • Book Orders: N/A
  • Phone: +91 95120 90000

Best Rating 👍

Vaishnavi Baheti

It’s a quiet and calm cafe with good vibes. It’s a place where you can come and chill out with your friends or come alone and read a book type! Good ambiance and tasty food, it’s worth visiting this place! Rate are reasonable and quantity is good.

Worst Rating 👎

Charmi Soni

Never ever go to this place. Quantity and quality don’t exist even. When you order something you will get nothing. Naa k barabar Milega har food. Not a place to go.

We formally end our list here. If you think we have missed other top coffee shops in Surat then email us or write it in the comment below.



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