Missing In-Laws story is currently trending the internet. Whether to laugh or to cry?

This may be the mental condition of two families who were busy with the wedding preparations. While browsing my Yahoo India news feed I came across this news. Hence sharing with as it was published on Yahoo.

A local wedding event here in Surat was called off due to a strange thing that happened. The whole story is about the groom’s father eloping with the bride’s mother.

Yeah, that’s true. You heard that right. They fled away with each other. I have heard teens eloping away with each other to marry. I have also heard about runaway brides and grooms. But this is something I have come across for the first time.

Let’s read it the way it was published online.

Groom’s Father Elopes with Bride’s Mother Forcing Wedding to be Called Off in Gujarat

In a dramatic twist of events, a long-awaited wedding of a couple in Gujarat was drawn to a halt when the in-laws were reported to elope together in a bid to rekindle their lost love.

The couple, who have been engaged for a year now was supposed to tie the knot in the second week of February in Surat. Meanwhile, the groom’s 48-year-old father and the bride’s 46-year-old mother have been suspected to run away together since they have been missing for 10 days now.

According to a Times of India report, the groom’s father, a businessman and member of a local political party left his house in Katargam around January 10 while the mother, who is married to a broker, left her house in Navsari.

In the opinion of a relative and a close friend, the duo had known each other since childhood and were also close acquaintances since they lived in the same neighborhood. Apparently, they also previously shared a relationship, before the 46-year-old woman got engaged to her present husband.

However, the unforeseen elopement of the in-laws has left the families in utter shame as the incident has become a hotbed of whispers.

You can read the original post here. The same incident was featured again on Yahoo India with a different title. Take a look – Old love rekindled: Groom’s father ‘eloped’ with the bride’s mother. Read the article here.


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