Weekly Challenge to Win Cash Prize & Gifts

Weekly Challenge to Win Cash Prize & Gifts

Surat101 Weekly Challenge is all about setting personal challenges for both fun and self-improvement. Here’s your chance to win a cash prize/gift by completing a weekly task.

So before you set your horses free let’s enlighten you with what it is, how to participate, and what you can win.

What is Surat101 Weekly Challenge?

The Surat101 weekly challenge demands to complete a task assigned to you. The task challenge will run for the entire week starting from the first day of the week. In addition, the task will be purely skill and talent-based without much of a mountain effort. In short, we aim to make this weekly task fun and entertainment instead of boredom.

Let’s understand with an example.

Assume Surat101 has announced a weekly challenge for Best Street Food Photo of Surat. What you have to do is click beautiful images of a food item available or sold on the streets of Surat. Follow the guidelines and submit everything required in the task to us.

Our expert team will select the top entries and announce the results on Surat101 official social media pages. The winner will be given a cash prize or a gift.

Some challenges will include cash prize which will be electronically transferred to their bank accounts. Whereas some weekly challenges will include gifts that will be personally handed over to the winner.

What Will the Weekly Challenge Winners get?

As said above the winners will either get a cash prize or a gift. But wait we have something more for you. Apart from cash prize or gift, there’s even something more than a winner can win. So, if you take part in the weekly challenge you might stand a chance to win the following:

  • Shopping Vouchers
  • Movie Tickets
  • Food Coupons
  • Data Balance
  • Free Talktime Top-ups
  • Discount Coupons
  • Free Event Passes
  • And a lot more Goodies…

Who Can Participate in the Weekly Challenge?

Anyone who lives in Surat and ready to take upon a challenge. The reason behind doing a challenge is to encourage people of Surat to bring out the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the city. The weekly challenge by Surat101 is a fun thing, so let’s keep it that way.

What are the Participation Charges?

There are no charges at all. It’s an open challenge and you don’t have to pay anything to anyone to participate. It’s free and it will always be. If anyone is asking to pay money then beware, they are cheating you.

How Do I Get Information About the Weekly Challenge?

You will get all the information on the blog Surat101 and its official social media pages. The best way to stay updated about the upcoming challenge is to subscribe to the blog and follow the social media pages.

We update the blog on a daily basis. To send the updates we shoot emails to our subscribers. Besides we also inform our followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest about the upcoming challenge.

If you don’t want to do any of the above then bookmark our blog Surat101 and visit regularly for updates. That’s it.

Good Things About the Surat101 Weekly Challenge

Like we said above it’s gonna be total fun and we would love to share this fun with all of you. There’s a long list of good things about this challenge. It’s an unbiased and light-hearted competition where anyone can participate. The best part is the amount of fame and recognition the winner will get is unparallel.

The winner will be featured on the Surat101 blog and all over the official media platforms of the blog. This is the real good thing about this challenge. It gives an opportunity to an unknown to enjoy a small amount of popularity for a moment.

The reason behind telling this is big.

Surat101 is a premium and one of a kind dedicated blog that speaks nothing but only about the Surat city. Naturally, the blog has a wide reader base from all over the world. Now you can imagine the number of people visiting and religiously following Surat101 daily.

This way the weekly challenge winner gets a chance to feature on multiple screens of millions of users in one shot.

Isn’t it a good thing?

Can I Sponsor the Weekly Challenge?

Yeah, for sure. There’s no reason to say no. You can definitely sponsor our weekly challenge. Additionally, you will be featured as the official sponsorer of the Surat101 weekly challenge for the entire week.

How Do I Sponsor the Weekly Challenge?

You can associate yourself with the weekly challenge in many ways. For example, you can sponsor the winning cash amount or the gift items of your choice. If you have a better idea to sponsor the winning prize in an innovative manner then you are welcome for that too. We are open to suggestions.

We hope the facts are clear now and we count on you to take part in the weekly challenges and win them. If you are new to the blog kindly start from here.