Coffee King in Adajan, Surat is my latest review post. I visited the Coffee King Adajan venue today. I mean on 7 March 2021 at 4:30 in the evening. Obviously, I wasn’t alone.

I had a female friend of mine who introduced me to this place. And she was late 😛. No offence buddy. If you are reading this then I want you to know that it was worth waiting for you out there.

Since I came early I had a good chance to look around.

I really liked the vibes of the place, I mean it was compact but it was really good. Space, lights, furniture, some beautiful couples & the huge LED TV.

BTW the TV was playing India v/s England highlights. We will discuss other stuff in great details in this review post. Hence, continue reading.

coffee king adajan surat image 1 Okay, so let’s shift the focus from my pretty female friend to Coffee King. Let me tell you this.

It’s a review post & what you are going to read is my personal thoughts & observations. I do apologize in advance if I break your heart at a certain point. So let’s get started.

What is Coffee King?

It’s a pretty obvious question. Coffee King is a food chain serving hot & cold beverages. Needless to say their signature drink or say beverage is Coffee. Yeah, you got that it’s like Cafe Coffee Day or Starbucks. Actually, Coffee King is our Desi Surti Starbucks 😛.

Bingo! I nicknamed Coffee King Surti Starbucks 

Okay now back to review.

So, they serve beverages along with fast food, ice-creams and what not. I haven’t read the entire menu but I do have an image. Here you go.

coffee king adajan surat menu image

Where exactly is Coffee King located in Surat?

Coffee King has 3 distinct locations in Surat City. The adajan, madhuvan circle is their flagship outlet since April 2015. The second location is Vesu and the third one is at Katargam. All 3 locations are absolutely premium & in the busiest parts of the city.

I think they must open new outlets in other areas too. People crave such type of places to hangout. Surtis literally enjoy hanging out with friends & family members on the streets.

Yup! it’s true. If you don’t believe me then visit surat on ghari i.e. Chandani padva festival. emoji.

In short, you have 3 prime locations to take your GF, BF, mom, dad, a friend (even your EX) 🤣 to sip coffee. The choice is yours. Although, I haven’t visited Coffee King Vesu & Katargam venues. I will soon visit them & write a fun review.

If you don’t know where’s Coffee King just Google it. Someone told me the exact thing 🤣 and I googled Coffee King Surat. It showed me the Adajan location which is a 10-minute ride from my residence. Refer to the map above.

How’s the JOSH at Coffee King Adajan Surat?

Just one word – Fabulous! In typical surti style –

મસ્ત છે યાર, મારો કહેવાનો મતલબ એ છે કે એક વાર મુલાકાત તો લેવાઈ !

The josh is high obviously because there are young people and that too surtis. What I experienced is really quite place. Everyone else was minding their own business.

People were having quality time with each other. No shouting. No nonsense. Not even uncensored public display of affection (PDA) like we see in public parks.

The lights were dim, setting up a romantic mood. Each one of them busy gossiping, taking selfies, discussing something or the other. I liked the place even though am not a big fan of coffee.

coffee king adajan surat image 4

Yeah, I don’t drink coffee much. Period. And I admitted it honestly to my friend that am not a pro in ordering such beverages. Hence, kindly order it for me. She did.

If you love a calm & composed atmosphere, then this is your spot. If you are searching for a place where people don’t judge for being with someone then this is it. Just go for it. Don’t be orthodox about table & kursi, they have sofas too.🤣

Tell me more about the Coffee King venue!

First thing first, they have parking & it’s free. Unlike VR Mall charging you 20 rupees for just 10 minute. Even surat railway station parking takes only 10 rupees for more than an hour.

There’s someone at the door to welcome you. For me a girl who opened the door (a rare moment of my life 😁). It’s really a gratitude gesture to welcome your guest.

I liked it. The staff members are well dressed, every one of them is in the uniform with a mask. Damn it coronavirus!

coffee king adajan surat image 2

Two types of seating arrangements

They have a typical coffee culture table & chair setup. Additionally, they also have sofas in there. Above all the seating arrangements are smartly procured. I mean there’s a 2 chair & a small table set up for 2 people.

Then they have 4 to 6 chair set up with a big table for groups or family visitors. On the contrary, there is a totally different seating arrangement outside.

What I said above is for the inside. On the outside, you get comfortable chairs with tea tables. If you are not a fan of AC just like me then have a seat outside.

I would suggest you book a table inside if you are visiting in summer. In winters & monsoon, the outside seating arrangement is best. Garma-garam coffee & the soothing weather.

The interiors of the Coffee King adajan outlet

Let me tell you, I am not an interior designer nor an expert in decoration. Like Zakir khan said. . .

अपना फीमेल इंटरेक्शन इतना कम हे के अपने घर में कंगा हैं कंगी नहीं. 😀

In the same way, for me interior means sofa, cupboard, teapoy, TV unit, POP, lights & colouring walls. That’s it.

ज़ाकिर भाई की तरह अपना इंटीरियर डेकोरेशन वाला ज्ञान बस इतना ही हैं!😇

So, let’s not spoil somebody’s hard work. The bottom line is – the interior is decent. Coffee king has limited space and they used it wisely.

Even walls & ceilings have minimalistic decor. Quit & simple decor attract good vibes. It makes the space less noisy. Too many objects in a small space emit negative energy making you feel uncomfortable.

After all, you go for enjoyment, chit-chat & relaxation. You wanna have a memorable time out there. If there’s no comfort then why would you even sit there?

The decor is modern, nothing too much fancy. You will love the time spend there like I did. Although it was limited still I enjoyed it.😁

How’s the coffee at Coffee King, adajan?

Finally, we will talk about the elephant in the room.

Just like I am not an expert in interiors the same way I am not a regular coffee guy. But wait. That’s the point here.

Someone who doesn’t drink coffee regularly. He/she doesn’t even frequently hang out at coffee shops. Then how come he/she is the right person to write a review for a coffee outlet.

coffee king adajan surat image 3

I think he/she is the only one who will tell you all the good & bad. The review won’t be one-sided. It won’t be biased or look as if it is paid. Agree? NO. Okay, leave it. I solely agree with this.😛

I loved the chocolate frappe that my friend ordered for me. No, seriously I don’t know whether my chocolate frappe was cream base or coffee base.

All in all my experience at coffee king adajan was awesome. I had a good time, enjoyed my drink & above all I got to write this fun review. Everything great! Just loved it.

Is Coffee King adajan surat expensive?

YES & NO both. Something being cheaper or pricy is subjective. It’s like the classic paradox of a water glass filled half. You will say it half-empty & I will say there’s half water in it.

Anyway, what’s the point? Is it cheap or costly? Can I afford it or not?

I didn’t feel like its too expensive. We can afford that much for a friend or a family member. My total bill was around 356 rupees. Just 2 chocolate drinks. I don’t have the bill right now or else I would share it with you all.

At that time I didn’t have the thought to write a review.

What’s the point of writing this review?

Okay, I went to Coffee King, ordered a couple of drinks & then decided to write a review.

We visit coffee shops in surat just not to eat & drink. Along with coffee we also enjoy the place, people, energy & saviour all these into memories.

કોફી તો તમે ઘરે બનાવીને પણ પી જ શકો છો ને ? પણ યાર દોસ્તો ની સાથે કોફીનો આનંદ કૈંક અલગ જ હોઈ છે. ખરું ને ?

See I want you to know about a good place where you can enjoy a good time. That’s the only reason behind writing this review. I will also visit other coffee shops in surat city & review them as well. Yeah, because that’s what I like & love doing.

Who paid the bill? 😜

Obviously, I paid the bill not because I had to but because I wanted to.

She asked me to share the bill and I was –

ये कितनी awesome हे यार बिल शेयर करने को बोल रही हैं।

Yeah, am a big fan of Zakir Khan. Randomly ये सब बातें फिट हो रही हैं🤩

This time I paid. But next time it’s upon you when I take you to SurTEA. It’s one of my favourite coffee shop in surat. I love their peach ice tea.


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