It was 2019 when I started Surat101 a dedicated Surat city blog. Back then earning money through blogging was the prime focus. And it is still pretty much. After all, we need a steady source of passive income.

Where & how did I get the idea of starting a surat city blog?

I started writing in 2008. Back then I didn’t know the concept of blogging or starting a blog. The best part was my fluency in the English language which has become excellent over time. Since I am educated in the English medium fluency in English was never a barrier.

Shabbir Bhimani – My Mentor & Inspiration

With extensive writing experience over time, I got hired by Web Turtles. It’s a Surat-based IT company owned and managed by Mr Shabbir Bhimani. I must say that Shabbir sir is my mentor and he is really one heck of a blogger.


A big part of my professional blogging journey is shaped at Web Turtles. Writing on a variety of topics at Web Turtles I learned a lot about how to actually write so that people read.

Yeah, only the English language won’t take you anywhere. You need to have that edge of writing which provides value to the reader.

Now that I was writing for Web Turtles I decided to start my own blog. The core inspiration for starting my own blog was but naturally Shabbir Sir’s blog IMTips.

An Excel Blog | 400+ Articles | Daily Publishing

One more thing I would like to add here is the excel blog. Yeah, an excel blog. The blog name is ExcelDataPro. Along with Shabbir Sir, the ExcelDataPro blog was managed by Mr Fahim Lashkariya.


Fahim sir was the editor and publisher of ExcelDataPro with Shabbir Sir. I couldn’t believe they both published more than 400 articles on the Excel blog. I mean if I were to write 400+ articles for Surat101 it could take me years.

Another thing that stuck in my mind was the first blog post published on IMTips. It was just one paragraph less than 200 words. I still remember my mentor told me that I can at least write more than that.

Surat City Blog Idea | 2019

Before starting the surat city blog I thoroughly researched it online. There was not even one single blog talking about topics related to the city.

That’s where Surat101 came into existence. I decided to start a full-fledged blog on Surat city. The first thing that I wrote was the Start Here Page. I was very clear about why am I writing this. And the same message I wanted to convey to my readers through this blog.

I know the journey is long & am all alone writing and publishing here on Surat101.

Moreover, I even don’t know what it will take to maintain this blog. But one thing is crystal clear – I will publish a new blog post every week.

How much do I earn from Surat101? What are the expenses to maintain this blog?

Honestly saying earnings are very little. The blog is new & the traffic is still growing. To earn a decent amount from a blog you need to have a wide visitor base. I mean you need to have visitors in 6 figures monthly.


And this is not me telling but someone who is blogging for more than a decade has said. As of now as you can see there are only $10.84 earnings. But I will definitely convert it to $100 very soon.

Surat101 surat city blog is not my first blog

Yes, Surat101 ain’t my first blog. Actually, it is the second one. The first blog was a review blog. Currently, that review blog is shelved.

I started a spa review blog for surat city. Just for an experiment and the blog was a super hit in just a 6 to 8 months time period.

Daily one new blog post was published on the Spareviews blog. Over time the traffic skyrocketed. The monthly visitor count was around 40 to 60 thousand give or take.

My confidence was high and the experiment was super successful.

What was the experiment?

With Spareviews I learned a lot about blogging and scaling it up in real-time. Here’s a list of stuff I learned from it. Take a look:

  • To start a spa review blog.
  • Write daily one article and publish it.
  • Take Google Adsense approval. With just 10 articles I got an AdSense license.
  • I learnt a lot about SEO, keywords research, Yoast plugin and a lot of other stuff.
  • I also learned WordPress, how to build a blog using theme builder. BTW I used the DIVI theme by Elegant themes to build Spa review site.
  • Building the spa review blog and then scaling it up was an awesome learning experience of my lifetime. This gave me the confidence to start

How I scaled my spa review blog? Interesting stats

Talking about scaling the review blog here are some jaw-dropping stats for you. Take a look:

spareviews google search console performance-compressed

214K total clicks on the blog till 28 April 2021. The impression count is 3.01M with an average CTR of 7.1%. My search position was 8.8 in the Google search results. Most of my web pages ranked on the first page of Google search.

Additionally, there were a couple of pages that seamlessly ranked in Google SERPs. For just one day I displayed Google ads on the spa review blog. The earning was around $7. Imagine if Google Adsense would have continued how much I would have made.

Unfortunately, Google Adsense doesn’t endorse the “certain type of content”. And that’s the reason why there’s no earning from spa reviews blog.

Okay back to the original topics now.

What are the monthly expenses to sustain this surat city blog?

Hosting and domain name expenses are the major ones. I am lucky enough to have an excellent hosting partner. Mr Jigar Shah is a very good friend of mine. He owns a digital marketing company with the cute name WEBPANDA.

Yup, Jigar handles all the technicalities of hosting Surat101. In a way, he is my hosting partner. So, hosting is the main expense while you plan to start a blog. A domain name is an annual expense incurred once a year.

Apart from that if you are not a professional content developer then you will have to hire people. Therefore, this will again incur an additional cost to you monthly.

After that comes the SEO and online marketing plus advertising cost. Yes, all these expenses are ongoing while you have not even earned a single rupee.


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