Surtis speak bad words. Period.😷

The whole world knows about it. I live in Surat and I come across people daily who abuse living & non-living things. Yeah literally. Sometimes they even abuse bikes, mobile phones, rain, internet speed, google search results & thousands of other stuff.🤣

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They literally do mother & sister of almost anything & everything. એની માય ને વરસાદ ચાલુ ઠઈ ગીયો 🤣🤣

Okay, now that’s not something to be proud of. At the same time, it’s not even funny because a bad word is a bad word. But the problem here is different. Why do surtis speak bad words? WHY?

What is the Temptation Behind Speaking such things?

People here in my city are famous for their larger than life perspective. This is the reason why the people of Surat are called Surti Lala aka Lehri Lala.

However, that doesn’t mean you have the liberty to openly speak foul languages. Therefore I decided to introspect & write about it. Let me tell you these are my assumptions. In no way do I endorse foul language or behaviour.

Here’s a list of possible scenarios where surtis speak bad words.

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Surtis speak bad words to express the intensity of the situation

Humans are driven by emotions. We communicate using expressions & emotions. To convince the one who is listening and to establish authority over others surtis speak bad words. Atleast I think likewise.

This way others can sense the intense emotions of the situations. In short, expression + emotions + some bad words = normal talk.

Surtis speak bad words to express friendliness

We behave casually among friends. Totally relaxed & unconcerned. In short, we have ME time when we are with friends. That’s the point.

It can be a possible trigger for surtis to speak bad words ultra casually. Now this ultimate casual behaviour is not limited to teenagers or gender. Even adults very bindassly speak such foul languages while talking with friends.

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Surtis speak bad words to integrate humour

Let me tell you speaking a foul language is not cool & neither it is the latest fad. On the contrary, surtis have been speaking such things since inception.

I have seen people chit-chatting, gossiping and laughing in groups. Needless to mention they will joke, laugh & utter things that are not good for your ears.

Like I said above humans are driven by emotions. To express humour they speak bad words.

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Not to insult but to indulge

This might be one of the reasons for people of surat speaking bad words. The intent is important here. People joke around with friends & others. Meanwhile, they speak stuff that is not appropriate.

But then those inappropriate words aren’t to insult others. A group of college friends speaking bad words while talking doesn’t mean they are insulting each other intentionally. Nope. Never. They don’t mean to insult they just want to indulge themselves.

I may sound like favouring or judging my own people on what they speak. But I am not doing that. It’s in the genes. Neither me & nor you can change it.


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